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Category:    Home > Reviews > Superhero > Animation > TV > The Spectacular Spider-Man Volumes 6 & 7 (Marvel Animation/Sony Wonder DVDs)

The Spectacular Spider-Man Volumes 6 & 7 (Marvel Animation/Sony Wonder DVDs)


Picture: C+ Sound: B- Extras: D Episodes: B+


Volume 6


Being the hero is never easy, especially being Peter Parker and Spider-man, Peter must not only handle his homework, but catch the villains and try and save his social life on the side. Spidey confronts Sandman who seems to be having a change of heart. His hands get full when J. Jonah Jameson's alien spore infected son goes after him, and things get really crazy Venom comes back and wants to reveal Spider-man's true identity to the world!


If you are a fan of Spider-man, you'll want to watch this one. Like Spider-man's saying "With great power comes great responsibility" it fun to watch how young Peter Parker takes care of his student life and hero life. Even thought it is show of good guys stopping and beating up the bad guys, it is fun for any age it even has a bit of drama. I enjoyed especially how Peter's high school social life gets more complicated Gwen Stacy steps in to get his attention. It's a wonder why doesn't his spider sense go off 24-7.
Another series in the Spider-man universe, unlike the early TV series "The Amazing Spider-man", "The Spectacular Spider-man" takes place with Peter Parker in his high school years instead of college. While similar villains appear in both series (like Doctor Octopus, Rino, Sandman, Slivermane) the action is toned down a bit, not that the explosions are smaller or there is less action, but the series is more like the cartoon series 'Teen Titans or Ben 10: Alien Force' in which the style is more suited for younger audience, enjoyable for all ages.
First Steps:
Sandman seems to want to make an occupational change, but can Spidey help him when he is robbing a tanker and 50 ft tall?
Growing Pains:
J. Jonah Jameson enters the superhero business, but things turn into a super-powered headache when the alien spores begin to effect his mind.
Identity Crisis:
Venom is back with a vengeance, and this time he doesn't just want Spider-man. He wants everyone to know who he is and take those he cares about away from him.
Volume 7


It seems like the holidays have brought out the villains and they got new toys! Silver Sable's father is released from prison, and there is power struggle between the various criminal gangs. But with Valentines Day around the corner its really tough love all around, when Spider-man steps in it seems like everyone wants a piece of him.
Jealousy can be an ugly thing, but when the bad guys are fighting each other to see who gets the latest new weapons and control of the city, it's a battle royale. Spidey is almost tempted to just let them fight it out, if it weren't for the fact they endangered everyone around them. But even more dangerous is Peter's love life when Gwen Stacy starts dropping big hints that she likes him. The floor is set, but who's going to dance and who is going to walk away the winner?
Heroes really have it tough, especially around the holidays, there are always some villain or bad guy who wants to crash the holidays. It's almost never time for romance, especially for the character Peter Parker, who has to be the hero, save the day. The countless times he had broke his date with his girlfriend should have ruined his life by now. You get a bit of drama, action, something for everyone.
There is an underground auction for the specs of Rhino's powersuit. Silver Sable, Hammerhead, Doctor Octopus are all there, whoever gets it can build a super-powered gang.
Probable Causes:
The Enforcers get some new toys and some new suits, and they aren't the types with ties. Can Spidey stop the new super team?
It's Valentine's Day, Peter and his friends are out on a group date at the opera, but when 3 rival gangs show up and start fighting, it's time for Spidey to get on stage.




The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image and Dolby Digital 5.1 mix are on par with the previous releases we have covered in this series. For more, try this link:


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- Ricky Chiang


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