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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Spin City: Complete Third Season (1998 – 1999/Shout! Factory DVD)

Spin City: Complete Third Season (1998 – 1999/Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B



In Season Three, join Deputy Mayor Mike and New York's finest, with the Mayor's reelection around the corner, they must not only boost the Mayor's image, but survive supermodels, killer PRs, manage the city, save their relationships... but that if they survive each other in the meanwhile.  In the city that never sleeps, neither does Mike and his team, especially when things start to blossom between Mike and Nikki they realize their feelings for one another.  But with all the camera crews and celebrities can they keep things from flying out of control?
This is a very funny comical season of Spin City, with a star cast along with Michael J. Fox and many others; Spin City makes fun of political life and the lines in between.  Between trying to win the favors from the Mayor and affections from others, they try to avoid the tabloids with 'proper' spin coverage.  The series is amusing to watch as they run the city, they try and avoid scandals in their personal life, but often political life finds its way in.  This series make fun of political satire and what is politically correct or incorrect.  Also the all the antics between the characters are not only comical but sometimes touching, from gaining political advantage over each other to helping out a friend in need.
This is a great series set in a fictional setting of the Big Apple, it's Mayor and his aides.  It is great fun because it makes of all the people in politics to be sneaky, scheming animals.  The series often brings other famous stars such as Heidi Klum and Christopher Lloyd for guest appearances, more often the episodes will make references to other modern figures, movies, TV shows or even musicals.  This a great season with 4 discs set and you will find over 9 hours of entertainment and laughter from beginning to end.
Dead Dog Talking:
Mike takes the credit for something he didn't do, saving a baby, but can he keep quiet about the truth?  Meanwhile Carter takes in his suicidal family dog...
There's Something About Heidi:
When Heidi Klum shows up for a picture sparks begin to fly between her and Mike, while the Mayor tries to stop laughing at every misfortunate thing that is happening.
Gone With the Wind:
Heidi wishes to keep her relationship with Mike a secret, but can Mike keep quiet that he is dating a supermodel?  James gets the ashes of his 'Aunt Sarah', a dead cow.
The Deer Hunter:
Mike, Nikki and Carter go on a hunting trip with a potential funder.  Stuart takes advantage of Stacey when he is left in charge.
It Happened One Night:
When an abandoned baby is left at the office Mike suddenly want to adopt the baby, but is this for real or just a passing fling?
Three Men and a Little Lady:
Mike, Paul and the Mayor go out for a little campaigning, but are suddenly mugged by a young girl.  Stuart meets a woman who is just as crude and nympho as he is.
An Officer and a Gentleman:
Mike is reunited with his long time Navy buddy, but when he discover he is gay and dating Carter their friendship begins to waver.
Quest For Fire:
Nikki tries to hide her feelings for Mike by making up an imaginary boyfriend, but when Mike asks her out to diner and bring along her boyfriend things start heating up.
The Kidney's All Right:
Jealous of Nikki's new boyfriend Mike gets competitive with him to the point of donating a kidney to try and win over Nikki's affection.
Gobber the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day:
The Mayor in order to boost his image for re-election invites the media to broadcast his Thanksgiving diner on live television, but when keep things up when his father shows up, which they don't get along at all.
Local Hero:
Mike sets Stacy up with a local council man who has the swing vote, who would like nothing better than to be a superhero.  James and Paul compete for who will sing with the Mayor at the Halloween party.
Monkey Business:
Carter and Stuart meet some new neighbors who look just like them 30 years down the road; meanwhile Mike faces off with a Chimp to see who is the smarter monkey.
Taxi Driver:
When the taxi divers go on a strike, Mike takes the opportunity to separate Nikki from her boyfriend Arthur; can he strike a deal with them or find himself in more hot water?
The Nutty Deputy Mayor:
Mike is forced to wear a fat suit when a special interest group for the obese says the government doesn’t meet their needs.  But with the annual charity bachelor auction coming can Mike live down the image?
Not in the Line of Fire:
When popping balloons are mistaken for gunfire, Mike is accused of diving out of the way to save his own skin instead of the Mayor.
Internal Affairs:
Various new couples begin at work, Mike and Nikki tries to keep the others from finding out, wondering if prudence is the best way of course.
Dick Clark's Rockin' Make-Out Party '99:
When Stuart decides to dump Deidre, Deidre files a sexual harassment in revenge.  Unfortunately, none of Stuart's friends can really say that isn't true.
Back to the Future IV: Judgment Day:
Mike's mentor, Owen (Christopher Lloyd) comes for a visit for the Millennium Project.  As they reminisce about the past, Mike discovers Owen believe he is the next Messiah and will use city hall to fulfill his 'destiny'.
Politically Incorrect:
When the Mayor reveals on TV that he is dating Janelle this spurs Nikki to Mike to reveal the secret they are seeing one another.
That's Entertainment:
As everyone is eager to go home and watch the Academy Awards, they are stuck at the office with work.  They reminisce on various parodies, songs, and goof-ups from earlier episodes.
The Last Temptation of Mike:
Paul and Claudia having trouble conceiving asks Mike to be a possible donor, flaming Nikki's feelings of insecurities.
Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deidre:
When Carter dumps Bennett, Stuart befriends Bennett to annoy Carter. Then Carter befriends Deidre to annoy Stuart.
The Mayor With Two Brains:
Mike gets upset and competitive with Carter when Carter gets his picture in a magazine interview, even more so when the Mayor praises Carter for doing so.
Wall Street:
Mike advises James to invest in the stock market, but after a series of mishaps James loses his entire life savings.
Klumageddon, Part I:
Heidi Klum returns with a burning passion for Mike, can Mike stay faithful to Nikki when she is out sick?
Klumageddon, Part II:
When Janelle decides to break up with the Mayor, Nikki accidentally mistakes it for her and Mike when Mike tries to act as a go between Janell and the Mayor.


There are no extras, while the 1.33 X 1 picture and Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono are on par with the previous seasons.  You can read more about the previous DVD sets at these links:









-   Ricky Chiang


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