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Night Court – The Complete Third Season (1986 – 1987/Warner DVD)

Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: A-



Welcome back to Night Court, where honorable (and comical) Judge Harold T. "Harry" Stone presides with his court aids and serve up both justice and comedy. With the nightly court proceedings anything to everything can (and does) happen.  Along with his prosecutor the lecherous Dan Fielding, bailiffs, public defenders, clerk, they solve anything from legal problems to romantic interests.  It is a non-stop roller coaster of eccentric, often crazy lunatics and complainants that enter through the doors of justice... nothing like a bit of humor that can't help solve the cases.
This is a very comical series, filled with an incredible cast of characters.  Taking place in Manhattan court house they strive to find order (more often not) and to just get through the night without strangling one another.  The main cast of characters are an eccentric group of courtroom friends, with their witty comments, poking and making fun of their clients and their situations.  At times of crisis or trouble however they would pull together and still have heart warming moments.  I enjoyed the comical dialog and the antics between the characters.
If you are into comedy then this is a great series, set in a fictional, modern day city of the big apple they make fun of modern idiosyncrasies and stereotypes.  Any thing or themes can happen and appear in Night Court from a robbery to keeping the court room from flying apart.  There is no reason why laughter can't help lighten the situations.
Episode 1: Hello, Goodbye
After the passing of Selma, Harry searches for a new bailiff to take her place.  Bull mourns and wonders if there is anyone can fill her shoes.
Episode 2: The Hostage
The court takes an unexpected turn when a man claiming to be an alien from Saturn grabs an evidence gun and takes hostages.
Episode 3: Dad's First Date
When Christine's dad gets back on the horse things are great, that is until he is caught soliciting for a prostitute.
Episode 4: Mac and Quan Le: No Reservations
Mac need a bit of money from his rich grandfather for the family restaurant, unfortunate he forgot to mention his marriage to Quan Le to him, a foreign girl.
Episode 5: Halloween Too
Harry falls for beautiful girl on Halloween, but then finds out she a real witch, abracadabra!
Episode 6: Best of Friends
Dan's old college buddy drops in for a visit, but to Dan's (and the court's) shock he is now a she.
Episode 7: Dan's Boss
Dan's wacky and witty comments takes a toll when he makes fun of a midget, and it turns out to be his new boss.
Episode 8: Up on the Roof
A stressed out rock star enters the courtroom.  Things begin to really rock the house when he decides to give it all up.
Episode 9: Wheels of Justice (part one)
When the city comes up short of money, so do the belts and tempers of New York's employees.
Episode 10: Wheels of Justice (part two)
Harry is forced by law to not help a family in need... he decides he doesn't want to be a judge anymore.
Episode 11: Walk Away, Renee
Bull falls in love, but when the others find out she only after his money, who can tell (or stop) the lovelorn bailiff?
Episode 12: Dan's Escort
Short on cash Dan moonlights as an escort-service... but things start heating up when she wants a bit more 'service'.
Episode 13: The Night Off
Harry takes the night off to do some paperwork, but the substitute judge is more than just a bit off, especially after Mac, Dan, and Harry end up in the cell.
Episode 14: Harry and Leon
When Harry discovers the shoeshine boy in his courtroom Leon, is an orphan, he decides to become his foster father.
Episode 15: The Apartment
Harry holds a surprise birthday party for Dan to Dan's taste, unfortunately social services drops in for a surprise check to see if Leon is getting a moral upbringing.
Episode 16: Leon, We Hardly Knew Ye
Leon finally get adopted, but when it comes to letting go Harry finds a bit tough to face Leon.
Episode 17: The Mugger
When Christine gets mugged she finds more than a bit hard to defend the public, that maybe the court has been too lenient.
Episode 18: Could This Be Magic?
Harry's childhood hero steps into his courtroom down on his luck cleans out everything Harry owns, but can he steal his dreams?
Episode 19: Monkey Business
The courtroom must deal with a moral question (and an angry Bull) when an orangutan is used for animal testing.
Episode 20: Flo's Retirement
Flo reaches retirement age and nobody wants to see her go - including her.  But what’s to do if it's the law?
Episode 21: Hurricane (part one)
The city is under a hurricane warning and everyone one is to stay in the courtroom for safety reason, but when four mothers to be step in they bring a new sort of tempest.
Episode 22: Hurricane (part two)
The four mothers all start going into labor, it's up to the Harry, Christine, Dan, Mac, Bull and Flo to deliver, literally.



Picture and sound are the same as the previous set, Season Two, and there are no extras yet again.  You can read more about that release at this link:





-   Ricky Chiang


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