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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Thriller > Mystery > Supernatural > Native Americans > Night Of The Flesheaters (2008/Cinema Epoch DVD)

Night Of The Flesheaters (2008/Cinema Epoch DVD)


Picture: C-     Sound: D     Extras: D     Feature: C+



It was just another night in the woods when a mafia husband was just planning on killing his wife for her affair with archeologist/hitman and then it all went wrong.  Unfortunately for them they pick the worst night of the year to do it, the Night of the Flesheaters (2008).  Dwarf cannibalistic Indians (Native America type) appear and were hunger for their flesh, and that was just the beginning. As the night goes on stranger demons, vengeful spirits and horror arises seeking someone's to feast on. After a car accident they must survive through the haunted wood, with an angry murderous husband right behind them.


Get ready for zombie cannibals, blood & dismemberment, and a whole night of just weird. Based of fictitious legends of one night angry spirits and demons walk the earth in vengeance for what white man did to the Indians.  As the characters try and escape the woods, with little defense they can only rely on the archeologist knowledge of Indian folklore to survive.  As they are chased by the woman's angry husband he is consumed by the evil forest and soon becomes a demon himself... an night of never ending feast of flesh.


Even with all the cannibal, demons, and even an evil shaman, I would say this film was as much a comedy as horror flick.  What started out as just a nightly killing for an illicit love affair, turns into survival horror story with evil creatures of the night.  I found this funny however, a cast of immoral characters suddenly caring about the repercussion of their actions.  As they travel through the woods surrounded by flesh eating creatures they can't stop and talk/argue about morals (a bulldozer could sneak more quietly through the woods than them), and for some reason archeologist stops and gives an explanation for each and every phenomenon.  The costumes were like something I would see at a college level Halloween party.  But if you like zombies and creatures of the night this film is certainly entertaining for a good laugh.



-   Ricky Chiang


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