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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Robots > Science Fiction > Action > Adventure > Japan > Anime > TV > Astro Boy 1980 Red Tin Import Set (Region Four/4/PAL Import/Madman DVDs)

Astro Boy 1980 Red Tin Import Set (Region Four/4/PAL Import/Madman DVDs)


Picture: C†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: A†††† Episodes: A-



PLEASE NOTE: This DVD set can only be operated on machines capable of playing back DVDs that can handle Region Four/4 PAL format software and can be ordered from our friends at Madman Entertainment at the website address provided at the end of the review.Cover © 1980-1981 Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. All rights reserved



Join with Astroboy with a blast from the past (or future in this case). With the birth of Astroboy, starts his legend as the metal robot with a heart of gold. Seeking his place in the world, he learns how to use his amazing power to help humans and robots alike. Making friends and saving the day where ever he goes, he struggles to bring understanding between humans and robots. This is the first sequel series, this time in color.
This is also a classic anime, good for all audiences. It is filled both with adventure and drama, as Astroboy saves the day and make friends it is heart warming and heartfelt moments. The character Astroboy show the possibilities of humanity when people remain open minded and learn to share with those around them. That even a robot can be human. It teaches viewers morals and at the same time warns people regardless of how technology may advance, the future is always shaped by the heart, and it can influenced by love, hate, regret, jealousy, fear or understanding... and that true evil does not comes from technology but originates from the heart of it's creator.
I think a lot of thought has been placed into the series Astroboy when it was created, specially the stories and topics it focuses on. It is reflective of the 80s of Japanese culture, not because of robots, but because it represents the changes of time period... the industrial revolution, new versus old, traditional versus progressive. This is a huge box set to get, it includes all 51 half-hour episodes in a metal box, plus original Japanese episode of the birth of Astroboy as well as sample from the 60s, character art gallery, toys and merchandise gallery, deleted scenes and character profiles. The only thing again to remind you is to make sure you have a Region 4 DVD player.
Episode 1: The Birth of Astroboy
After the death of the Professor's son, Tobio, he creates Astroboy to replace his lost son. Astroboy can fly, has lasers and machines guns built in him. But with the birth of this new incredible robot not everyone is pleased, but when the cruise ship runs into an iceberg field it is up to Astroboy to save the day.
Episode 2: Robot Circus
Astroboy is tricked into the robot circus and things are as just as crazy, funny and dangerous as can be. Astroboy makes his first friend Cathy, who helps him out to get out of the rat (circus) race.
Episode 3: Save the Classmate
Astroboy comes to live under the guidance and teaching of Dr. Elefun. Astroboy starts going to school, and tries to make friends with them, but not all the kids are thrilled. Some of the boys sneak into a closed amusement part and run into trouble, only Astroboy can save them.
Episode 4: Atlas Lives Again
When Astro's robot father and robot mother to be gets kidnapped, Astroboy comes face to face with Atlas, a robot who now wants revenge against the humans who hurt him.
Episode 5: Robot Land
Robot Land is a fantasy park, where robots make fairy tale stories come to life, but when a robot swan princess appears to Astroboy seeking help, that the owner of Robot Land is mistreating and enslaving the robots, can he help them?
Episode 6: Frankenstein
When lighting strikes, Frankenstein gets activated before he is finished and goes on a rampage. Even worst is when the thief Skunk uses Frankenstein to commit robberies, soon the people say that all robots have to go!
Episode 7: The Red Cat
When a natural preservation is due to be bulldozed, a mysterious Red Cat threatens disasters if they aren't stopped. But when five boys disappear can Astroboy solve this ghostly haunting?
Episode 8: The Crystal of the Desert
When the water of the deserts start drying up Astro is sent to investigate it's cause.He finds Atlas and his new Crystal fortress and wants Astro to join him in taking over the world! Astro is trapped in the floating fortress and searches for a way out.
Episode 9: The White Planet
The White Planet is racing around the world, but Skunk had other plan to foil the race and steal the prize. Astroboy is determined not let Skunk have his way.
Episode 10: A Robot President
The first Robot President is about to take office, but the Deadcross Party would have nothing of the sort and threaten to ruin him on his inauguration.
Episode 11: Goliath's Head
A rocket carrying a Mar's development robot, Goliath crashes. Goliath's head is equipped with a powerful neutron gun, which makes everyone want to salvage it. No one seems to want to return the head to it's rightful body.
Episode 12: The Light Ray Robot
Light Ray, the latest newest robot is an invisible robot. Skunk steals him and then reprograms him to steal whatever he wants. How can they catch him if they can't see him?
Episode 13: Uran the Tomboy
Astro gets a robot sister, Uran. And boy is she a handful! Taking care of her is Astro's biggest challenge ever, especially after she gets kidnapped.
Episode 14: Robio & Robiette
Robio and Robiette are from 2 robot racer families that fought each other for years.When they fall in love however, can Astroboy somehow bring them together?
Episode 15: Astro Fights Aliens
Astroboy captains a Mars mission to gather resources. But when a stowaway hands over a diary of what happened the last mission, Astroboy learns there are aliens and must fight alien invaders!
Episode 16: Save the Carolina 3
Gen is upset his father works up in the space station, he feels alone and wishes his father didn't have his job. But when Skunk shows up to steal the platinum shipment, Gen and Astroboy learns how important his father's work can be.
Episode 17: The Rainbow Comet
Astroboy and his classmates go into space for a field trip to watch the Rainbow Comet. Atlas appears and holds Astro's classmates hostage unless Astroboy join him, what will Astro choose?
Episode 18: The Death Balloon
Skunk makes an army of exploding balloons shaped like Astroboy to frame him, but when a corrupt politician uses the event to discredit robots, can Astroboy clear his name?
Episode 19: The Transformation Robot
Buck is special prototype transforming robot, but when his father break out of prison to complete him, criminals use him to steal the uranium supply. It's up to Astro and Buck to stop them.
Episode 20: The Wreck of the Titan
When the luxury spaceship Titan malfunctions and explodes, Astroboy and a other survivors crash land on the moon where they find an ancient robot, where they learn something about human nature of greed.
Episode 21: The Liar Robot
True is a robot who can lie, but then one his lies then causes panic and chaos, but when the real earthquake comes along no one believes him when he tries to warn them.
Episode 22: The Girl From Alsoar
A girl named Violet came from the star Alsoar to Earth to ask for some water, but when her robots malfunction they decide to just take the water. Violet came to warn Astroboy of the invading robots.
Episode 23: The Greatest Robot in the World (Part 1)
Bruton is a powerful robot, his master has ordered him to destroy the most powerful robots on the Earth... and that includes Astroboy!
Episode 24: The Greatest Robot in the World (Part 2)
Astroboy is ready for round two with Bruton, he still doesn't want to fight, but Bruton is a fighting robot. As they fight, a new crisis suddenly appears.... can they stop fighting to face the impending doom?
Episode 25: Robot Vikings
Robot Vikings are running around at night and wrecking everything! Things get personal with Astroboy when his dog Jump tries to stop them and ends up in the hospital.
Episode 26: The Time Machine
A time traveler from the future (further than even Astro) comes back to get Astroboy and a famous surgeon to help a prince in the 15th century.
Episode 27: The Robot Stuntman
Uran goes to Hollywood Studios to see her favorite movie star, she is surprised he's actually a small robot, Sam. Uran as usual causes trouble and sneaks Sam out, but the movie director wants him back before the secret get out that Sam is a robot and will do anything, including scrapping robots.
Episode 28: The Great Meltdown
When Atlas's queen, Livian came crashing to earth she suffers from amnesia, needing to warn Astroboy about something. Soon enough the polar icecaps were melting and the world would flood, and none other than Atlas was somehow behind them.
Episode 29: Uran's Twin
Uran, bored of going to Piano lessons, gets the ability to split herself, one to go to her lesson, another to play. Twice the trouble for Astroboy!
Episode 30: Speeding Through the Storm
Astro and his class were on a field trip visiting an old D51 steam engine. Suddenly a storm threatens to break the dam in the valley, and the D51 is the only thing that can get them out in time... can it make one last run to save the children?
Episode 31: The Return of Queen Cleopatra
Cleopatra and Caesar resurrect in Egypt, claiming their ancient throne to restore the glory of the ancient Pharaohs. Something smells a little fishy to Astro.
Episode 32: The Runaway Subway Train
Atlas is back and he wants a rematch. Astroboy hides from him, but then is forced to face him when Atlas cause a train to go haywire.
Episode 33: The Baby Elephant Pook
A real baby elephant is orphaned when his mother gets killed by hunters. Astroboy must protect the baby elephant, but then a rogue robot elephant Zohra gets loose things really get hairy.
Episode 34: The Secret of Bee City
Astro and Uran visit Bee Island and meet a young boy looking for his father. To their surprise they find a civilization of bees where humans are enslaved and bees rule.
Episode 35: The Monster of Clarken
Something is terrorizing the underwater golden sea bed where fishes lay their eggs, there is trouble enough with a school of sharks and a greedy gold hunter after the golden fields. But when a real leviathan shows up Astro must somehow protect the fishes.
Episode 36: Lilly on Peligro Island
Astro find a letter in a bottle from a girl asking for help. Astro sneaks out at night investigates things get more complicated when beats the Peligro and he is hailed as hero, now they don't want him to go...
Episode 37: The Anti-Proton Gun
The most powerful gun is in space, powerful enough to destroy planets. Volpool Guiss, Atlas's creator wants it, he kidnappers and ransoms Livian to force Atlas to steal it... Now Astro must fight Atlas for it.
Episode 38: The Man-made Solar Sphere
A man-made artificial sun that Dr. Elefun made long ago is destroying the land. Astroboy teams up with a Detective Holmes to track down who is controlling it, unfortunately for him Holmes hates robots with a passion and refuse to work with Astro.
Episode 39: Blackie Young
Elefun is mailed a box full of robot parts and tries to put it together.
The robot then leads them with clues to South Pole with connection to 'Blackie Young', a mysterious leader and his gang who are enemies to all robots.
Episode 40: The Genie from Outer Space
A gigantic robot from space falls to Earth, Galon. Galon has the power to turn matter into anything he wants, he begins turning things into the planet he came from... unfortunately it is poison to all life on Earth!
Episode 41: The Robots Nobody Wanted
What happens to a robot when itís no longer wanted or needed? When a nurse, welder, and fireman robot are toss into the garbage they look for a place that needs them. As Astroboy helps them find a new jobs, he shows just because you are old doesn't mean you are obsolete.
Episode 42: Atlas Forever
When space stations around Saturn and Jupiter are being destroyed everyone blames Atlas. But when they discover it was invaders from another galaxy, Atlas and Astroboy must join forces to save the Earth.
Episode 43: The Snow Leopard
It suddenly started to snow in September, but it wasn't just any snow. The snow somehow is able to steal the energy and electricity of all the robots. Seems like there an evil Snow Leopard behind it.
Episode 44: Uran's Quest
Robots are made by humans, then who made humans? When Uran starts asking the big questions like "Where is God?" no one can answer, then trouble starts.
Episode 45: Outer Spaceport R45
Space Pirates are attacking ships near the Spaceport R45, seems like someone is supporting them, but who is the ringmaster?
Episode 46: The Hijacked Airship
The world largest airship is in town visiting. Astro wanting to be normal asks Dr. Elefun to take away his power for 24 hours, but when the airship is hijacked what can Astro do without his powers?
Episode 47: The Human-faced Rock
There is a gigantic human faced rock near a village, legend says if it ever faces the lake the village will be destroyed! But with all the earthquakes the rock seems to be turning!
Episode 48: Uran Falls in Love
Everything Uran does is always a handful, always falling for the good looking guys, but when it's a good looking destroyer robot, she seem to want him to win over Astro.
Episode 49: The World of Odin
A dying friend's wish to discover the ancient Viking burial grounds, the land of Odin.Astro learn of Viking culture, but when they discover the land of Odin it's nothing like what they thought!
Episode 50: The Secret of the Mayas
Astroboy helps out exploring Mayas ruins. But then they discover another secret, a secret protected by a Sphinx and giants crabs robots.
Episode 51: Astro's First Love
Astroboy has to get back stolen plans for building a robot bomb. He meets another robot girl Niki who helps him and falls in love with him, but it turns out Niki is the bomb!



The 1.33 X 1 image is a little worn, but color looks good otherwise, though this is not much better than the 1960s sets we already covered elsewhere on this site.The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is better, but can show some wear.Otherwise, the combination is very watchable and when you add all the extras and the great red tin case, this is as great as set of this or any such TV show you are likely to see.



As noted above, you can order this PAL DVD import set exclusively from Madman at:





-   Ricky Chiang


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