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My Neighbor Totoro/Castle in the Sky/Kiki's Delivery Service (Disney/Studio Ghibli DVDs)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: A     Animated Features: A-



The Hayao Miyazaki films on DVD continue with three more releases arriving from Disney at the same time they issue Ponyo, reviewed elsewhere on this site:
My Neighbor Totoro
88 minutes
The Kusakabe are moving to their new home in the countryside, an old house next to a gigantic camphora tree.  Satsuki and her little sister Mei excited to meet their new neighbors begin exploring their new home.  Mei playing in the yard one day sees a little white creature and follows it into camphora tree and finds a larger version of the creature, Totoro the guardian spirit of the forest.  Along with Satsuki, Mei and her share adventures with Mr. Totoro and a catbus, helping the forest to grow.  But when letter arrives telling their mother condition has changed, Mei gets worried and runs away, Satsuki worried about Mei, asks Mr. Totoro to help.
Castle in the Sky
125 minutes
Once long ago castles flew in the sky, people ruled the skies without limits... but one by one they fell, until only one was left.  Our adventure begins with Pazu, a young engineer, when he catches a young girl falling out of the sky (literally), Sheeta.  Sheeta is the last descendent of the floating castle in the sky, Laputa, she holds the secret and key to finding a flying island.  But things aren't that easy with greedy people after Sheeta's legacy, especially with both government agents and pirates chasing after them.  Pazu journeys and protects Sheeta as they journey to uncover the secrets of the past.
Kiki's Delivery Service
105 minutes
Kiki a young witch sets out to find her fortune as a trial to become a full fledged witch, to find a place where others will accept her and her gift.  Along with her black cat Jiji, Kiki lands in a port town and joins the local bakery and becomes a delivery girl on her broomstick, but is she really needed or wanted?  As she makes friends and meets customers she learns of what being independent is, that having an ability doesn't make one special, but what one does with it...

These are 3 beautifully Animes drawn by visionary artist Hayao Miyazaki, filled with endearing characters and a heart warming stories.  Based on folklore culture and legends the stories are worlds full of imagination, wonder and danger.  Whether finding spirits, discovering a lost continent, or just flying in the sky, Miyazaki films show new worlds with the eyes of children, coming of age stories, filled with endless possibilities.  And that sometimes the greatest journey of discovery isn't how far one goes but what one discovers about oneself.
Created by legendary artist Hayao Miyazaki, his films and animation with studio Ghibli have reached around the world, has been translated into countless languages, and has touched the hearts of millions.  His stories remind people of themes of learning, growing up and the importance of relationships between people, friends, family or even the world.  Not only there are a lot of beautiful designs the art, but the story reminds the audience of simple wonders and joys of life through innocent eyes of children.  His films also teaches values people through it's story, there are time bits of wisdom and (usually) a happy ending.  That there are some things we should never forget or outgrow.  Extras for each film include a bonus discs with The World of Ghibli about the producing studio, interactive world learning how the characters, settings, and world was created, along with interviews with it's casts and creators.



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-   Ricky Chiang


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