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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > The Patty Duke Show – The Complete Second Season (1964 – 65/Shout! Factory DVD)

The Patty Duke Show – The Complete Second Season (1964 – 65/Shout! Factory DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: A     Episodes: A



“I didn’t watch an episode of The Patty Duke Show until I was married to Mike and he was still in the army.  He was off doing army stuff and I was in the hotel.

I was clicking around and oh…there it was!  I ran, like a ninny, I ran to the door and put the do not disturb on.  I locked it and chained it.  I ran back and sat down.  I was even nervous. It was really like those people who didn’t let me watch it were watching me.  What I came out of it was a realization.  All the negativity that I was spouting about it was a lie.  Those people did very good work.  They really did.  People actually believe to this day there are two of them.” – From an interview with Patty Duke in 2008.


Patty Duke’s statement “those people did very good work’ certainly applies to episodes from season two.  William Schallert, Jean Byron, Eddie Applegate and Paul O’Keefe return along with Duke.  They bring humor and sincerity to school and family situations.  In Cathy the Rebel the quiet cousin incites a teenage revolt causing problems for her Uncle Martin.  The Green Eyed Monster gives Patty a better appreciation of Richard when a rival suitor courts her.  The Daughter Bit illustrates both the benefits and drawbacks of spending quality time with a child.


This Complete Second Season DVD set featured notable guests such as Sal Mineo, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Peter Lawford.  However the most interesting one was Patty Duke. In The Perfect Hostess Duke dons a blonde wig and southern accent to play Patty and Cathy’s cousin Betsy.  The budget for the brief scene where the three Duke characters share screen time must have been costly.  For the rest of the episode audiences see only the back of an actress’ head while Duke plays Patty, Cathy or Betsy.  This doesn’t matter because Duke excels in all three roles. Viewers belief these are three distinct personalities.


Duke, Schallert, O’Keefe and Applegate are featured in an informative interview segment.  The actress explained how she came up with an idea which led to more split screen time between Patty and Cathy.  Duke said many people probably felt she enjoyed playing Patty more.  She stated Patty was an annoyance to her and she preferred the “quiet one”, Cathy.  She mentioned it took her more concentration when playing Cathy.  Her fellow cast members marveled at her acting skill and Paul O’Keefe put in best stating “she was completely believable as two people.”


An excellent purchase.



You can read more about the first set, with the same picture and sound quality, at this link:





-   Fred Grandinetti


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