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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Action > Fantasy > TV > The Legend Of Prince Valiant + Defenders Of The Earth (Animated TV/Mill Creek DVD Sets)

The Legend of Prince Valiant + Defenders of the Earth (Animated TV/Mill Creek DVD Sets)


Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: C



Having previously been released by BCI/Eclipse and subsequently having gone out of print when the company went under, both Prince Valiant and Defenders of the Earth are now available through Mill Creek Entertainment.  The series are direct transfers of the previously released volumized sets, which had been reviewed in depth on this site.  The only difference in these sets seems to be the lack of extras and the difference in the packaging (now in a single hardcase).


The series are both the same brand of obnoxious, but concurrently have the same amount of fun and heart.


In quick summation, Prince Valiant is a series that ran from 1991-1994 based on a Hal Foster comic strip series that still runs to this day.  The story centers on Prince Valiant setting out to be one of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.  Valiant and his family have recently been ousted from their kingdom (Thule) by the conqueror Cynan; leaving Valiant saddened and vengeful.  Inspired by a faithful dream Valiant sets out to be a knight, along the way meeting two peasants who join his cause and share in his adventure.  All in all an epic tale that just at times seems somewhat hoakey and dully animated.


Like Prince Valiant, Defenders of the Earth is an earlier series (1986) by the same studio that starts with Flash Gordon and his son escaping Ming the Merciless.  Ming has exhausted the resources of his planet and sets out for a new home (earth) in the process killing Gordon’s wife.  The series sets out on a journey of a band of superheroes versus Ming as he expands on his merciless exploits.


The series are fun and definitely worth owning if you don’t already own the previously released volumes.  The previous volumes had many more extras (plus some flashy cards and other inserts), but this set is condensed and has the same picture and sound presentation.


Extras that are present include the following:


Prince Valiant

Interview: Noelle North Actress as ‘Rowanne’

Interview: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

4 Episodes with Commentary by creator/producer David J. Corbett, writer Brook Wachtel, & voice artist Noelle North


Defenders of the Earth

Commentary from the producer and creators on the episode ‘Escape from Mongo’


All in all both are great sets; I just wish there were more extras.  I am personally ‘upgrading to these sets’ just to save on room.



For more on both series please follow the links below.


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-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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