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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Jarate > Japan > Drama > Police > Gangsters > Comedy > Detective > Fight! Dragon (1974) + Tenspeed & Brown Shoe: The Complete Series + Wiseguy – The Collector’s Edition (Mill Creek DVD Sets)

Fight! Dragon (1974) + Tenspeed & Brown Shoe: The Complete Series + Wiseguy – The Collector’s Edition (Mill Creek DVD Sets)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Episodes: C+/C+/C-



Mill Creek continues their release of Stephen J. Cannell Productions TV shows with the complete Wiseguy series, but are also debuting cult favorite Tenspeed & Brown Shoe, plus a 1974 Japanese series aimed at children and teens called Fight! Dragon turns out to be more interesting than you’d think for a show no one ever hear of before.


But first, Wiseguy.  Never a fan of the show, I already covered Mill Creek’s First Season set, which you can read about at this link:





I have nothing major to add to my comments on the show except that it never got better for me in later seasons and is for fans only.  The show ran from 1987 to 1990.



Tenspeed & Brown Shoe only lasted one season, or really half of a season, as it was a mid-season replacement in 1980 over at ABC before they started to tumble in the ratings.  Never a fan of the show, I have to admit it does play better than when I first saw it, but even Ben Vereen and Jeff Goldblum (both enjoying great early success) can’t make it work despite having some chemistry.  All 13 hour-long shows are here on three DVDs.



That leaves Fight! Dragon, a 1974 Japanese action series shot on 16mm film and involving a man named Dragon (Yasuaki Kurata) who runs an orphanage, suddenly finding himself battling an evil gang simply named Shadow, so there is plenty of karate/kung-fu sequences throughout.  26 half hours were made and they are all here over 3 DVDs.  If you like Ultraman, you will find some similarities in style and the legendary Bolo Yeung also shows up in his young prime.


The child in jeopardy factor is not too bad, but it is interesting to see any show that never or barely played in the U.S. to get a DVD release anywhere, because several such shows (including Department S and Adam Adamant Lives!) would surely find an audience if introduced correctly to a new generation and audience.  Tetsu Sumi, Yang Sze and Bruce Liang are other major martial arts figures who show up.


The 1.33 X 1 image in all cases are soft and have aliasing errors and though Dragon looks a little older, it also tends to have less softness in the overall look of the image.  Wiseguy looks just like the previous transfers and Tenspeed only looks very slightly better despite being a few years older.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono in all cases is compressed and not too clean or clear.  Of course, Dragon is dubbed and has its older English dubbing, while the Cannell shows are simply down a few generations.  There are no extras in any of the sets, though Dragon could have used some and they would have been interesting.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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