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Category:    Home > Reviews > Martial Arts Cycle > WWII > Biography > Fighter In The Wind (2004/Cinema Epoch DVD)

Fighter In The Wind (2004/Cinema Epoch DVD)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Film: A



Bae-dal a young Korean man has dreams of living a life bigger than himself, longing to fly he signs up to become a fighter pilot for the Japanese army during WWII.  But soon he discovers because of his heritage, he is looked down upon, shunned, and laughed at.  After the war, he had only shatter dreams and a broken heart. Working the slums he is bullied and beaten by gangsters, but suddenly he rescued and reunited by an old friend/mentor who then teaches him martial arts and helps him regain his pride.  But then tragedy strikes, and from then on Bae-dal swears he will never lose again.  He takes up his gi and challenges the martial arts world to become best fighter in Japan in Fighter In The Wind.
This is one of the best martial arts movies I have seen in several years.  Based on the tale of a real martial art expert, Masutatsu Oyama, the story of a single man, after being beaten, broken and humiliate found his way again and became a legend works well here.  I enjoyed the tale of how a man struggles against prejudice, hardships, and himself and then shows what it means to be a true warrior.  The movie was beautifully choreographed with beautiful vistas of Japan with intense fight scenes.  If you like martial arts then this is definitely a movie you'll want to own and watch again and again.
If I had to compare this film with other films, I would call Fighter in the Wind the Rocky of Karate in the best way.  The story of a man in a foreign land, who had nothing, and fought back and gain everything.  He was an underdog, but became feared, then respected and finally honored in the end.  Embracing his own fears, weaknesses, he rose above what people said, challenged them, and then changed them.  Extras include interviews with cast and director, behind the scenes, music video, trailer and still gallery.



-   Ricky Chiang


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