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Reviews in this section: 86
1964 World's Fair (Image DVD)
A Century Of Science Fiction
A Matter Of Life & Death – Magic Moments & Dark Hours In The History Of Medicine
A Science Odyssey - The Journey Of A Century
Aliens Of The Deep
Ancient Lives (1984/Documentary Mini-Series/Athena DVD)
Antarctica: Ice and Sky (2016/Music Box Films DVD)
Apollo 11 (Spacecraft set)
Apollo 13 – Journey To The Moon, Mars & Back (WGBH)
Apollo 8 (Spacecraft set)
Battle Of The X-Planes (Nova)
Big History (2013/Lionsgate/A + E/History Channel Blu-ray Set)
Brave New World with Stephen Hawking/The Code/In Their Own Words/This Is Civilization (Athena DVD Sets/Documentary TV Mini-Series)
Building Big (Documentary)
Cancer Warrior (Nova)
Clive Cussler’s The Sea Hunters – Set One (Acorn)
Clive Cussler’s The Sea Hunters – Set Two (Acorn)
Commissioner Of Sewers (W. S. Burroughs)
Cosmos (Carl Sagan)
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014/Fox Blu-ray Set)
Death By Design/The Life & Time Of Life & Times
Divest! The Climate Movement On Tour (2016/Bullfrog DVD**)/Ghosts Of Attica (2001/DVD**)/Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison Of Belief (2015/DVD*)/Inland Sea (1991/Criterion Blu-ray)/Michelin Star
Earth: The Biography (BBC DVD-Video)
Epidemic: Ebola, AIDS, Bird Flu & Typhoid (NOVA/RX For Survival/WGBH)
Everest - The Death Zone (Nova)
Evolution (WGBH/Science Mini-Series)
Expo - Magic Of The White City: The 1893 Chicago World's Fair
Fire Wars (Nova)
Fireworks! (Nova/WGBH)
First Flower (NOVA/WGBH)
Galileo's Battle For The Heavens (Nova)
Gemini (Spacecraft set)
Genius – The Science Of Einstein, Newton, Darwin & Galileo (WGBH/Nova box set)
Ghosts Of The Abyss 3D (2003/Disney Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D and DVD)/Titanic: 100 Years In 3D (2012/A&E/History Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D)/Titanic At 100: Mystery Solved (2012/A&E/History DVD)
Global Warming: What’s Up With The Weather? (WGBH Boston Video/NOVA & Frontline)
Gospel According to Philip K. Dick
Hitler's Lost Sub (Nova)
Hurricane Katrina – The Storm That Drowned A City (Nova)
Hurricane! Katrina, Gilbert & Camille (DVD Set)
IMAX Blu-ray: Coral Reef Adventures, Dolphins and The Living Sea (Image Entertainment)
IMAX/Image Entertainment Blu-ray 3D Wave: Dinosaurs Alive! (2007)/ Grand Canyon Adventure (2008)/Wild Ocean (2008/Image Entertainment)
James May’s 20th Century (2008 w/James May’s Big Ideas (2007)/Acorn/Athena DVD Set)/Top Gear 18 (2012/U.K. Version/BBC DVD Set)
Kaboom! The Sizzling Story Of Explosions (NOVA/WGBH DVD Set with Fireworks!)
Kingdom Of The Seahorse (Nova/WGBH)
Legends Of Flight IMAX Blu-ray 3D (2010/Image Entertainment)/Greatest Places (1998)­/Ring Of Fire (1991)/Search For The Great Sharks (1995)/Tropical Rainforests (1992/Inception IMAX Blu-rays)
Making Of Westworld
Marathon Challenge (NOVA/WGBH Boston Video)
Mars: Dead Or Alive (Nova)
Mighty Saturns (Spacecraft set)
Minute Bodies (2016/Icarus Films Blu-ray)
Mystery Of The Megaflood (Nova)
Newton's Dark Secrets (Nova)
Origins (Nova)
Perfect Corpse (Nova/WGBH)
Physics - The Elegant Universe & Beyond (Nova Set)
Popular Mechanics For Kids - Radical Rockets
Popular Mechanics For Kids Box
Proteus – A Nineteenth Century Vision (2003/First Run Features DVD)
Rx For Survival – A Global Health Challenge (WGBH)
Secrets Of The Samurai Sword (NOVA/WGBH)
Shuttle Discovery’s Historic Mission (Blu-ray/HDNet World Report)
Solar Energy – Saved By The Sun (NOVA/WGBH)
Star Wars Vs. Star Trek (DVD)
Sunrise Earth: Seaside Collection (Discovery Channel/Image Entertainment Blu-ray)
The Cosmos – A Beginner’s Guide (2007/Athena/Acorn DVD Set)
The Creation Of The Universe (PBS)
The Elegant Universe (Nova)
The Great Robot Race - The Darpa Grand Challenge (Nova)
The Most Extreme – Season One (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
The Mummy Who Would Be King – The Saga Of Pharaoh Rameses I (Nova)
The Race To The Moon (History Channel set)
The Stars – Supernovas, The Big Bang & More (Nova/WGBH Set)
The Story Of Math (aka The Story Of Maths/Athena DVD Set)
The Universe Within (Nova)
The Universe – 7 Wonders Of The Solar System Blu-ray 3D Edition (2010 w/2D) + The Universe – The Complete Season Five (2010/Blu-ray + DVD Sets) + Criss Angel Mindfreak – Season Six (2010/DVD) + Top Sh
The Universe – Our Solar System (History Channel/A&E Blu-ray)
The Unknown World (WGBH/Nova)
The Way Things Go (science)
The Wright Stuff (Documentary)
To The Moon (Nova)
Typhoid Mary - The Most Dangerous Woman In America
Under The Sea (Nova/WGBH)
Volcano Under The City (Nova)
War Planes! (NOVA WGBH Box Set)
William Gibson: No Maps For These Territories
Wonders Of The Solar System (2010/BBC Blu-rays + DVDs)


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