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C.O.P.S. Volume 2 (1988/Animated/Shout Factory DVD)


Picture: C Sound: C Extras: D Episodes: B+


Note: This DVD set is only available exclusively from Shout! Factory at their on-line website store.  You can find the link to that site below.



In the near future C.O.P.S. fight to protect Empire City from Big Boss and his gang. 'Bulletproof' along with his team of police specialists stops and thwarts the nefarious plans of Big Boss. Anything from a bank heist to kidnapping the President, Big Boss will do anything to get a quick buck. Where ever there is trouble you can expect Big Boss is behind it and the C.O.P.S. are not far behind.
"Fighting crime, in a future time." is the tag line and opening line for each episode. Based in a futuristic metropolis city, even with all their advance technologies there still those who commit crimes, futuristic cops and robbers. Each episode features either Big Boss or Dr. BadVibes coming up with a new idea or invention for their next caper and it is up to the cops figure out before it's too late to stop them. Armed with futuristic robots, tech, and cyborgs the C.O.P.S. battle with the criminal underworld and Big Boss, protecting the people of Empire City and it's the peace from those who seek to rob them.
A blast from the past (or future in this case), I remember this show from when I was kid, future cops and crooks. It was a fun and imaginative series, imagining what the future would be like, its advance technologies (including a robot dog), how people will live, and what scientific possibility could be achieved (and what we could do now). It made me want to be a future cop if the future was like that. Each cop was given a nickname or codename suiting their specialties, the C.O.P.S team were a multi-culture team of men and woman symbolizing (I suppose) for the future unity of equal and fair mankind. The dialog has a lot of one-liners and jokes depending on how the crime was being committed, but by the end of episode would teach the viewers a lesson, from being honest, listing to your teachers or parents, or just using your head sometimes. Enjoyable for kids all ages.
Episode 1: The Case of the Big Frame-Up
LongArm's father want to come out of retirement and help the C.O.P.S. but when he is framed for a robber he didn't commit, can the C.O.P.S prove him innocent?


Episode 2: The Case of the Sinister Spa
Big Boss opens a new health resort, little does the C.O.P.S. know Big Boss used it to brainwash the Mayor and to do his bidding.


Episode 3: The Case of the Cool Caveman
When a ten thousand year old caveman in a block of ice is discovered, Big Boss wants to thaw him out and use him to sneak into the museum to rob it.


Episode 4: The Case of the Wayward Whiz Kid
When a genius kid invents a computer that can get into any system, Big Boss kidnaps him to break into Empire City's security systems.


Episode 5: The Case of the Stashed Cash
A cold case is brought back from the past, a hidden amount of money is in the city, $5 million dollars. Just too tempting for Big Boss to resist.


Episode 6: The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan, Part 1
Big Boss plans to kidnap the President, and holds out for the new air craft carrier for ransom.


Episode 7: The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan, Part 2
Big Boss double crosses the C.O.P.S and now has the President AND an air craft carrier. Can the C.O.P.S. save the President and the city from the air craft carrier at the same time?


Episode 8: The Case of the Criminal Games
Three new crooks are in town and they challenge Big Boss to a duel, winner takes all!


Episode 9: The Case of the Iceberg Pirates
Empire City
is under a massive heat wave, an iceberg is being pulled in to cool things off, but Big Boss has other plans for it.


Episode 10: The Case of the Giveaway Gold
Big Boss is giving away explosive gold to blow up banks, can the C.O.P.S. stop the flow of gold?


Episode 11: The Case of the Big Little Green Men
When the Manned Mar Rocket come back to Earth with the largest gem stone ever, Big Boss hatches an idea to dress up as green men and steal the gem.


Episode 12: The Case of Mace's Romance
When Nightshade's sister is ransomed and she is forced to rob a charity, Mace teams up with Nightshade and becomes temporary partners.


Episode 13: The Case of the Crime Nobody Heard
When a deaf runaway boy over hears a crime he becomes a target for Berserko and Turbo Tu-Tone, can he help bring them to justice?


Episode 14: The Case of the Bogus Bride
A female con artist is after Big Boss's hidden money, even if it means marrying Berserko!


Episode 15: The Case of the Visiting Mother
There only one thing Big Boss fears more than C.O.P.S. ...his mother. Especially when she comes into town and thinks of him to be a philanthropist. Which will give out first, his wallet or his patience?


Episode 16: The Case of the Ghost Crooks
Bowser is in the fright of his life when he hears that ghosts are stealing chips, but who is behind them?


Episode 17: The Case of the Lying Lie Detector
Blitz is the C.O.P.S. newest lie detector, Big Boss gets Dr. BadVibes to think of a way to beat this latest lie detector machine.


Episode 18: The Case of the Disappearing Dough
Big Boss add disappearing ink into the mint to get his face on the bills, can the C.O.P.S stop the new 'Boss bucks' money from becoming the new currency?


Episode 19: The Case of Mukluk's Luck
When Big Boss is robbed of his criminal of the year trophy, it's an artic chase up north in the Yukon.


Episode 20: The Case of the Baby Badguy's Return
Small Badguy and his boys breaks out of jail and plans to rob a rich heiress; can LongArm stop these little devils?


Episode 21: The Case of the Rock and Roll Robbers
BadVibes invents a new music to put people in trances to rob them, it's the Bad News rock band!


Picture & sound are about the same pretty much as on the first set, which was not labeled as a first volume and one we thought only had all the surviving episodes. Turns out no shows were lost. Unlike the first set, this one is a Shout! Factory website exclusive, so to order, go to the following link:





- Ricky Chiang


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