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Legend Of The Seeker: Complete 1st Season (Disney/ABC DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B+



Richard was an ordinary woodsman until one day the magical borders of his land was broken.  Soon after he rescues a mysterious girl he is told he is the prophesied Seeker, the one who will bring balance back the lands, the one who will defeat the Dark Lord Darken Rahl.  Along with his companions Confessor Kahlan and Zedd the wizard, Richard takes up the Sword of Truth to fight evil and injustice in the new TV series Legend Of The Seeker.

Based on the novels of Terry Goodkind, the Legend of the Seeker is set in a medieval world of the three lands Westland, Midlands and D'Hara.  The story of the Seeker is a classic coming of age story of a young man as he learns mean to become a hero. Along the way he joined by Kahlan, a Confessor with the ability to look into the heart and control minds of others and Zed a powerful wizard, together they train the hero to be to face his destiny, to kill the evil Draken Rahl.  The trio constantly fight, face and are tested against the various minions and monsters of Rahl, and as each step brings them closer to fulfill the prophecy they add to the legend of the Seeker.
If you like series such as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess this series is right up your alley.  Along with legend, lore and swordfighting, the series takes place in a world filled with magic, mythical creatures.  All the characters were well picked and the costumes had a very renaissance feel to them, much of the dialog was very tongue and cheek so it was very enjoyable.  As the story progresses the Seeker and his companions grows and learns about various people, magic, danger and the meaning of sacrifice and friendship.  Bonuses include the making of the series, interview with Terry Goodkind and deleted scenes.


Episode 1: Prophecy
After saving a mysterious girl and the murder of his father, Richard is told to seek Zed and learn what his true destiny is, the Seeker.
Episode 2: Destiny
After learning the truth, Richard must decide if he is to become the one of the prophecy but when the forces of Rahl come chasing after him he might not have a choice.
Episode 3: Bounty
A heavy bounty is place on Richards head, and bounty hunters are popping up left and right after him.  Things would be a lot easier if they didn't have magical maps showing exactly where he was.
Episode 4: Brennidon
Richard returns to the town he was born in and discovers a woman who says is his mother; meanwhile Zed has a little own personal parental issues to deal with.
Episode 5: Listener
The group discovers a child with the unique ability to read peoples minds, something they must prevent Rahl from gaining at all costs.
Episode 6: Elixir
In a town over run with thieves and brogans, Zed gets captured and they discover a source of dangerous magical potions.
Episode 7: Identify
A witch gives a vision of the death of the Seeker, can fate be avoided or is it inevitable? Meanwhile Richard and Kahlan begin to develop feelings for one another.
Episode 8: Denna
A loyal Mord'Sith of Rahl captures Richard, she tortures and brainwash Richard into a slave to serve Rahl.
Episode 9: Puppeteer
Zed must act like a puppeteer to trick a spoil princess to get sacred treasure of Orden.  Things get even trickier when Rahl shows up.
Episode 10: Sacrifice
Kahlen discovers her sister is still alive, but then has a difficult choice when a male confessor is born.
Episode 11: Confession
A mysterious string of murders in a village Richard and Kahlen must find the true killer.
Episode 12: Home
Richard gets trapped in a dream world where Rahl manipulates him to reveal where he hid the Box of Orden.
Episode 13: Revenant
The group hides the box of Orden in an ancient temple, but then the spirits of a past Seeker and Confessor confronts them.
Episode 14: Hartland
Richard returns home to find his hometown overrun with enemy troops and his brother is their leader.
Episode 15: Conversion
Richard and Kahlen must stop Rahl's inhuman human experiments and save innocent prisoners from an evil wizard.
Episode 16: Bloodline
The three books of Orden finally brought together, but is there something greater than the ultimate power that Richard could want, his long lost mother and sister?
Episode 17: Deception
Richard must masquerade as a Taharen soldier to get his hands on a new secret weapon, but can he do it when he becomes friends with them?
Episode 18: Mirror
A magic mirror makes two common thieves into a look-a-like Richard and Kahlen, ravaging their reputations.
Episode 19: Cursed
A cursed king asks for the aid of the Seeker when a monster terrorizes his land, but what is Richard to do when that monster is the only thing keeping the Taharen soldiers from invading?
Episode 20: Sanctuary
A copy of the Book of Shadows is found in a library, but things get even more crazy when it gets stuck in an enchanted painting.
Episode 21: Fever
Rahl causes a magical fever among the people and forces commoners to bring the Seeker to him in return for the cure.
Episode 22: Reckoning
Richard is sent to the future and gets a glimpse of what is to come when he fails, now he must find a way back in time to stop it from ever coming true.



-   Ricky Chiang


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