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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Philosophy > Religion > TV Mini-Series > Bill Moyers: On Faith and Reason + Bill Moyers – Genesis: A Living Conversation (Acorn/Athena DVD Sets/Part Two)

Bill Moyers: On Faith and Reason + Bill Moyers – Genesis: A Living Conversation (Acorn/Athena DVD Sets)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C     Features: B-



Now for the conclusion of this review….


The second DVD set featured here is Bill Moyers – On Faith and Reason.  Bill Moyers states that he was inspired to make this documentary after attending the “World Voices” conference; a conference that hosts poets, playwrights, novelists and many more.  This documentary does reference a wide variety of Biblical writings, but more so features what humanity has done with religion.  The panel of experts gives insight and their take on what the Bible and religion and general has done to the human psyche.  Whereas each individual has their own personal point of view it is inspiring and interesting to note that no one ever puts another opinion down, but rather builds upon it.  In general the consensus seemed to be that humans are flawed and with their flaws they have twisted religion to fit their cause.  What has been going on for millennia is by no direct reference to God or the Bible, but instead individuals have taken its writings to their own personal causes.  Religion can be used in whatever way people want, but it is their own faith and reasoning that inspires their actions.   It is a very good set that offers a variety of perspectives to arouse thought and conversation.  The personalities featured on this set are as follows:


Disc 1

Salman Rushdie

Mary Gordon & Collin McGinn

Jeanette Winterson & Will Power


Disc 2

Anne Prevost & David Grossman

Richard Rodriguez & Sir John Houghton


Disc 3

Margaret Atwood & Amis

Prema Chodron



The picture and sound are nothing impressive, but get the job done for the purposes of this documentary that does not require too many bells and whistles.  The picture is a 4:3 full screen that is gritty at times and features bland/washed colors.  The detail and crispness is not there and overall is mildly adequate.  The sound is a simple Dolby Digital Stereo that comes solely from the front, but since this is purely dialogue based there is little to complain about as it is crisp, clean and clear. 


The extras for each set feature a 12-page viewer’s guide with an introduction by Bill Moyers as well as a Biography of Bill Moyers himself.


Both featured documentaries are nicely done, not the most thrilling or interactive I have seen, but nice nevertheless.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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