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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > My Two Dads – The Complete Second Season (1988 – 1989/Shout Factory DVD)

My Two Dads – The Complete Second Season (1988 – 1989/Shout Factory DVD)
Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B+



Note: This DVD set is only available exclusively from Shout! Factory at their on-line website store.  You can find the link to that site below.



Nicole (Staci Keanan) has 2 dads, after her mother passes away, she was given into the custody of Michael (Paul Reiser) and Joey (Greg Evigan), the two men whom her mother had been with in her life.  Unknown to anyone (pre-DNA testing) who is the real father however they both end up become her dads.  Michael is a conservative financial advisor, Joey is a liberal free thinking artist, and Nicole is one turbo charged teenage girl... you do the math.  So with two single straight men learning how to raising one teenaged daughter, things can get a little hairy from time to time, but ~hey... that’s family.
This is a comical TV series about the joys of two men learning what it means to be a single (double?) father.  Between a conservative father and a liberal father Nicole has best of both worlds, rigid yet fun.  It has very funny moments when Nicole drives them both up the wall, and heart warming moments when they all come together in times of trouble as a family.  There themes such as love, growing up, being responsible, and understanding... all the joys of parenting.
This is a great series, good for any family drama fans. There are episodes that focus on things such as the responsibilities of raising a teenager or coming of age stories that all parents have with their kids.  Thought I would say the characters are more like a teenage girl and two older brothers.  This builds an interesting set up for a series where the main male lead characters don't have a romantic love interest in each other.  Their relationship is more like friends, but it becomes hilarious when two single men have to show a little responsibility for their daughter.  And between two (supposedly) responsible men, they can handle a single teenage girl, right?
Episode 1: Blast From the Past
Nicole is reunited with an old boyfriend from the past Zach, which gets Cory just more than a little jealous.
Episode 2: Who's On First?
Nicole gets her first kiss(es) and the dads are all nervous, the boys are fighting over Nicole. Michael and Joel gets some lessons in female sensitivity.
Episode 3: Macho, Stupid Guy Time
An old flame Michael and Joey's used to fight over returns into their lives.  And the bets are still on... on who can take her out first.
Episode 4: The Man in the Pink Slip
Michael gets suddenly laid off and has to tell Nicole he's jobless and learn manage things around the house.
Episode 5: Fallen Idol
Their old friend Malcolm now a rock star returns to town, but he's down in the dumps with the blues and in slump.
Episode 6: Story With a Twist
Nicole is caught underage drinking, Michael and Joey shows her literally the repercussions drinking.
Episode 7: Playing With Fire
When an arsonist that Judge Margaret gets released from jail, they worry about him wanting revenge. *guest star/character crossover (Richard Moll/Bull from Night Court)
Episode 8: Dirty Dating
Nicole starts dating a biker named 'Chopper' in retaliation to Joey's new date, both of which spells trouble.
Episode 9: The God of Love
Joey was caught in bed with a girl, and soon all the kids are basking in his presence as the God of Love, including Nicole.
Episode 10: In Her Dreams
It's Nicole's 14th birthday and she dreams about her mother, if she had only married either Michael or Joey, what would her life would have been.
Episode 11: Together We Stand
Michael and Joey are working at the same job together now, a mixture like oil and water... that is until they find they have a new boss.
Episode 12: The Courtship of Nicole's Father
Both Michael and Joey have been dateless for a while... that is until Nicole sets them up... with the same woman.
Episode 13: Crushed
Every girl's worst nightmare, Nicole's best friend is in love with her father, Michael... and to Joey's dismay and bruised ego.
Episode 14: Basket Case
Michael worries he might die young when life insurance comes up, Joey worries about Nicole getting onto the basketball team... it's a worry farm.
Episode 15: You Love Me, Right?
Michael's uncle Ray comes into town, Michael worries he might not keep his word to Nicole just like what he did to him.
Episode 16: Getting Smart
Nicole gets convinced guys don't like girls who are smarter than them and decides maybe smart girls isn't something she want be, can Michael and Joey convince her otherwise?

This is an on-line exclusive from Shout! Factory at their website, where you can order at this link:





-   Ricky Chiang


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