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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Fantasy > Game > Animation > Anime > Bakugan: Battle Brawlers - Chapter One (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers - Chapter One (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)

Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B-


With the Infinity Core discovered, Masquerade is even more determined to get his hands on it.  And if things couldn't get any worst, Dan and Drago is sent to the Doom Dimension!  It up to the rest of the gang to rescue them.  But when the Bakugan Battle Brawlers go to the Doom Dimension find their lost friend, it gives Masquerade the perfect chance to grab the Infinity Core, the key to saving both their worlds.  The Bakugan Battle Brawlers must evolve to the next level if they are to have a chance to save their worlds and finally find out who Masquerade really is!
One day when cards came falling out of the sky Dan and his friends invented a cool new game, Bakugan.  Little did they know they had incredible powers and they now must save both human and Bakugan world, with the Infinity Core found, the source of life for Vestoria.  The Bakugan Battle Brawlers take the next step in stopping Masquerade and saving their worlds, they must evolve their Bakugan to the next level and form the Ultimate Bakugan.
Based on a strategic game, Bakugan involves a game using spherical figures with various characters/creatures/stats that are powered and supported by different gate, field and ability cards.  Gate cards set conditions which boost or take away condition to characters on the field, Field cards set the terrain on which the character is played giving advantages base on character element attributes, Ability cards are personal cards giving special talents/abilities to each character.  In this chapter of Bakugan, the players evolve to the next level and gain new powerful characters with new abilities, and finally they unmask Masquerade and learn the truth of the Bakugan world!
Episode 27: Show Down
Dan face Maquerade in a showdown but when Drago loses he gets sent to the Doom Dimension, along with Dan!
Episode 28: The Brawler's Last Stand
Lost without Dan, the Battle Brawlers hatches up a crazy plan to rescue him, but it involves all of them entering the Doom Dimension, supposedly where there is no return!
Episode 29: Nightmare in Doomsville
The Legendary 6 soldier of Vestroia offers a way for the Battle Brawlers to return to the human realm, but first they must be tested. Julie must face her own personal demon as the first test.
Episode 30: I am Marucho Her Me Roar
Marucho faces his test, Preyas gets a new brother?
Episode 31: A Place Far from Home
Shun faces a little girl who looks just like his mother, but can Skyress bring Shun back to reality?  Shun must learn he is not alone, and that his friends are there for him.
Episode 32: Play Nice Runo
Runo faces her test and learns to win she must sometimes look before she leaps.
Episode 33: You're Going Down Clown
Dan must face his test, but Drago is already evolved... does that mean he will evolve further?
Episode 34: Home Sweet Home
The Bakugan Battle Brawlers finally made it back to Earth.  Suddenly they find their friend fighting Masquerade... uh... what did they miss?
Episode 35: Dan's Last Stand
It's a race to evolve to the ultimate Bakugan, unfortunately for Dan that means fighting and defeating his friends, first up is Julie and Marucho.
Episode 36: Show Me What You've Got
Dan and Runo finally get to face one another off, who is the stronger.  A battle they have both been waiting for a long time.
Episode 37: You Say You Want an Evolution
Dan faces Shun, their power is equal, but between fire and wind which will prevail?
Episode 38: Behind the Mask of Masquerade
Dan and Masquerade face off again with their evolved Bakugan... who will win?  As their battle continues, the elements are in chaos back on Earth.
Episode 39: Masquerade Unmasked
The story behind Masquerade is finally revealed!  The Bakugan Battle Brawlers then learn that Naga is trying to break through to the human realm, so instead of waiting for him to come, they're going after him...


Continuing the series Bakugan (reviewed elsewhere on this site in its Volume DVD forms) has the same consistent picture and sound quality that the other series, though no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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