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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Adventure > Superhero > Comedy > Children > Ben 10 Alien Force: Vol. 5 (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vol. 5 (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C-     Episodes: B



Ben 10 is back, fighting DNaliens, Forever Knights, protecting the Earth and just trying to be a teenager.  In Volume 5, Ben, Gwen and Kevin learns of more about alien powers and technologies they finally begin to learn what the DNaliens are up to.  But before all that they must rescue 'Ship' their shapeshifting pet alien, face Ben's parents when they find out his extracurricular activities, discover what really happened Ben's Grampa Max.  The fate of the world is in hands of Ben and his friends.


Join Ben, Gwen and Kevin as they stop the alien hordes from invading the Earth. Ben inherited the Omnitrix, piece of alien technology that allows him to turn into various aliens and use their powers.  Joined with his cousin Gwen, she can use psychic energy to form objects, shields or to just blast things away. Kevin a former nemesis can change into whatever matter he touches and keeps them informed of any alien activity or technology.  Asides from fighting aliens and saving the world from time to time, Ben, Gwen and Kevin tries to be normal teenagers, going to school, going shopping, going to the movies, but more often finding themselves in an alien nest with some sinister plot to take over the world.


If you like teenaged superheroes and aliens this is an amusing series.  In Volume 5, it is a bit more comical, especially in the episode when Ben gets grounded by his parents, how long did it take for them to finally notice Ben and his powers?  Also on a side note, of all the places the alien races could appear on Earth it's somehow all within driving distance of Ben's home too.  While Ben is more like a one man army he is constantly supported by Gwen and Kevin, they help him track down the aliens and watch his back.  Extras include a sneak peek to the live action Ben 10 movie, but not much else.




Episode 19: Pet Project


When Julie's pet alien mechomorph gets captured by the Forever Knights, Ben and the others must rescue him.


Episode 20: Grounded


Ben faces his greatest challenge ever, his parents.  After being busted in the act of fighting aliens he is grounded, how is he to fight aliens when his mom won't even let him out the door?



Episode 21: Voided


Gwen receives a SOS from the Void plumbers; Ben enters the Void to find an old enemy trying to break through the dimensional barriers, even more surprising when he finds Grandpa Max there!


Episode 22: Inside Man


The Highbreed aliens have almost completed there new weapon to bring the Highbreed fleet to attack Earth.  Ben and the gang gets an unlikely ally after the Dimensional key is stolen, a DNalien freed from the Highbreed.




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-   Ricky Chiang


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