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Category:    Home > Reviews > Drama > Crime > Police Procedural > Mystery > Streets Of Blood (2008/Anchor Bay Blu-ray + DVD)

Streets Of Blood (2008/Anchor Bay Blu-ray + DVD)


Picture: B-/C+†††† Sound: B-/C+†††† Extras: C/C-†††† Film: C+



Crime dramas are in a glutted period where most of them play like bad TV movies or old straight-to-VHS cheapies, but that does not stop them from being made and Charles Winklerís Streets Of Blood (2008) is one of the more interesting entries of late simply by virtue of an interesting cast.This tale of police corruption, murder and drug dealing in New Orleans has an authentic feel to it, but can be uneven despite the presence of solid actors like Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn, a convincing Sharon Stone, some other good character actors and rapper Curtis ď50 CentĒ Jackson trying to make a name for himself outside of his vocation.


Some of this is what we have seen in a thousand film and TV shows before, but this is done well enough despite its many problems to be watchable and a professional presentation, the latter of which is lacking in too many such releases.Kilmer, one of our most underrated actors, steals every scene he is in and it is nice to see him in more than a cameo as he has done more than enough of them.If you like this kind of film, youíll want to see it, but otherwise, only expect so much.


The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is made to look gritty, but that is overdone as the Blu-ray shows to the point that it backfires on the film somewhat.This is even more of an issue on the anamorphically enhanced DVD that is weak and sometimes hard to watch.The PCM 5.1 mix on the Blu-ray is better than the Dolby Digital 5.1 offering in both formats by being richer and a more solid performer overall, but this dialogue-based recording has its flaws, compression and limits, with limited surrounds.


Extras include the original theatrical trailer on both, but the Blu-ray adds Winkerís feature length audio commentary track ands a Behind-The-Scenes featurette.



-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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