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1 Love (Basketball)
10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America
100 Girls By Bunny Yeager (1950, 1997, 2016/Cult Epics Blu-ray)
100 Years Of Comedy
100 Years Of Horror
100 Years Of Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs/2014/A+E/Lionsgate DVD)/Super Bowl XLVIII Champions: Seattle Seahawks (2014/NFL/Cinedigm Blu-ray)
100 Years Of WWI (2014/History Channel/Lionsgate DVD Set)
10th District Court (Documentary)
180 Degrees South (2010/MagNet/Magnolia Blu-ray)
1964 World's Fair (Image DVD)
2 Sculptors (Shorts about Donald Judd & Tony Cragg)
20th Century With Mike Wallace: Politics & Presidents (Athena/Acorn DVD Set)
21 Up South Africa – Mandela’s Children (2006/Documentary/First Run Features DVD)
2501 Migrants: A Journey (2010/Cinema Libre DVD)
30 Years Of Academy Awards: 1972 - 2002
49 Up (Documentary)
50 Cent - Refuse To Die
56 Up (2012/First Run Features DVD)
75 Years of WWII (2014/A&E/Lionsgate/History Channel DVD)
75th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor (2016/History Channel/Lionsgate DVD Set)
9/11: Day That Changed The World (Smithsonian/Inception DVD)/Civilization: The West & The Rest (Neil Ferguson/BBC DVD Set)/Going For The Gold: The ’48 Games (2012/BBC DVD)
A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story (2015/Cinedigm DVD)/Brave Miss World (2013/Linor Blu-ray)/Invisible Scars (2015/First Run DVD)/Loving (2016/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)
A Cemetery Special (PBS)
A Century Of Black Cinema
A Century Of Science Fiction
A Fierce Green Fire (2012/First Run DVD)
A Film Unfinished, William S. Burroughs: A Man Within & Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010/Oscilloscope DVDs)
A Finished Life – The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour (2008/First Run Features/Documentary DVD)
A Generation Apart (1983/City Lights DVD)
A Girl & A Gun (2013/First Run Features DVD)
A Grin Without A Cat (1977/Icarus Films DVD)
A History of Scotland: The Complete Ten-Part Series (BBC DVD) + Simon Schama: A History of Britain – Special Edition (BBC DVD) + America: The Story of Us (A&E/History Channel Blu-ray)
A Hole In The Fence (2008/First Run Features DVD)
A Jihad For Love (2007/Human Rights Watch/First Run DVD)
A League Of Ordinary Gentleman (Documentary/Bowling)
A Life Apart (Documentary)
A Little Night Music: Original Cast Recording (1973/Sondheim/Sony/Vocalion Hybrid Super Audio CD/SA-CD/SACD)/Summer Stock (1950/MGM/Blu-ray/*both Warner Archive)
A Matter Of Life & Death – Magic Moments & Dark Hours In The History Of Medicine
A Matter Of Taste (2010/First Run DVD)/Hindsight (2011)/No Mercy (2010/CJ Entertainment DVDs)/Sound Of Noise (2010/Magnolia DVD)/Stitch In Time (2012/aka Gutter King/Cinema Epoch DVD)
A Model For Matisse (Documentary/Architecture/Art)
A Musical Quartet: Four Award-Winning Documentaries (First Run Features DVD Set)
A Paralyzing Fear - The Story Of Polio In America
A Perfect Candidiate (Documentary)
A Place At The Table (2011/Magnolia Blu-ray)/Bert Stern: Original Mad Man (2012/First Run DVD)/Bidder 70 (2012/Bullfrog DVD)/Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth Of Wonder (2010/First Run DVD)/The Gatekeepers (201
A Queen Is Crowned (1953/Umbrella Entertainment/Region Four/4/PAL DVD) + The British Empire In Color (2002/Acorn Media DVD/Region One/1/NTSC Set)
A Science Odyssey - The Journey Of A Century
A To Zeppelin (Documentary)
A Touch Of Greatness (Documentary)
A Very British Gangster (Echo Bridge DVD)
A Wink & A Smile – The Art Of Burlesque (2008/First Run DVD)
Aalto (2020/Film Movement DVD)/Harry and Snowman (2018)/Tab Hunter Confidential (2015/both MVD/FilmRise Blu-ray)/Tiger (2021/Tiger Woods/HBO/Warner Archive DVD)/The Titans That Built America (2021/Lio
ABBA Forever: The Winner Takes It All (2019/MVD/Weinerworld DVD)/Tell My Story (2021/Cinema Libre DVD)/World Series Champions 2021: Atlanta Braves (Shout! Factory Blu-ray Set)
ABC Africa (Documentary)
Absolute Wilson (2006/Stage/Theater/New Yorker Films DVD)
AC/DC – Back In Black (Under Review series/albums/Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story (2011/MVD Visual DVD)/Beautiful Wave (2010/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)
ACORN and the Firestorm (2017/First Run)/Bauhaus Spirit (2018/Icarus)/Genetically Modified Children (2018/Cinema Libre)/Karl Marx City (2017/Film Movement)/Sins Of My Father (2011/Maya)/Target: St. Lo
Act and Punishment: The Pussy Riot Trials (2015/MVD Visual DVD)/#artoffline (2015/IndiePix DVD)/Quest: Portrait Of An American Family (2017/First Run DVD)/Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer (2018/Cinema Libr
Acting Out (1978/Troma’s The Swingin’ 70s, Volume One)
Adam Clayton Powell + Black Is… Black Ain’t (Docurama DVDs)
Adventures In Plymptoons (Documentary/Cinema Libre DVD)/Iron Man Armored Adventures – Season Two, Volume Two (Gaiam Vivendi DVD)/Super Hero Party Clown (Cinema Libre DVD/All 2012)
Advocates (*)/At The Drive-In (MVD Visual DVD)/Dynasties 4K (BBC 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Learning To See (MVD/FilmRise Blu-ray)/Piripkura: The Last Two Survivors (*both Cinema Libre DVDs/all 20
African Cats (Disneynature Blu-ray w/DVD)/The Battle For Marjah (2011/Athena/Acorn Blu-ray/DVD Set)/Bill Moyers: God & Politics (Athena/Acorn DVD Set)/Dear Uncle Adolf (2010/First Run DVD)/Gettysburg
After Innocence (2005/Documentary/Legal)
After Kony: Staging Hope (2011/First Run DVD)/Bill Moyers: Beyond Hate (1991/Acorn/Athena DVD)/Sidney Lumet’s Daniel (1983/Paramount/Legend DVD)/Witness: A World In Conflict Through A Lens (2013/HBO D
After Stonewall (Documentary)
After The End (2013/Cinema Libre DVD)/Dieppe Uncovered (2012/E1 DVD)/Lucky Express (2013/Cinema Libre DVD)/Ocean Men: Extreme Dive (2001/IMAX/Image Blu-ray)/Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s (2012/E1 DVD
After Tiller (2013/Oscilloscope DVD)/Alexander Calder (1998/First Run DVD)/The Booker (2012/IndiePix DVD)/Civil War 360 (2013/Smithsonian/Cinedigm DVD)/Peter Simon's Through The Lens (2014/MVD DVD)/Hi
AfterEffects: Memories Of Pittsburgh Filmmaking (2005/MVD/Diabolik Blu-ray)/House Of The Dragon: The Complete First Season 4K (2022/HBO/Warner 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Mad God (2022/Shudder/RLJ
Aftermass (2014/CARTS DVD)/The Definitive WWI & WWII Collection (2001 - 2014/Lionsgate DVD Box Set)/Walking The Camino: Six Ways To Santiago (2014/Smith Blu-ray)/World Series Fall Classic 2014: San Fr
Against All Odds – Israel Survives: The Complete First Season
Aging Out (Documentary/Orphan)
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (2011/Sundance Select/IFC Blu-ray)/Black Like Me (1964/VSC DVD Set)/Surviving Progress (2011/First Run Features DVD)/We Can’t Go Home Again (Don’t Expect Too Much) (1973/Nichola
Air Wars - Fighter Aircraft of WWII
Alain Resnais: Five Short Films (1948 - 1956/Blu-ray)/Gorbachev. Heaven (2020/DVD/both Icarus)/Julia (2021/Julia Child/Sony DVD)/Marionette Land (2021/MVD DVD)
Alamo (A&E DVD Documentary Set)
Alamo (Delta DVD Documentary Set)
Albert Schweitzer (1957 Documentary)
Alexander The Great - Footsteps In The Sand (Documentary)
Alfa Romeo - Victory By Design (DTS DVD)
Alfred Hitchcock: Master Of Suspense (1995/Legend DVD)/Murder University (2012/Wlld Eye/MVD DVD)/Passion (2012/De Palma/E1 Blu-ray)/Shiver (2013/Image DVD)
Algorithms: Blind Chess Players Of India (2014/First Run DVD)/Disorder (2009/Icarus DVD)/Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here (2013/First Run DVD)/Remote Area Medical (2013/Docurama/Cinedigm DVD)/Super
Aliens Of The Deep
All Governments Lie (2016/First Run DVD)/The Apology (2013/Icarus DVD)/Chantal Akerman By Chantal Akerman (1997/Icarus DVD)/Cinema Novo (2016/Icarus DVD)/The Future Of Work and Death (2016/First Run D
All My Loving (Beatles Documentary/Music Video Distributors)
All The Labor (2013/MVD Visual DVD)/Linsanity (2013/Arc DVD)/Men At Lunch (2013/First Run DVD)/More Than Honey (2012/Kino Lorber Blu-ray)/Red Reign (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)
All Things Must Pass (Tower Records documentary/2015/Film Rise/MVD DVD)/Centerstage: On Pointe (2016/Sony DVD)/The Commitments: 25th Anniversary Edition (1991/RLJ Blu-ray)/The Gang's All Here (1943/Fo
All This Mayhem (2014/VSC/MVD Blu-ray)/Black Church Inc. (2014/Moguldum/Cinedigm DVD)/The Dance Goodbye (2014/First Run DVD)/GunLand (2014/Moguldum/Cinedigm DVD)/Sagrada: The Mystery Of Creation (2012
Alone On The Island Of The Blue Dolphins (2018/First Run DVD)/24 X 36 (2016/MVD/FilmRise DVD)/World Series Champions: The Boston Red Sox (Shout! Factory Blu-ray Box + Blu-ray/DVD Set)
Amalia Rodrigues - The Spirit Of Fado
Amateur Night At City Hall: The Story Of Frank L. Rizzo (1977/Mugge/MVD Visual DVD)/Art House (2015/First Run DVD)/Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story Of The National Lampoon (2015/Magnolia Blu-ray
Amazing War Machines + Hell On Earth + Trail Of Tears (Mill Creek DVD Sets)
America's Castles - The Grand Tour
America's Favorite Cars series (Corvette/Mustang/Fords of the 50s)
America's Scenic Rail Journeys
America: The Story Of Us Collector’s Edition (Box Set with Book)/American Pickers – Volume Two/Only In America w/Larry The Cable Guy, Volume One/Pawn Stars – Volume Three/Storage Wars – Season One/Top
American Blackout (Documentary)
American Bullfighter (Documentary/Cinema Libre DVD)
American Cannibal – The Documentary
American Civil War - A Union Divided
American Dreamer (1971/Etiquette Blu-ray w/DVD)/Battleground (1949/MGM/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/The Exterminating Angel (1962/Criterion Blu-ray)/Macbeth (1948, 1950/Orson Welles/Republic/Olive Blu-ray
American Empire: An Act Of Collective Madness (2012/Heartfelt DVD)/The Contradictions Of Fair Hope (2013/Shelter Island DVD)/Greedy Lying Bastards (2013/Disinformation DVD)/Murph The Protector (2013/A
American Friend
American Jesus (2013/Glass Eye Pix/Shelter Island DVD)/Follow Me (1969/Cinerama/Scorpion DVD)/Girl Rising (2012/Cinedigm DVD)/The Hooping Life (2014/Span DVD)/Mademoiselle C (2013/Cohen Media Group Bl
American Scary (2008/Cinema Libre DVD)
American Swing (2008/Unrated Documentary/Magnolia DVD)
American Teen (2008/Paramount DVD)
America’s National Treasures + Call Of The Wild – The Complete Series (2000) + The Commish – Season Two + Dungeons & Dragons – Into The Magic Realm + The Fight For Freedom + He-Man & The Masters Of Th
Among The Believers (2015/First Run DVD)/Chicken People (2016/Samuel Goldwyn/CMT/Sony DVD)/Great British Aircraft (2014/Umbrella Region Free PAL Import DVD)
Amy (2015/A24/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/Jaco (2015/MVD Visual Blu-ray set)/The Jam: About The Young Idea (2015/Eagle Blu-ray/DVD Set)/Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All (2015/Eagle Blu-ray Set)
Anarchism In America (Documentary Double Feature)
Ancient Lives (1984/Documentary Mini-Series/Athena DVD)
And Baby Makes Two (First Run Features)
Andy Warhol – A Documentary Film (PBS Home Video)
Angelique Kidjo (World Music)
Angels In The Dust (Cinema Libre DVD)
Animal Planet Blu-ray Wave: Africa’s Elephant Kingdom/The Beauty Of Snakes/The World’s Biggest & Baddest Bugs
Anita: Speaking Truth To Power (2013/Anita Hill/First Run DVD)/B.B. King: Life Of Riley (2014/MVD Visual Blu-ray + DVD)/Watermark (2013/E1 Blu-ray)/Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley (2014/HBO DVD)
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens (2006/Warner DVD)
Antarctic Edge: 70-Degrees South (2014/First Run DVD)/72 Percent (2014/Cinedigm DVD)/Seventeen (1982/Icarus DVD)/TT Formula One Years: 1987 - 1994 (2015/Duke Video/MVD DVD)
Antarctica: Ice and Sky (2016/Music Box Films DVD)
Antisemitism (2020*)/Divided Brain (2019/Bullfrog/*both Icarus DVD)/For All Mankind (1989/Criterion 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/A Life Among Whales (2005/IndiePix DVD)/Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Ra
Antone's Home Of The Blues (Documentary)
Apollo 11 (Spacecraft set)
Apollo 13 – Journey To The Moon, Mars & Back (WGBH)
Apollo 8 (Spacecraft set)
Aquarela (2019/Sony Blu-ray)/Capitalism (2014*)/Milestones + Ice (1975, 1969/*both Icarus DVD Sets)/Revolution: Art For A New World (2018/Film Movement DVD)/Water Wars (2010/Cinema Libre DVD)
Arakimentari (Documentary)
Arcade Fire: The Reflector Tapes (2017/Universal Music/Eagle Blu-ray Set)/Bells Are Ringing (1960/MGM/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Gimme Danger (2016/Iggy Pop/Sony DVD)/Go Johnny Go! (1958/Sprocket Vault/V
Architecture Of Doom
Arctic Exposure with Nigel Marven – The Complete Mini-Series (Genius/Animal Planet DVD)
Arctic Tale (2007/Paramount Blu-ray)
Arctic Tale (HD-DVD + DVD-Video)
Arguing The World (Documentary)
Aristide & The Endless Revolution
Around India With A Movie Camera (2017/Icarus DVD)/Charlie Chaplin's Circus (1928, 1969/Criterion Blu-ray)/Fragment Of An Empire (1929 w/DVD)/L'Argent (1928)/Mack Sennett Collection, Volume One (1909
Art And Craft (2014/Oscilloscope DVD)/Get On Up: The James Brown Story (2014/Universal Blu-ray)/The Identical (2014/Cinedigm Blu-ray w/DVD)
Art Bastard (2015/Concannon Blu-ray)/A Boatload Of Wild Irishmen: The Life Of Robert Flaherty (2011/Icarus DVD)/One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich and the Lost American Film (2015/Warner Archi
Art Of Ballet + French Art Of Seduction + Love Kittens: Four Sexy Classics From The 60s (First Run DVD Compilation Sets)
Ascent Of Evil: The Story Of Mein Kampf (2018/MVD)/Food Coop (aka Food Co-op/2015*)/Henry Miller: Asleep & Awake (2007/IndiePix)/Paying The Price For Peace: The Story Of S. Brian Wilson (2016**)/Plast
Ashtanga, NY (Yoga Documentary)
Aston Martin - Victory By Design (DTS DVD)
Astros 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (MLB/A&E DVD Box Set)/Goon (2011/Magnolia/MagNet DVD)/Highlights Of The 2012 Masters Tournament (A&E/New Video DVD)
Attack! (animals)
Audrey (2020/Bohemio Blu-ray)/Beautiful Darling (2010/Corinth DVD)/Deep In Vogue (2019*)/Queen Of Hearts: Audrey Flack (**)/Six By Sondheim (2013/HBO/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/The State Of Texas Vs. Mel
Awful Truth - Complete Series (A&E DVD)
Axe In The Attic (2007/IndiePix DVD)/Frontrunner (2008/IndiePix DVD)/Hawaiian Rainbow & Kumu Hula: Keepers Of A Culture (1987, 1989/Robert Mugge/MVD DVD)/Olvidados (2014/aka Forgotten/Cinema Libre Blu
Baby Human (TV)
Bachman (2018/MVD/FilmRise Blu-ray)/In Person (1935/RKO/DVD*)/Le Comte Ory/Rossini/Talbot (2017/Naxos/CMajor/Unitel Blu-ray)/A Little Night Music: Original Cast Recording (1973/Sondheim/Sony/Vocalion
Back In Time (2015 Back To The Future documentary/MVD Visual DVD)
Ballad Of Bering Strait
Ballet Boys (2014/First Run DVD)/Francesco (1989/Film Movement Blu-ray)/Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967/Sony/Columbia/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/PS Dance! (2015/First Run DVD)/Pop Life
Barack Obama: From His Childhood To The Presidency (2011/Biography/A&E DVD)/The Beat Hotel (2011/First Run Features DVD)/Bombay Beach (2011/E1 DVD)/Genetic Chile (2012/Earth Now!/Cinema Libre DVD)/Pat
Baraka (1992/MPI Blu-ray)
Baraka (Anamorphic DVD-Video Special Edition)
Barbara Rubin & The Exploding NY Underground (2018*)/Dick Cavett Show: New York Radio Pioneers (1972 - 1995*)/Encirclement (2008/IndiePix DVD)/David Susskind Archive: Interview With Dr. Martin Luther
Baseball Legends (2015/Lionsgate DVD Set)
Baseball's Greatest Games: New York Yankees' Postseason Heroics (1996 - 2001/A&E/Lionsgate/MLB DVDs)/Sunset Strip (2013/MVD/VSC Blu-ray)/Teenage (2013/Oscilloscope DVD)
Baseball’s Greatest Games – 1960 World’s Series Game 7 (Pittsburgh Pirates/A&E DVD) + San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Collector’s Edition (A&E DVD Set)
Baseball’s Greatest Games: New York Mets First No Hitter (2012/MLB/A&E DVD)/Fixation (2012/First Run DVD)/Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup 2012 Champions (Warner DVD)
Batkid Begins (2015/Warner DVD)
Battle 360–Degrees – The Complete Series + Nostradamus: 2012 + Patton 360–Degrees – The Complete Season One (History Channel/A&E Blu-rays)
Battle For Dien Bien Phu (Documentary)
Battle For Warsaw
Battle Of The X-Planes (Nova)
Battlefield Detectives (2003 – 4/Athena/Acorn DVD Set)/History Of The World In Two Hours (2011/A&E DVD Set)/Nazi Hunters (2010/MVD DVD Set)/Race To Space (Mill Creek DVD Set)
Bazaar Bizarre: The Strange Case of Serial Killer Bob Berdella (Documentary)
BBC Atlas Of The Natural World: Africa & Europe/Western Hemisphere & Antarctica (BBC DVD Box set)
BBC Earth: Snow Babies + Penguins: Spy In The Huddle (DVDs)/Care Bears: The Care-A-Thon Games (Lionsgate DVD)/Geronimo Stilton: Intrigue On The Rodent Express (E1 DVD)/Max & Ruby: Essentially Spring –
BBC High Definition Natural History Collection (Planet Earth/Galapagos/Wild China/Ganges Blu-rays + Wild China & Ganges DVD-Video sets)
Be Here To Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt
Beatles Stories (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/Circle Jerks: My Career As A Jerk (2012/MVD DVD)/Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender (2012/Eagle Blu-ray)/Gary Moore: Blues For Jimi (2012/Eagle Blu-ray)/The G
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest (2011/Sony DVD)/Composing Outside The Beatles – Lennon & McCartney: 1973 - 1980 (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/The Grateful Dead Movie (1977/Shout! F
Beautiful Planet: France & Italy + Spain & Portugal (Mill Creek Blu-rays)/Flicka: Country Pride (aka Flicka 3/2012/Fox Blu-ray)/Ocean Giants (BBC Blu-ray/DVD set)/Secret Life Of Birds (2010/Mill Creek
Becoming Queen (Documentary)
Bee Gees, The: How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? (2020/HBO*)/Deep Blues (1991/Film Movement)/Lullaby Of Broadway (1951*)/Respect (2021/Aretha Franklin/MGM/UA/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/Tina (2021/Tina Tur
Bee People (2014/Truemind DVD)/Finding Vivian Maier (2013/MPI/Sundance Selects DVD)/12 O'Clock Boys (2014/Oscilloscope DVD)/Unacceptable Levels (2013/Disinformation DVD)
Been Rich All My Life (Documentary/Dance)
Before Stonewall/After Stonewall (1985/1999/First Run DVD Set) + David Hockney – A Bigger Picture (2009/First Run DVD) + Word Is Out (1977/Milliarium Zero DVD)
Behind The Burly Q – The Story Of Burlesque (2010/First Run DVD) + Pretty Things by Liz Goldwyn (Regan Books/Hardcover) + Blue Valentine (2010/Anchor Bay Blu-ray) + Cougars Inc. (2010/Image Blu-ray) +
Behind The Mask: The Batman Dead End Story (2015/Candy Factory DVD)
Beijing Punk (2012/Seminal/MVD DVD)/Ike & Tina On The Road: 1971 - 72 (By Nadya Beck & Bob Gruen/MVD DVD)/Inside John Lennon (2003/Passport DVD reissue)/Oklahoma! (1999/Hugh Jackman/Image Blu-ray)/Pat
Being Canadian (2015/Candy Factory DVD)/The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)/Brain Games: Season 7 (2016 aka The Final Season/National Geographic/Fox DVD Set)/Living In The Age Of
Being Evel (2015/MVD/FilmRise DVD)/Sad Vacation: The Last Days of Sid and Nancy (2016/MVD Visual DVD)/With Great Power... The Stan Lee Story (2010/Umbrella DVD)
Beltracchi: The Art Of Forgery (2015/Kimstim/Icarus DVD)
Ben Franklin (History Channel)
Benjamin Smoke
Berkeley In The 60s
Berlin, Symphony Of A Great City (1927/Flicker Alley Blu-ray)/Boston: The Documentary (2017/First Run DVD)/Marx Reloaded (2011/Icarus DVD)/Strange Victory (1948/Milestone Blu-ray)/TVTV: Video Revoluti
Bernadette (2013/Cinema Libre DVD)/The Best Of Jack Hanna (1992 - 2013/Image DVD Set)/Dark Girls (2011/Image DVD)/Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (2012/Magnolia Blu-ray)/No Place On Earth (2012
Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story (2017/MVD Visual Blu-ray w/DVD)/Echotone (2010/IndiePix DVD)/Free To Rock (2017/MVD Visual DVD Set)/Diana Ross: Diamond Diana - The Legacy Collection (2017 compilat
Best Of Enemies: Buckley Vs. Vidal (2015/Magnolia Blu-ray)/The Great American Dream Machine (1971 - 1973/S'More Entertainment DVD Box Set)
Best Of Film Noir (Documentary)
Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different (2020*)/Celebration (2018/Yves St. Laurent/KimStim)/Come On Feel The Noize: The Story Of How Rock Became Metal (2019/Cleopatra/*both MVD)/Stuffed (2019/Music Box)/T
Betty White: Champion For Animals (Image DVD)/IMAX Born To Be Wild (Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/Frozen Planet (alt. cover shown/BBC Blu-ray)/We Bought A Zoo (Fox Blu-ray w/DVD/all 2011)
Betty White: Champion For Animals (Image DVD)/IMAX Born To Be Wild (Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/Frozen Planet (BBC Blu-ray)/We Bought A Zoo (Fox Blu-ray w/DVD/all 2011)
Between Land And Sea (2017/Film Movement DVD)/Big Wednesday (1978/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Men Of Wood And Foam (2016 w/History Of Australian Surfing (1985) and Fall Line (1976/1979)/Umbrella/Region Fr
Beyond Hatred (2005) + Our House (2000/First Run Features)
Beyond The Edge (2013/MPI/Sundance DVD)/Fire In Babylon (2011/Altitude Region Free PAL Import DVD)/Freeload (2014/MVD Visual DVD)/Level Five (1996/Icarus DVD)/Lost For Life (2014/Snagfilm DVD)/I Am Al
Beyond The Gates Of Splendor
Bhopali (2012/IndiePix DVD)/He Named Me Malala (2015/Fox DVD)/The Nine Lives Of Marion Barry (2010/IndiePix DVD)/Our Brand Is Crisis (2015 drama/Warner Blu-ray)
Big History (2013/Lionsgate/A + E/History Channel Blu-ray Set)
Big River Man (2009/Umbrella Entertainment/Region Four/4/PAL)
Bill Moyers On Addiction (1998/Acorn/Athena DVD Set)/IRT Deadliest Roads: Season Two – The Andes (2011)/Storage Wars, Volume Three (2011/A&E History Channel DVD Sets)
Bill Moyers – A World Of Ideas: Writers (1988 – 1990/Athena/Acorn Media DVD Set)
Bill Moyers – Becoming American: The Chinese Experience (2003/Acorn/Athena DVDs)/Dirty Energy (2013/Cinema Libre DVD)/Girl Model (2012)/Photographic Memory (2012/First Run DVDs)/The Queen Of Versaille
Bill Moyers – In Search Of The Constitution (1987/Athena/Acorn Media DVD Set)
Bill Moyers: On Faith and Reason + Bill Moyers – Genesis: A Living Conversation (Acorn/Athena DVD Sets/Part One)
Bill Moyers: On Faith and Reason + Bill Moyers – Genesis: A Living Conversation (Acorn/Athena DVD Sets/Part Two)
Biography: John Kerry (A&E DVD)
Birth Of The Living Dead (2013 Documentary/Romero/First Run DVD)/Black Water Vampire (2013/Image DVD)/Carrie (2013 remake/Fox/MGM Blu-ray w/DVD)/Concrete Blondes (2012/Inception DVD)/Stonados (2013/Ar
Black Hollywood (1984/MVD Visual DVD)/Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? (1975/Goodtimes/VCI/Sprocket Vault Blu-ray)/For The Love Of Spock (2016/Gravitas Ventures/FilmRise Blu-ray)/I Am Not Your Negro (20
Bleaching Black Culture (2014/Cinedigm DVD)
Blessed Is The Match: The Life & Death Of Hannah Senesh (2009/Docurama DVD)
Blindsight (2008/Image DVD)
Blood & Flesh (2019/Al Adamson/Severin Blu-ray)/Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death (1980/Film Detective Blu-ray)/Hunter's Moon (2019/Lionsgate DVD)/Maniac 4K (1980*/**)/Mommy & Mommy 2: Mommy's Day (1995, 19
Blood & Tears – The Arab-Israeli Conflict (THINKFilm)
Blood and Glory: The Civil War On Color (2015/History Channel/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Blood Equity (NFL Football Documentary/Walking Shadows DVD)
Blood In The Face (Hate Groups/First Run Features DVD)
Blood, Sweat & Gears – Racing Clean To The Tour De France (2008/First Run Features DVD)
Bloodlines: The Art & Life Of Vincent Castiglia (2018/Waterfront DVD*)/Dick Cavett Show: ''And That's The Way It Is...'' + Inside The Minds Of... V. 1, 2 & 3 (1969 - 1995/S'More DVD*)/Free Lunch Socie
Bloody Daughter (2012/Ideale Audience/Naxos Blu-ray)/East End Babylon (2013/Cadiz Music/MVD DVD)/Glenn Gould: The Russian Journey (2002/C Major/Naxos Blu-ray)/Greenwich Village: Music That Defined A G
Blossoms Of Fire (Documentary/New Yorker DVD)
Blue Island (2022*)/Can't Be Stopped (2022/Blu-ray**)/A History Of The European Working Class (2020/*both Icarus DVDs)/Solo (2021/DVD/*both MVD)
Blue Planet II (2017/BBC 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Set)/Clouzot's Inferno (1964/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray)/Copyright Criminals: The Funky Drummer Edition (2009/IndiePix DVD)/The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt (1983/Fl
Blue Planet – Sea Of Life (expanded reissue) + BBC Atlas Of The Natural World: Africa & Europe + Attenborough In Paradise (BBC Home Video/DVD Sets)
Blue Planet: Seas Of Life (2001/BBC Earth Blu-ray)/Magic Journey To Africa (2010/Image Blu-ray 3D)/Nanook Of The North/The Wedding Of Palo (1922/1934/Flicker Alley Blu-ray Set)/One Life (2011/BBC Eart
Blue Vinyl
BlueGreen (2009/Cinema Libre DVD)
Bob & The Monster (2013/MVD Visual Blu-ray + DVD)/Celibidache Rehearses Bruckner's Ninth (1991, 2005/ArtHaus/Naxos Blu-ray)/Gozaran: Time Passing (2013/EuroArts/Naxos Blu-ray)
Bob Dylan & The Band: Down On The Floor (The Basement Tapes)/David Bowie Under Review 1969 – 1973: The Calm Before The Storm (Documentaries/Chrome Dreams/MVD DVDs)/Etta James: Live At Montreux 1993 (a
Bob Dylan - Tales From The Golden Age
Bob Dylan - World Tour 1966 (DVD)
Bob Dylan 1975 – 1981: Rolling Thunder And The Gospel Years
Bob Dylan World Tours: 1966 - 1974 (Documentary)
Bob Dylan: 1966 -1978 After the Crash (Under Review series)
Bob Hope Entertaining The Troops (1989/MVD Visual DVD)/I Am Evel Knievel (2014/Virgil Films Blu-ray)/That Show with Joan Rivers (1968 - 69/Film Chest/Topics DVD Set)/The Sunshine Boys (1975/MGM/Warner
Bob Marley - Spiritual Journey (DVD/CD)
Bob Marley – Stations Of The Cross (Music Video Distributors DVD/CD Set)
Bobby Womack – Soul Seduction Supreme
Body Without Soul (Documentary)
Bond Girls Are Forever (Documentary)
Bonhoeffer (Documentary)
Boom Varietal: The Rise Of Argentine Malbec (2011/First Run DVD)/Duch: Master Of The Forges Of Hell (2011/First Run DVD)/JFK: New World Order (2013/Mill Creek Blu-ray w/DVDs)/Robert Williams: Mr. Bitc
Boredom (2013)/Mobilize (2014/Disinformation DVDs)/The Prosecution Of An American President (2013/First Run DVD)/Roger & Me (1989/Warner Blu-ray)/Salt Of The Earth (1954/Film Detective DVD)
Born In China (2016/DisneyNature Blu-ray w/DVD)/Megan Leavey (2017/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/Paw Patrol: The Giant Pirate Rescue (2014 - 2015)/Shimmer and Shine: Magical Pets Of Zahramay Falls (2016 -
Bound By Flesh (2012/MPI/Sundance Selects DVD)
Bowling For Columbine
Braddock America (2013/First Run Features DVD)/CitizenFour (2014/Radius-TWC/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Message From Hiroshima (2015/Cinema Libre DVD)/Rosie O'Donnell: A Heartfelt Stand Up (2015/HBO/Warner Ar
Brave New World with Stephen Hawking/The Code/In Their Own Words/This Is Civilization (Athena DVD Sets/Documentary TV Mini-Series)
Brave New York/Craig/Gunheavy/Idleheist (Brinkfilm/MVD DVD)
Breaking A Monster (2015/RLJ DVD)
Breaking The Maya Code (2008/First Run Features DVD)
Breast Cancer – The Path To Wellness & Healing (2009/Montée Productions DVD Set)
Breasts - A Documentary
Brian Eno – The Man Who Fell To Earth: 1971 – 1977 (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD) + David Bowie – Rare & Unseen (MVD Visual DVD) + David Byrne – Ride, Rise, Roar (2010/Umbrella Region Free Import DVD) + The
Brian Wilson – Songwriter: 1962 - 1969 (2010/Chrome Dreams/MVD/Music Video Distributors DVD Set)
Brick And Mortar And Love (2013/MVD Visual DVD)/The Doors: R-Evolution (Music Video Compilation/Eagle Blu-ray)/Finland: Helsinki & The Art Of Akseli Gallen-Kallela/Gardens & Parks Of Europe (1996/Naxo
Brick City – The Complete Series (2009/First Run Features DVD)
Bright Leaves
Broadway - The American Musical (PBS)
Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (2012/Acorn/Athena DVD Set)/Cuba: Island Of Music/Dizzy Gillespie: In Redondo (1986/MVD DVDs)/Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark/OMD Live: Architecture & Morality & M
Broken Rainbow (1985/Docurama)
Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (2013/MVD Visual DVD)
Bronze Screen - 100 Years of Latino Image in Hollywood
Brother Minister - The Assassination Of Malcolm X
Brothers In Arms (Documentary/'03-4)
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey & In Pursuit Of The Dragon (MVD DVD)
Bruce Lee: Tracking The Dragon (2014/MVD Visual DVD)
Buck (2010/IFC/MPI DVD)/The Comancheros (1961/Fox Blu-ray)/Horse Soldiers (1959/MGM Blu-ray)/The Righteous & The Wicked (2011/Lionsgate DVD)/3 Women (1977/Criterion Blu-ray)
Bugs Bunny Superstar (1975/Warner Archive DVD)/Sesame Street – Preschool Is Cool: Making Friends (2012/Warner DVD)
Building Big (Documentary)
Bulletproof Salesman (2008/First Run Features DVD)
Bully (2011/Weinstein/Anchor Bay Blu-ray w/DVD)
Burning Man - Beyond Black Rock
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film
By The People – The Election Of Barack Obama (2009/Sony DVD)
Camden 28 (2007/Vietnam Documentary/First Run Features)
Cancer Warrior (Nova)
Candido - Hands Of Fire
Capitalism: A Love Story (2009/Overture/Anchor Bay Blu-ray + DVD)
Captain Beefheart - Under Review
Capturing Reality – The Art Of The Documentary (2008/First Run Features DVD Set)
Card Subject To Change (2011/Cinema Libre DVD) + Eastbound & Down – The Complete First Season + The Complete First Season (HBO Blu-ray Sets) + 2011 NBA Champions: Dallas Mavericks (Image DVD) + When T
Carlinhos Brown (World Music)
Cars On Route 66 (VCI)
Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson: Series 2 (2015/Umbrella PAL Import DVD Set)/Chopper One: The Complete Series (1974/Sony DVD Set)/The Graham Kennedy Television Collection (2017/Umbrella PAL Import 9
Cars That Rock: Series 1 with Brian Johnson (2014/Umbrella Region Free DVD Set)/Hollywood Banker (2014/Bulldog Video/all PAL Region Free Import DVDs)
Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women (2016/First Run DVD)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D: Humanity’s Lost Masterpiece – A Film by Werner Herzog (Sundance Selects/IFC/MPI Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray on one disc)
Celtic Tides – A Musical Odyssey (MPI)
Chantal Akerman: Four Films (1993 - 2010/5-Disc Set)/Chantal Ackerman: From Here (2010)/I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema Of Chantal Akerman (2015)/No Home Movie (2015/all Icarus DVD releases)/A Dog
Charles Darwin & The Tree Of Life: Hosted by David Attenborough (BBC DVD)
Chasing Madoff (2011/Cohen Media/MPI DVD)/Margin Call (2011/Lionsgate DVD)/Too Big To Fail (2012/HBO Blu-ray w/DVD)
Chavela (2017/Music Box DVD)/Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bam (2018)/Live At Boggo Road Jail (1993/Thorpe - Aztecs/both Umbrella Region Free PAL Import DVDs)/Lynn Anderson: Rose Garden/Greatest Hits (1
Che Guevara – Where You’d Never Imagine Him + Moments With Fidel (Paths To Revolution series/First Run Features) + 638 Ways To Kill Castro (BCI Eclipse)
Chely Wright: Wish Me Away (2011/First Run DVD)/Kiss Me (2012/Wolfe DVD)
Chet Zar: I Like To Paint Monsters (2015/First Run DVD)
Chicago Blues Reunion – Buried Alive In The Blues (DVD/CD; Eagle reissue)
Chicago: Terry Kath Experience + Now More Than Ever: The Story Of Chicago (both 2016/FilmRise Blu-ray*)/Honeymooners: A Christmas Carol (1977/MPI DVD)/Dear Evan Hansen (2021/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/D
Children Of The Mist (2021/Film Movement)/Kentridge & Dumas In Conversation (2009/Icarus)/Ruth Weiss: One More Step West Is The Sea (2021/IndiePix/all DVDs)
Chinese Lives Of Uli Sigg (2016/Icarus DVD)/Heart Of Sky, Heart Of Earth (2012/MVD/Bullfrog DVD)/Magnus (2016)/National Bird (both 2016)/Sunshine Makers (2014/all three FilmRise/MVD DVD)
Christopher Reeve – Hope In Motion (2006/Hart Sharp DVD)
Chronicle Of Anna Magdalena Bach
Chronicles Of War (w/American Soldier + WWII Remembered) + The Commish – Season One + Silk Stalkings – The Complete First Season + Wanted – Dead Or Alive – Season Two (Mill Creek DVD reissues)
Chronos (1985/Image Blu-ray)/Rescue 3D (2011/IMAX/Image Blu-ray 3D)/Samsara (2012/MPI Blu-ray)/Windjammer: The Voyage Of The Christian Radich (1958/Flicker Alley Blu-ray w/DVD)
Chronos (1985/IMAX/Blu-ray)
Chronos (1985/IMAX/HD-DVD)
Chucho Valdes Featuring Irakere - Latin Jazz Founders
Churchill’s Bodyguard (Documentary Mini-Series)
Ciao! Manhattan (Plexifilm DVD)
Cinematographer (2020/MVD/Lightyear Blu-ray)/Invisible Imprints (2022/IndiePix DVD)/Monobloc (2021/Icarus DVD)
Cinerama Holiday (1955) + Cinerama South Seas Adventure (1958/Flicker Alley Blu-ray w/DVD Sets)
Cinerama: Search For Paradise (1957) + Cinerama: Seven Wonders Of The World (1956/Flicker Alley Blu-ray/DVD Sets)/Pete Kelly's Blues (1955/Warner Archive Blu-ray)
Circo (2010/First Run DVD)/Dumbo: 70Th Anniversary Edition (1941/Disney Blu-ray)/Fellini’s The Clowns (1971/Raro Video Blu-ray)/The Last Circus (2010/Magnolia Blu-ray)
Cities Of The Underworld – The Complete Season One (History Channel DVD)
Citizen Autistic (2014/Cinema Libre DVD)
Citizen Koch (2013/MPI DVD)/Fracknation (2012/Magnolia/MagNet Blu-ray)/Fuhrer Cult & Megalomania (2011) + Siege Of Leningrad (2013/First Run DVDs)
Citizen Tanouye (WGBH Boston Video DVD)
Clarence Clemens: Who Do You Think I Am? (2019/Virgil/MVD Blu-ray)/Generation Wealth (2018/Lionsgate DVD)/Ice King (2019/Film Movement DVD)/Maiden (2018/Sony Blu-ray)/Power Of Grayskull: The Definitiv
Classic Albums - The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland (DVD-Video)
Classic Albums - Def Leppard: Hysteria
Classic Albums - Elvis Presley (RCA debut/Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums - Iron Maiden: Number Of The Beast
Classic Albums - Lou Reed: Transformer
Classic Albums - Metallica (Black Album)
Classic Albums – Duran Duran: Rio (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums – John Lennon: The Plastic Ono Band (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums – The Doors (1967) (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Frank Zappa – Apostrophe + Over-Nite Sensation (Eagle Vision DVD)
Classic Albums: The Who – Who’s Next (Eagle remaster) + Thunderfingers – A Tribute To John Entwistle
Classic Albums: Black Sabbath – Paranoid + When You’re Strange: A Film About The Doors (2010/Eagle Blu-rays)
Classic Albums: Bob Marley – Catch A Fire (Eagle remaster)
Classic Albums: Cream – Disraeli Gears
Classic Albums: Deep Purple - Machine Head (DVD-Video)
Classic Albums: Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (DVD-Video)
Classic Albums: Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Eagle remaster)
Classic Albums: Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Judas Priest - British Steel (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell (Eagle remaster)
Classic Albums: Motorhead - Ace Of Spades (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Never Mind The Bollocks - Here's The Sex Pistols (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Nirvana - Nevermind (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Paul Simon - Graceland
Classic Albums: Phil Collins – Face Value (Eagle reissue)
Classic Albums: Queen - A Night At The Opera
Classic Albums: Rush – 2112/Moving Pictures (Eagle Blu-ray)
Classic Albums: Simply Red - Stars (Eagle DVD)
Classic Albums: Steely Dan – Aja (Eagle remaster)
Classic Albums: The Band - The Band (Eagle DVD remaster)
Classic Albums: The Grateful Dead - Anthem To Beauty
Classic Albums: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Damn The Torpedoes (2010/Eagle Blu-ray)
Classic Albums: U2 – The Joshua Tree (Eagle reissue)
Classic Game Room – The Rise & Fall Of The Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show (Documentary/Comedy/Video Games/Internet/Special Interest)
Client 9 – The Rise & Fall Of Elliott Spitzer (2010/Magnolia Blu-ray + DVD) + Inside Job (2010/Sony DVD) + Kennedy: Robert Kennedy & His Times (1985/TV Mini-Series/Sony DVD)
Clive Cussler’s The Sea Hunters – Set One (Acorn)
Clive Cussler’s The Sea Hunters – Set Two (Acorn)
Coca Cola - History Of An American Icon (MPI DVD)
Cocalero (2006)
Cochise County, U.S.A. (Documentary)
Cold Case Files - The Most Infamous Cases
Collapse (2009/FilmBuff/MPI DVD)
College Boys Live + Greek Pete – A Year In The Life Of A Rent Boy (2009/Water Bearer DVDs)
Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements (2012/MVD DVD set)/Gandu (2010/Artsploitation DVD)/Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel - Live (1989/Cherry Red/MVD DVD)/Let The Music Play: The Story Of The Do
Come Hell Or High Water: The Battle For Turkey Creek (2013/Bulldog Films DVD)/Cooking At World's End (2015/Film Movement/Omnibus Entertainment DVD)/The Girl From The Brothel (2017/Cinema Libre DVD)/Re
Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages (2016/Kino Lorber DVD Set)
Commanding Heights - The Battle For The World Economy
Commissioner Of Sewers (W. S. Burroughs)
Common Threads - Tales From The Quilt (Documentary)
Commune (2006)
Company - Inigo & His Jesuits
Composing Outside The Beatles – Lennon & McCartney: 1967 – 1972 (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
Conquest Of America (History Channel)
Cooked: Survival By Zip Code (2018/Bullfrog DVD)/The Dog Doc (2019/FilmRise*)/El Duce Tapes (2019/Arrow*)/Helter Skelter: An America Myth (2020/Warner Archive DVD)/Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Cha
Cool & Crazy (Documentary)
Cool & Crazy On The Road
Cordillera Of Dreams (2019/Blu-ray*)/David Susskind: Gay Rights: Pro and Con (1982) + Truman Capote Tells All (1979/both MVD DVDs)/Fulci For Fake (2019/Severin Blu-ray)/Santiago, Italia (2019/DVD/*bot
Corman’s World: Exploits Of A Hollywood Rebel (2011/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Debauchery (1983)/True Story Of A Woman In Jail: Sex Hell (1975/Nikkatsu/Impulse DVDs)
Cosmos (Carl Sagan)
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014/Fox Blu-ray Set)
Cowboy Del Amor (Documentary)
Crazy Love (2007/Magnolia)
Crimson Wing – Mystery Of the Flamingos (2008) + Oceans (2009/Disneynature Blu-rays w/DVDs)
Crips & Bloods: Made In America (2009/Docurama DVD)
Crisis: Behind A Presidential Commitment
Critical Times: Fishbone’s Hen House Sessions
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Fifty By Four: Half A Century Of CSN&Y (2014/Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/Joni Mitchell: Woman Of Heart & Mind/Painting With Words & Music (2003/1998/Eagle SD Blu-ray)/Leslie P
Cruzin (2013/Indiepix DVD)/The End Of Time (2012)/Mercedes Sosa: The Voice Of Latin America (2013)/Picture Of Light (1994/First Run DVDs)/7 Days In September (2002/Cinedigm DVD)/Too Sane For This Worl
Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013/Image Entertainment Blu-ray set)
Cuban Story
Cul De Sac: A Suburban War Story (2002/Icarus DVD) + The End Of The Line (2009/Docurama DVD) + Hotel Terminus: The Life & Times Of Klaus Barbie (1988/Icarus DVD Set) + Looking For Fidel (2011/Cinema L
Cult Of The Suicide Bomber (Documentary)
D-Day: Down To Earth (PBS)
D-Day: The Total Story (History Channel)
Dance For Camera
Dangerous Living (Documentary)
Danny Meyer – The Restaurateur (2010) + Guy Martin – Portrait Of A Grand Chef (2008/First Run DVDs)
Danny Says (2016/Magnolia DVD)/Fifty Years Of Australian Television: The Complete Collection (2017/Channel 9/Umbrella Region Free PAL Import DVD Set)/Hot Type: 150 Years Of The Nation (2016/First Run
Dark Days (Documentary)
Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story (2005/Umbrella Entertainment/Region Zero/0/PAL Documentary)
Dave Chappelle's Block Party - Unrated
David Attenborough’s Wildlife Specials (BBC DVD)
David Bowie – The Berlin Years: 1976 - 1979 (Under Review/Music Video Distributors DVD)
David Susskind Archive: Interview With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1963*)/Monochrome: Black White & Blue (2019/*all MVD DVDs)/Where's My Roy Cohn? (2019/Sony Blu-ray)
David Susskind: Howard Hughes The Watergate Connection (1976/DVD)/Nothing Stays The Same: The Story Of The Saxon Pub (2019/DVD)/1275 Days (2019/Blu-ray)/Pizza: A Love Story (2019/DVD/all MVD Visual re
Dawn Of The Dead: The Grateful Dead & The Rise Of The San Francisco Underground (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/Menaheim Pressler: In Recital at Cite de la Musique, Paris (Ideale Audience/Naxos Blu-ray)/Piano
Days That Shook The World – The Complete First Season + Pilot (BBC DVD Set)
Days That Shook The World – The Complete Series (BBC DVD Set)
Deadliest Catch – Season Five (2009/Discovery Channel/Image DVD Set)
Deadly Ascent (Nova)
Dear Talula (2006/First Run Features DVD)
Death By Design/The Life & Time Of Life & Times
Death In The Bunker – The True Story Of Hitler’s Downfall
Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered (Documentary)
Decade Under The Influence (Documentary)
Deep Blue (2005)
Deep Water (2006/Documentary/Sailing/Genius Entertainment)
Defamation – Anti-Semitism: The Movie (2009/First Run Features DVD)
Degas & The Dance (Art)
Design Is One (2013/Vignelli/First Run DVD)/Dinosaur 13 (2014/CNN/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/Tricked (2013/First Run DVD)
Destruction Of Memory (2016/Icarus DVD)/David Susskind: I Was A Hitman For The Mafia (1973/DVD*)/James Cameron's Story Of Science Fiction (2018/AMC/RLJ Blu-ray Set)/Street Survivors (2020/Lynyrd Skyny
Developing Minds – The Complete Set (WGBH)
Diary Of Alicia Keys - The Documentary
Dig! 2-DVD Special Edition (Palm Pictures)
Dinner At Eight (1933**)/Harvey (1958/Art Carney/Liberation Hall/*both MVD)/Ivanhoe (1952/**both MGM/Warner Archive Blu-rays)
Director F. Gary Gray – The Shooter Series: Volume Two (2010/Vivendi/Genius DVD)
Directors: Life Behind The Camera (First Run Features DVD Set)
Dirt! – The Movie (2009/Docurama DVD)
Dirty Wars (2013/MPI DVD)/Galactic Adventures Double Feature: 3D Sun/Mars 3D (2007, 2004/Image Blu-ray 3D)
Disappearing World – Volume One (1970 – 1975/Network U.K./PAL Region 2 DVD Import)
Disco - Spinning The Story
Discovering The Real World Of Harry Potter
Discovery Atlas - China Revealed (Blu-ray + DVD-Video/Image Entertainment)
Disney’s True Life Adventures Legacy Collection V. 1 – 4 (DVD)
Distorted Morality (Noam Chomsky)
Divest! The Climate Movement On Tour (2016/Bullfrog DVD**)/Ghosts Of Attica (2001/DVD**)/Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison Of Belief (2015/DVD*)/Inland Sea (1991/Criterion Blu-ray)/Michelin Star
Divide In Concord (2014/First Run DVD)/Satellite (2006)/So Bright Is The View (2014)/Soldate Jeannette (2013 aka Soldier Jane)/That Girl In The Yellow Boots (2010)/White Shadow (2013/IndiePix DVDs)
Doc Of The Dead (2014/Altitude Region Free Import PAL DVD)/Life Itself (2014)/Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic (2013/Magnolia Blu-rays)
Dogtown & Z-Boys (2001) + Riding Giants (2004/Sony Pictures Classics Blu-rays)
Don Juan/Richard Strauss/Karl Bohm (1970 Documentary/EuroArts/Unitel Classica Blu-ray)/Kismet (1955/MGM/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/The Seasons/Die Jahreszeiten/Haydn (Harnoncourt/EuroArts/Unitel Classica
Don’t Call Me Bugsy + Where’s Jimmy Hoffa? (1992/MPI DVDs)
Doubletime (2012/Discovery DVD)/The Highest Pass (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/The Story Of England (2012/BBC DVDs)
Downtown Pittsburgh (WQED Multimedia)
Dreams Rewired (2015/Icarus DVD)/The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates (Primary (1960)/Adventures On The New Frontier (1961)/Crisis (1963)/Faces Of November (1964)/Criterion Blu-ray)/Sunshine
Drive Well, Sleep Carefully (Death Cab For Cutie)
Driven: From Wheelchair To Race Car (2013/Cinema Libre DVD)/Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (2013/Sundance Selects/MPI DVD)/16 Acres (2012/First Run DVD)/Top Hat & Tales: Harold Ross & The Making Of The New
Duke Ellington - Memories Of Duke
Dumb It Down (2015/Cinedigm DVD)/La Ciudad (aka The City/1999/Oscilloscope DVD)/Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot (2014/Magnolia Blu-ray)
Dumbstruck (2010/Magnolia DVD)
Eames: The Architect & The Painter (2011/First Run DVD) + Most Valuable Players (2010/Virgil DVD)
Earth (Disneynature/2007/Blu-ray w/DVD)
Earth: The Biography (BBC DVD-Video)
Ecstasy Of Order – The Tetris Masters (2011/Reclusion/Music Video Distributors DVD)
El Sistema (2007/EuroArts Blu-ray)
Eleanor Roosevelt (American Experience)
Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)/Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010/Umbrella Double Feature Region Free Import Blu-ray)
Elizabeth Taylor: An Unauthorized Biography (2013)/Hollywood Heaven: Tragic Lives, Tragic Deaths (2013/Legend DVDs)/Liz & Dick (2012/E1 DVD)
Elsewhere (2001/Nikolaus Geyrhalter/Icarus DVD Set)
Elton John – Someone Like Me (Eagle Media DVD)
Elvis Presley - The Last 24 Hours
Elvis – Destination Vegas (MVD Visual)
Embedded ’45 – Shooting War In Germany
Encounters At The End Of The World (2007/Werner Herzog Documentary/Image Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (Magnolia DVD)
Enter The Faun (2015/First Run Features DVD)
Epidemic: Ebola, AIDS, Bird Flu & Typhoid (NOVA/RX For Survival/WGBH)
Erasing David (2010/FilmBuff/MPI DVD)
Eric Clapton: The 1970s Review (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/The Eddy Duchin Story (1956/Columbia/Sony/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme (2004/MVD Visual DVD)/Lou Reed Tribu
Ernest Hemingway – Rivers To The Sea (American Masters)
Everest - The Death Zone (Nova)
Evolution (WGBH/Science Mini-Series)
Excellent Cadavers (2005 Documentary/First Run Features)
Expo - Magic Of The White City: The 1893 Chicago World's Fair
Extreme Dinosaurs/Predator Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Park (BBC DVDs)/Valley Of The Dinosaurs: The Complete Series (1974/Hanna-Barbera/Warner Archive DVD)
Eye Of Vichy (Documentary)
Eyes Of Tammy Faye (1999 Documentary/Universal DVD)
F**K – A Documentary
Fabulous 50s (Compilation)
Facing Death – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (2003/First Run Features)
Fan Of The Dead + The Walking Dead Girls (2008/2011/Cheezy Flicks/MVD DVDs)
Fantastic Flesh: The Art of Make-Up EFX (2008/Anchor Bay/Starz! DVD)
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story (2012/First Run DVD)
Fat Head (Morningstar DVD)
Fatherland (2011/First Run DVD)/Fold Crumple Crush: El Anatsui (2011/Icarus DVD)/Gottfried Heinwein & The Dreaming Children (2011/First Run DVD)/The Hunt For Bin Laden (2012/Smithsonian Channel/Incept
Favela Rising (2005)
FDR - A Presidency Revealed
Female Misbehavior (Shorts + Didn’t Do It For Love feature)
Fenway Park: 100 Years As The Heart Of Red Sox Nation (MLB/A&E DVD)/Games Of The XXX Olympiad: London 2012 (Gaiam Vivendi Blu-ray Set)/New York Mets: 50 Greatest Players (MLB/A&E DVD)/San Francisco 49
Ferrari - Victory By Design (DTS DVD)
Fidel - The Untold Story
FIFA - The Beautiful Century
Fighter Pilot – Operation Red Flag (2004/IMAX Blu-ray/Image Entertainment)
Finding Joseph I (2016/MVD Visual DVD)/Giovanni: Tribute To China (2017/Top Music/Intermusic Blu-Spec CD)/The Greatest Showman 4K (2017/Fox 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/DVD)/Heartworn Highways (1981)/Revisit
Finisterre (London)
Fire On The Mountain
Fire Wars (Nova)
Firestorm – The Allied Bombing of Nazi Germany (2003/First Run Features DVD)
Fireworks! (Nova/WGBH)
First Descent (Snowboarding)
First Flower (NOVA/WGBH)
Fleetwood Mac - Unbroken Chain
Fly Girls (American Experience/WGBH)
Fly Jefferson Airplane (DVD-Video)
Flyin' Cut Sleeves (1993*)/David Susskind: Interview with Nikita Khrushchev (1960*)/Heimat Is A Space In Time (2019/Icarus DVD*)/Lost City Of Cecil B. DeMille (2016/Random*)/Vinyl Revival (2020/Weiner
Food Beware – The French Organic Revolution (aka That Should Not Be/2009/First Run DVD)
Food, Inc. (2009/Magnolia DVD)
For My Wife… (2010/Cinema Libre DVD)
For No Good Reason (2012/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
For The Love Of Spock (2016/MVD Visual/FilmRise DVD)
Forever 50s
Forever Loyal (Chicago Cubs)
Forgiving Dr. Mengele (Documentary/Holocaust)
Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream (2014/Cinema Libre DVD)/Spinning Plates (2013/Inception DVD)
Four Seasons Lodge (2009/First Run Features DVD)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention In The 1960’s (MVD DVD)
Frank Zappa – The Freak Out List (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
Frazetta - Painting With Fire (Special Edition Set)
Free Lunch Society (2017/Icarus DVD)/Gamechangers: Dreams Of BlizzCon (2018/FilmRise/Blu-ray/*all MVD)
Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2012/Kino Lorber DVD)
Free The Nipple (2014/IFC DVD)
Freestyle - The Art Of Rhyme (Palm DVD)
From Russia To Hollywood (Documentary)
From Tragedy To Triumph: The Jewish Experience 1933 - 1967
Fruit Of The Vine/Northwest
Full Battle Rattle (2008/First Run DVD)
Furious Beauty: A Hip Hop Family (2013/Cinema Libre DVD)
Galapagos (BBC Home Video/Blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD-Video)
Galileo's Battle For The Heavens (Nova)
Gang Of Souls: A Generation Of Beat Poets (1989/MVD DVD)
Gangland – Final Season + How The Earth Was Made – The Complete Second Season + Ice Road Truckers - The Complete Fourth Season (A&E Blu-ray Sets) + I Am Alive + Jefferson + Our Planet (A&E/History Cha
Gangland – Season Five (2009 – 2010/History Channel/A&E DVD Set)
Gangsta King: Raymond Lee Washington
Garbage Warrior (2007/Morningstar Entertainment DVD)
Garrison Keillor – The Man On The Radio With One Red Shoe (Docurama DVD)
Gary Numan: Android In La La Land (2016/First Run DVD)/Hits & Pieces: The Best Of Mark Almond and Soft Cell (2017 Universal Music compilation CD Set)/Looking For Johnny: The Legend Of Johnny Thunders
Gay Sex In The 70s (Documentary/Wolfe Video DVD)
Gemini (Spacecraft set)
Gendernauts - A Journey Through Shifting Identities
Generation Iron (2013/Anchor Bay DVD)/Kids' Rights (2014/Cinema Libre DVD)/Visitors (2014/Cinedigm Blu-ray w/DVD)/Weekend Of A Champion (1971/MPI DVD)
Genius – The Science Of Einstein, Newton, Darwin & Galileo (WGBH/Nova box set)
Genocide (Documentary)
George Crumb: Voice Of The Whale (1976/MVD Visual DVD)
George Harrison + Paul McCartney - Music Box Bio. Col.
George Harrison: Living In A Material World (2012/Universal Music Blu-ray)/Simply Red: Live at Montreux 2003 (Eagle Blu-ray)/Stony Island (1978/Cinema Libre DVD)
Geronimo & The Apache Resistance (American Experience/WGBH)
Getting The Knack (Music)
Gettysburg & Stories Of Valor - Civil War Minutes III
Gettysburg – The Battle & The Address (Discovery Channel/Genius Blu-ray) + Lincoln & Lee At Antietam (Inecom DVD)
Ghosts Of Cité Soleil (DVD-Video)
Ghosts Of The Abyss 3D (2003/Disney Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D and DVD)/Titanic: 100 Years In 3D (2012/A&E/History Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D)/Titanic At 100: Mystery Solved (2012/A&E/History DVD)
Gil Scott-Heron in Black Wax (1982/MVD Visual Blu-ray)
Gimme Shelter (1970/Criterion Collection Blu-ray)
Give Up Tomorrow (2012/First Run DVD)/Knuckleball (2012/Film Buff/MPI DVD)/Patriocracy (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/Walk Away Renee (2011/Sundance Select/MPI DVD)
Glacier National Park (2007/Image Blu-ray) + How The Earth Changed History (2010/BBC Blu-ray) + Ride Around The World: IMAX (2006/Image Blu-ray)
Gladiators Of World War II + Heroes Of World War II & Weapons Of World War II + Secrets Of World War II (BBC DVD)
Gleason (2016/Sony DVD)
Global Warming: What’s Up With The Weather? (WGBH Boston Video/NOVA & Frontline)
Glorious Triumphs & Great Tragedies
Go Go Boys: The Story Of Cannon Films (2014/MVD Blu-ray)/The New Deal For Artists (1979/Corinth DVD)/Original Cast Album: Company (1970/Pennebaker/Sondheim)/Working Girls (1986/both Criterion Blu-ray)
God Grew Tired Of Us: The Story Of The Lost Boys Of Sudan (Documentary)
God Save The Queen – A Punk Rock Anthology (DVD)
God Went Surfing With The Devil (2011/Cinema Libre DVD) + IRT Deadliest Roads – Season One (2010/A&E/History Blu-ray Set) + Reagan (2011/A&E/History Channel DVD)
Godzilla & Other Movie Monsters
Golf - The Ridiculous Obsession
Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg
Good Hair (2009/Lionsgate DVD)
Googoosh: Iran's Daughter
Gored: A Love Story (2015/MVD Visual DVD)
Gospel According To Al Green (1984/MVD Visual Blu-ray)/I Am The Blues (2016/Film Movement DVD)/Roaring Abyss (2015/IndiePix DVD)/Pure Country: Pure Heart (2017/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/State Fair (1962/F
Gospel According to Philip K. Dick
Great Commanders Of The Civil War
Great Old Amusement Parks (Special Interest)
Great Peaks (WGBH NOVA Mountains Box Set)
Great Trains Of America (Goldhil DVD set)
Great War (NBC)
Greater Southbridge
Green Day – Under Review 1995 – 2000: The Middle Years
Growing Up Arctic + Puppy Bowl III (Animal Planet DVD/Genius)
Growing Up Safari (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
Growing Up Wildcats (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
Growing Up Wilderness (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
Gunner Palace
Guns & Weed: The Road To Freedom (MVD DVD)/Mac & Devlin Go To High School: The Movie (2012/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Square Grouper: The Godfather Of Ganja (2011/Magnolia DVD)
Guns N Roses – 2 Classic Albums Under Review: Use You Illusion I & II (MVD/Chrome Dreams)
Guns N’ Roses DVD Collector’s Box (MVD/Chrome Dreams)
Haack - The King Of Techno
Happy Holidays In Pittsburgh (WQED DVD)
Harley Davidson - Unofficial History
Hawaii's Last Queen (American Experience)
HD Scape – Antarctica: Dreaming Wildlife On Ice + Sampler (HD-DVD/DVD-Video Combo Discs)
Heart Disease In America – The Hidden Epidemic (WGBH)
Heinrich Himmler – Anatomy Of A Mass Murderer + The Night Of Broken Glass – The November 1938 Pogroms (2008/First Run Features DVDs)
Hell House (Documentary)
Hell On Wheels (Tour de France)
Helvetica (2007/Documentary/Graphics)
Helvetica (2007/Documentary/Graphics/Plexifilm Blu-ray)
Henson’s Place – The Man Behind The Muppets (1984/Documentary/Lionsgate DVD)
Herb & Dorothy (2009/New Video DVD)
Hercules: Hero, God, Warrior (2014/Lionsgate/A&E/History Channel DVD)
Here's Looking At You (Body Art)
Hermitage Masterpieces (Art Documentary)
Hey Is Dee Dee Home (Ramone Documentary)
Hidden Fuhrer - Debating The Enigma Of Hitler's Sexuality
Hidden Kingdoms (2014/BBC Blu-ray)
Hiding & Seeking (Documentary)
High Fidelity – The Adventures Of The Guarneri String Quartet (1989/First Run Features DVD)
Hiroshima - Why The Bomb Was Dropped
His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (2008/Anchor Bay DVD)
History Of Soccer - The Beautiful Game
Hitler – A Career (1977/Documentary/First Run Features)
Hitler's Lost Sub (Nova)
Hitler's Sunken Secret (Nova)
Hitler’s Bodyguard (2008/Athena/Acorn Media DVD)
Hockney (2014)/Papirosen (2011)/The Seventh Fire (2015/all Film Movement DVDs)/The Silence Of Mark Rothko (2014/Icarus DVD)/VAXXED: From Cover Up To Catastrophe (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)
Hog Heaven (Harley Davidson)
Hollywood Couples (5 DVD set)
Hollywood Couples: Marilyn Monroe/Joe DiMaggio
Hollywood Legends – Leading Ladies (Series Box)
Hollywood Rivals (5 DVD set)
Hollywood Rivals: Bette Davis/Joan Crawford
Hollywood Rocks 'N' Rolls In The 50's
Hollywood's Top Secret Film Studio (Documentary)
Holy Flying Circus (2011/Acorn Media Blu-ray)
Home – A Stunning Visual Portrayal of Earth (Fox Blu-ray)
Homemade Hillbilly Jam (2007/First Run Features DVD)
Homo Sapiens 1900 (Documentary)
Homo-Say-What (*)/Land Of Little Rivers (*both 2019/Cinema Libre)/Nazi Junkies (2019/Film Movement)/The Sequel (2018/Bulldog**)/System Error (2018/**both Icarus/all DVDs)
Homosapiens (2016/Kimstim/Icarus DVD)
Horns & Halos (Documentary set)
Horses Of Gettysburg
House Of Life – The Old Jewish Cemetery In Prague (2008/First Run Features DVD)
How To Draw A Bunny (Documentary)
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It) (2015/Music Box DVD)
How To Survive A Plague (2012/Sundance/MPI DVD)/The Only Way Is Essex: Series Four (2012/Umbrella Region 4 PAL Import DVD Set)/The Origins Of Oz (2010/Smithsonian/Inception DVD)/The Ships That Flew (1
Howard Hughes - The Great Aviator (Delta)
Howard Zinn - You Can't Remain Neutral On A Moving Train
Howling With The Angels (2006/Documentary/WWII)
Hubert Selby Jr.: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow
Human Factor (2019*)/Nuclear Nightmares (1979/Corinth DVD)/Truffle Hunters (2020/*both Sony Blu-ray)/This Is Francis X. Bushman (2021/Flicker Alley Blu-ray)
Hunting Of The President (Documentary)
Hurricane Katrina – The Storm That Drowned A City (Nova)
Hurricane! Katrina, Gilbert & Camille (DVD Set)
I Am Because We Are (2008/Virgil Films DVD)
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story (2014/Cinedigm DVD)
I Am The Queen (2010/Cinema Libre DVD)
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - A Film About Wilco (Plexifilm DVD)
I Dream In Another Language (2017/MVD Visual DVD)/The Looming Tower (2018/Warner Blu-ray Set)/1/1 (2018/Gravitas Ventures Blu-ray)/Tideland (2006/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray)/The Tree Of Life (2011/Fox/Criterio
I'll Sing For You (Documentary)
I'm No Dummy (2009, 2015/MVD Visual DVD Set)
If A Tree Falls: A Story Of The Earth Liberation Front (2011/Oscilloscope DVD) + Madagascar: The Land Where Evolution Ran Wild (2011/BBC Blu-ray Set)
Ilé Aiyé (The House of Life)
Image Before My Eyes – A History Of Jewish Life In Poland Before The Holocaust: 25Th Anniversary Special Edition
Imagine - John Lennon (Deluxe Edition/1988)
IMAX Blu-ray: Coral Reef Adventures, Dolphins and The Living Sea (Image Entertainment)
IMAX – Horses: The Story Of Equus (2002/Warner DVD)
IMAX/Image Entertainment Blu-ray 3D Wave: Dinosaurs Alive! (2007)/ Grand Canyon Adventure (2008)/Wild Ocean (2008/Image Entertainment)
IMAX/Image Entertainment Blu-ray/DVD Wave: Grand Canyon Adventure (2008/Blu-ray + DVD)/Hurricane On The Bayou (2006/Blu-ray)/Amazon (1997/DVD with WHM HD disc)/The Magic Of Flight (1996/DVD)
IMAX: Deep Sea 3D (2006) + Polar Express 3D (2004/Warner Blu-ray 3D w/2D) + IMAX: Hubble (2010/Warner DVD) + IMAX: Straight Up – Helicopters In Action (2002/Vista Point Blu-ray)
IMAX: Under The Sea (2009/Warner Bros. Blu-ray + DVD)
In Country: A Vietnam Story (Documentary)
In Search Of America (ABC News)
In Search Of Peace - Pt. 1: 1948-67
In The Family (2008/Breast Cancer Documentary/First Run DVD)
In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great (1998/BBC DVD Set)
In The Land Of The Head Hunters (1914/Milestone Blu-ray Set)/Open Sesame: The Story Of Seeds (2015/Truemind DVD)/Through A Lens Darkly (2014/First Run DVD)
Incident At Loch Ness
Indie Sex (Documentary TV Mini-Series/2007/Genius/IFC/Weinstein) + The Bettie Page Collection (Umbrella Entertainment/PAL Region 4/Zero Import DVD Set)
Insectia (science)
Inside Bob Dylan’s Jesus Years (MVD DVD)
Inside Deep Throat (NC-17/Documentary)
Inside John Lennon (Documentary)
Inside The Circle – A B-Boy Chronicle (2008/Cinema Libre DVD)
Inside The Marx Brothers
Into The Abyss (2011/IFC/MPI Blu-ray)
Into The Fire – American Women & The Spanish Civil War (Documentary)
Into The Weeds (2022/Film Movement DVD)/Las Leonas (2022/Distrib/Icarus DVD)/Mondo New York (1988/MVD Blu-ray w/CD)/There Goes The Neighborhood (2022/IndiePix DVD)
Intrepid Descent (2008/First Run DVD)
Investigation Of A Flame – A Documentary Portrait Of The Catonville Nine (Political)
Iraq For Sale – The War Profiteers (2006/Documentary)
Iraq – Battle Plan Under Fire (NOVA/WGBH DVD Box Set)
Is It Really So Strange? (Morrissey Fan Documentary/Strand DVD)
Islam vs. Islamist/Muslims Against Jihad (Genius DVD)
It's All True (Orson Welles)
It's Better To Jump (2014/Cinema Libre DVD)/Space Voyages (2012 – 2013/Smithsonian Channel/Inception DVD)
It's The Neighborhoods (Pittsburgh Series)
Italian Americans (Documentary)
J.K. Rowling & The Birth Of Harry Potter
J.R.R. Tolkien & The Birth Of Lord Of The Rings
J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of the Rings DVD/CD set
Jack Kerouac - King Of The Beats
Jaguar - Victory By Design (DTS DVD)
Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer (2013/Oscilloscope DVD)
James Bond Story/James Bond Gadgets DVD Set (Umbrella PAL Region 4/Four Import)
James Castle – Portrait Of An Artist (2008/First Run DVD)
James Ellroy’s Feast Of Death (2003/Dokument DVD)
James May’s 20th Century (2008 w/James May’s Big Ideas (2007)/Acorn/Athena DVD Set)/Top Gear 18 (2012/U.K. Version/BBC DVD Set)
James Thurber: The Life and Hard Times (2000/First Run DVD)
Jane Goodall’s When Animals Talk (Genius DVD)
Jane's Journey (2010/First Run Features DVD)
Jann Arden … A Work In Progress (Music Documentary)
Japan - Memoirs Of A Secret Empire (PBS)
Jazz On A Summer's Day (Documentary)
Jean-Jacques Beineix Collection: Locked-In Syndrome (Cinema Libre DVD)
JFK - A Presidency Revealed (A&E DVD)
Jimi Hendrix - The Last 24 Hours
Jimi Hendrix – The Guitar Hero + Legends Of The Canyon: The Music & Magic Of 1960s Laurel Canyon (2010/Classic Artists/Image DVDs)
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (2011/Magnolia Blu-ray)/Roy Clarke’s Last Of The Summer Wine 1992 (BBC DVD Set)
Jodorowsky's Dune (2014/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)/$ellebrity (2012/Cinedigm DVD)/We're In The Movies: Palace Of Silents & Itinerant Filmmaking (1914 - 2010/Flicker Alley Blu-ray w/DVD)
John Holmes Exposed (Umbrella Entertainment PAL DVD/Region 0/Zero)
Joni Mitchell - Woman of Heart & Mind
Joseph Campbell on The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers (1988/Acorn Media/Athena DVD Set)
Journey Into Buddhism (WGBH TV Mini-Series)
Joy Division - Under Review
Julia Child! The French Chef (Documentary/Cooking Set)
Julius Caesar's Rome (History Channel)
Just Desserts: The Making Of Creepshow (2007/Synapse Blu-ray)
Kaboom! The Sizzling Story Of Explosions (NOVA/WGBH DVD Set with Fireworks!)
Kate Bush - Under Review
Kennywood Memories (WQED DVD)
Kept & Dreamless (2005/Global Lens Collection) + Lavender Limelight – Lesbians In Film + Lesbian Nation (First Run Features DVDs)
Kestrel's Eye (nature film/DVD)
Kill Your Idols (Documentary/Punk Rock)
Killing Jimmy Hoffa (2014/MVD Visual DVD)
Kindness Is Contagious (2014/Docurama/Cinedigm DVD)
King Arthur - The Truth Behind The Legend
King Arthur's Britain
King Cohen (2017/La La Land Blu-ray w/CD)
King Kong – Peter Jackson’s Production Diaries (Limited Box Set)
King Of Chinatown (2010/IndiePix DVD)
Kingdom Of The Seahorse (Nova/WGBH)
Kink (2013/MPI/Dark Sky Films DVD)
Kiss My Snake (Documentary/Animal Fighting)
KISS: Live In Las Vegas
Knut & Friends (2007/Image Blu-ray)
Kobe Doin’ Work (2009/ESPN DVD)
Komediant (Documentary)
Korean War In Color
Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution (MVD DVD)
Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015/Universal Music Blu-ray)/Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin by Jon Bream (Second Edition/2015/Voyageur Press Books)/The Who: Live In Hyde Park (2015/Eagle Blu-ray/2 CD Set)/We
Kurt Cobain: Music Box Biographic Collection
La Sierra (Human Rights Watch/First Run Features)
Land Of Silence & Darkness
Last Call At Maud's (Documentary)
Last Dance (2002/Documentary)
Last Days Here (2011/Sundance/MPI DVD)/Marley (2012/Magnolia Blu-ray)/Slipknot {sic}nesses Live At Download 2009 (Eagle Blu-ray)
Last Flight Home (2007/Inecom DVD/WWII)
Last Heroes Of D-Day (2014/BBC DVDs)
Last Man Standing - Politics, Texas Style
Last Stand At Little Big Horn
Laughology (2009/Disinformation Company DVD)
Led Zeppelin: Dazed & Confused (2008/Cinema Epoch/U.S. NTSC DVD version)/Fix: The Ministry Movie (2012/Gigantic/Blairwood DVD)/Unauthorized: The Story Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics (2005/MVD Visual DVD)
Led Zeppelin: Dazed & Confused (2008/Cinema Epoch/U.S. NTSC DVD version)/Fix: The Ministry Movie (2012/Gigantic/Blairwood DVD)/Unauthorized: The Story Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics (2005/MVD Visual DVD)
Lee Scratch Perry's ''Vision Of Paradise'' (2015/Cadiz Music DVD w/Book Set)
Legacy (2005/Docurama/Tod Lending)
Legacy: The Origins Of Civilization (Athena DVD)
Legend Of Leigh Bowery (Documentary)
Legendary Performances Archive Series – Marty Robbins + Tammy Wynette (Shout! Factory DVDs/Country Music)
Legendary Sin Cities – Berlin, Paris, Shanghai (Documentary)
Legends Of Flight IMAX Blu-ray 3D (2010/Image Entertainment)/Greatest Places (1998)­/Ring Of Fire (1991)/Search For The Great Sharks (1995)/Tropical Rainforests (1992/Inception IMAX Blu-rays)
Lenny Bruce - Without Tears (Documentary)
Leon Blum – For All Mankind + Howard Zinn – You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train: Special Commemorative Edition (First Run Features DVDs)
Leonard Bernstein: Larger Than Life (2015/C Major/Unitel Classica)/Herbert von Karajan: Maestro For The Screen (2008/C Major/Unitel Classica)/Rossini's La Gazzetta (2014/Dynamic)/Handel: Saul/Glyndebo
Lesbian Sex & Sexuality (Documentary TV Mini-Series)
Let The Music Play – The Barry White Story (Documentary)
Let The Music Play: The Story Of The Doobie Brothers (2012/Eagle Blu-ray)/Paul McCartney: Live Kisses (2012/Eagle Blu-ray)/Patti Smith: Live At Montreux 2005 (Eagle Blu-ray)/Yessongs (1972/Umbrella Re
Let's Get Frank (Documentary)
Levitated Mass (2013/First Run Features DVD)
Lewis & Clark and Other Great Adventures (BBC Video)
Liberation (Documentary)
Life (Narrated by Oprah Winfrey/BBC Blu-ray + Discovery DVD)
Life + Debt (Documentary)
Life In Cold Blood (BBC DVD Video/David Attenborough)
Life In The Thirties (TV)
Light Keeps Me Company (Documentary)
Lightning Over Water (Nick's Film)
Lipstick & Dynamite - The First Ladies Of Wrestling
Listen Up: The Lives Of Quincy Jones (1990/Warner DVD)
Live From The House Of Soul: Charles Bradley and Menahan Street Band (2016/Daptone Records/MVD Visual DVD)
Live Nude Girls Unite! (Documentary)
Lonestar: Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984 - 1989 (2017/Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame (2015/First Run DVD)
Long Way Down – The Complete Series (EMI DVD)
Lost In La Mancha (Documentary)
Lost In The Grand Canyon (American Experience/WGBH)
Lost Kingdoms Of Africa (2009/Documentary TV Mini-Series/Athena DVD Set)
Lou Reed Tribute (MVD DVD Set with Sacred Triangle/Velvet Underground Under Review/Punk Revolution NYC, Pt. 1)/The Strawberry Statement (1970/MGM)/What Price Hollywood? (1932/RKO/Warner Archive DVDs)/
Louis Armstrong – King Of Jazz (Quantum Leap)
Loving Lampposts (2011/Cinema Libre)/A Mother’s Courage (2010/First Run Features DVD)
Low In Europe
Lucha Libre – Life Behind The Mask (Eagle DVD)
Lucy & Desi – A Home Movie (1993/MPI DVD)
MacArthur (WGBH DVD/American Experience)
Mack Sennett Collection, Volume One (1909 - 1933/all Flicker Alley Blu-ray)/Shiraz: A Romance Of India (1928/MVD Blu-ray w/DVD)
Made In Sheffield - The Birth Of Electronic Pop
Madonna – Wild Angel (Eagle Eye Media DVD)
Magic & Bird – A Courtship Of Rivals (2010/HBO DVD)
Magic Of Marilyn (Limited CD)
Magical Universe (2013/MPI/Sundance Selects DVD)
Mail Call - Best of Season One (A&E DVD)
Mail Call - Best of Season Two (A&E DVDs)
Make Me Young (2010/Cinema Libre DVD)
Make ‘Em Laugh (2008/Rhino DVD Set/Documentary Mini-Series)
Making Grace
Making Of Bullitt
Making Of Grand Prix
Making Of The Guns Of Navarone
Making Of The Mob: New York (2015 TV Docudrama/Anchor Bay Blu-ray Set)
Making Of Westworld
Man On Wire (2008/Magnolia DVD-Video)
Man Who Bought Mustique
Mana – Beyond Belief (Genius DVD)
Manda Bala (2007/City Lights/WEA)
Manga Mad (2016/Indie Rights DVD)
Many Faces Of Sherlock Holmes (Documentary)
Many Faces Of Zorro
Marathon Challenge (NOVA/WGBH Boston Video)
March Of The Penguins (aka La Marche de l’empereur/HD-DVD)
Mariah Carey - Music Box Bio. Col.
Marianne Faithfull – Dreaming My Dreams (Eagle Vision Classics)
Mars: Dead Or Alive (Nova)
Mars: The Quest For Life (Discovery Channel/Genius Blu-ray)
Marshall McLuhan – McLuhan’s Wake (Documentary)
Martha Argerich: Evening Talks (2002/Ideale Audience Blu-ray)/Wagner: Der Ring/Des Nibelungen/Lothar Zagrosek (2002 - 2003/EuroArts Blu-ray Box)/Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker/Sleeping Beauty/Swan Lake - Tea
Mary Pickford: The Muse Of The Movies (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/To Whom It May Concern: Ku Shen’s Journey (Nancy Kwan biography/2010/Redwind DVD)
Maserati - Victory By Design (DTS DVD)
Mason Jennings - Use Your Van (Music)
Master Qi and The Monkey King (2010/First Run Features DVD)
Matter Out Of Place (2022/Icarus DVD)/The Mission (2022/Film Movement DVD)/Stooge-O-Rama: The Men Behind The Mayhem (2023 compilation/MVD Blu-ray Set)
Matthew Barney – No Restraint (Art/Sculpture/Special Interest/Documentary)
Meerkat Manor – Season Two (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
Mein Kampf (VCI/DVD-Video)
Merrily We Roll Along (Groucho Marx)
Merton - A Film Biography
Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster (Documentary)
Methadonia (Documentary/Drugs)
Method To The Madness Of Jerry Lewis (2011/Encore/Anchor Bay DVD)
MGM: When The Lion Roars (1992/Warner DVD/Documentary Mini-Series)
Michael Jordan To The MAX (IMAX/2000/Lionsgate Blu-ray) + Van Gogh – Brush With Genius (IMAX/2009/Image Entertainment Blu-ray)
Michael Moore Collection - Limited Edition (MGM)
Michael Palin – Around The World In 80 Days (Documentary/BBC)
Michael Palin – Hemingway Adventures/Great Railway Journeys (BBC DVD)
Middletown (1982/Documentary TV Mini-Series/Icarus Films DVD Set)
Mighty Saturns (Spacecraft set)
Miles Electric: A Different Kind Of Blue (DVD-Video)
Minute Bodies (2016/Icarus Films Blu-ray)
MLB Bloopers: Baseball’s Best Blunders + Red’s Memories: The Greatest Moments In Cincinnati Reds History (2010/Shout! Factory DVDs)
MLK: The Assassination Tapes (Smithsonian Channel/Inception DVD)
Modulations - Cinema For The Ear (Documentary)
Monarchy with David Starkey (British Documentary Mini-Series/Acorn)
Monarchy with David Starkey – Set Two (British Documentary Mini-Series/Acorn)
MondoVindo: The Series (2004, 2012/KimStim DVD Set)
Monster Of The Milky Way (NOVA)
Monty Python: Almost The Truth – The Lawyer’s Cut (2009/Eagle Rock Entertainment Blu-ray)
Monumental - David Brower's Fight For Wild America
Moog (2004 Music Documentary)
More Than A Game (2009/Basketball Documentary/Lionsgate DVD)
Morning Light (Disney Blu-ray + DVD)
Morrie Schwatrz - Lessons On Living (ABC News)
Motherland Afghanistan (Documentary)
Moving Midway (2008/First Run Features DVD)
Muhammad Ali – Made In Miami + African American Lives 2 (PBS Home Video DVD)
Mummies: Secret Of The Pharaohs (2007/IMAX/Image Blu-ray)
Murderball (Documentary)
Muse – Under Review (Chrome Dreams/MVD Visual DVD)
Music From Hurley Mountain: Professor Louie & The Crowmatix (2020/Woodstock Records DVD*)/Sparks: Balls (2000) / Lil' Beethoven (2002) / Hello Young Lovers (2006) / Exotic Creatures Of The Deep (2008)
My Architect - A Son's Journey (Documentary)
My Father The Genius (Documentary/Architecture)
My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering The Kindertransports
My Life With Morrissey (Fandom)
My Way (2012/MVD Visual DVD)
Mysterious Object at Noon
Mystery Of The Megaflood (Nova)
Mystery Of The Megavolcano (NOVA)
Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Zombie 4K (1979/Fulci/*all MVD/**both Blue Underground 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays)
Napoleon (BFS)
National Geographic DVDs: Gerald R. Ford: A Test Of Character/The Great Human Race: Season One/The Greeks/Original Sin: Sex/Primal Survivor: Season 1/United States Of Animals: Season 1/The Yards: Seas
Nature - Horses (TV)
Nature’s Most Amazing Events (BBC Earth/Mini-Series/Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
Nazi Medicine/The Cross & The Star
Nazi Officer's Wife (Documentary)
Nazi Secrets Revealed (NOVA/WGBH Box Set)
Neil Gaiman's A Short Film About John Bolton
Neil Oliver's Vikings: The Real Warriors (2014/BBC DVD)
Neil Young - Heart Of Gold (DTS DVD-Video set)
Neil Young’s Music Box – Here We Are In The Years (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/Paul McCartney - McCartney (1970) + McCartney II (1979/Concord Records/Hear Music CD sets)/Pearl Jam – Under Review (MVD DVD)/
New York In The 50s
New York Underground (WGBH/American Experience)
Newton's Dark Secrets (Nova)
Nirvana – In Utero: A Classic Album Under Review (Documentary)
No Direction Home - Bob Dylan
Noam Chomsky - Rebel Without A Pause (Docurama DVD)
Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce Chatwin (2019/Music Box Blu-ray)/Punk The Capital (2021/Passion River/*all MVD Blu-rays)/Salvador Dali: In Search Of Immortality/That Click: The Legendary Photography
North America (2013/Gaiam Vivendi Blu-ray Set)
North Side Story (WQED Multimedia – Pittsburgh)
Northwest/Fruit Of The Vine
Not A Photograph – The Mission Of Burma Story
Not Angels But Angels
Not Quite Hollywood (2008/Documentary/Australian Filmmaking/Magnolia/MagNet DVD)
Not So Long Ago (TV)
Note By Note – The Making Of Steinway L1037: Deluxe Edition (2007/Docurama DVD)
Notes On Marie Menken (2006/Icarus Films DVD)
Nuclear Rescue 911 (Documentary)
Nursery University (2008/Docurama DVD)
NYPD 24/7 (ABC News set)
O Amor Natural (1996/Documentary/Poetry)
Oasis – Morning Glory: A Classic Album Under Review
Objectified (2009/Plexifilm Blu-ray)
Occupation: Dreamland
Oceans (2008/Documentary Mini-Series/BBC DVD)
Of Dolls & Murder (2012/MVD Visual DVD)
Off The Charts - The Song-Poem Story
Off The Menu - The Last Days Of Chasen's
Official Story Of The Bee Gees (Eagle DVD)
Okinawa: The Afterburn (2015/First Run Features DVD)
On The Road With Charles Kuralt - Set 1 (Acorn Media DVD)
On The Road With Charles Kuralt - Set 2 (Acorn Media DVD Set)
On The Road with Charles Kuralt – Set 3 (Acorn Media DVD)
Once In A Lifetime – The Extraordinary Story Of the New York Cosmos (2006/Miramax) + Dare To Dream (2005/HBO Video/Miramax) [Soccer Documentaries]
One Bright Shining Moment - The Forgotten Summer Of George McGovern (Documentary)
One For The Money - The Birth Of Rock 'N' Roll
One-Eyed Jacks (1961/Paramount/Universal/Criterion Blu-ray)
Operation Barbarossa (Documentary)
Operation Homecoming (The Learning Channel/Genius DVD)
Origins (Nova)
Orwell Turns In His Grave (Documentary)
Oscar's Black Odyssey
Our Brand Is Crisis (Documentary)
Our City Dreams (2008/First Run DVD)
Out Of Place – Memories of Edward Said + Edward Said – The Last Interview (Icarus DVD Set)
Pacific Invasion Pack (WWII Compilation/MVD/IMDFilms)
Paragraph 175
Partisans Of Vilna (DVD/CD set)
Passion & Power – The Technology Of Orgasm (2008/First Run Features DVD)
Paul Bowles – The Complete Outsider
Paul Williams: Still Alive (2011/Virgil DVD)
Paulo Coelho's Best Story (2014/Music Box DVD)
Pennsylvania Diners (WQED Multimedia)
Pennsylvania Train Stations – Restored & Revitalized (2002/Inecom DVD Documentary)
People Of The Feather (2011/First Run Features DVD)
People's Century: Killing Fields: The First World War (WGBH)
Perfect Corpse (Nova/WGBH)
Peter Allen - The Boy From Oz
Peter Allen Collection (2019/Umbrella Import Region Free PAL DVD Set)
Petty Blue (2010/CMT/Paramount DVD)
Photographer (1998/Documentary)
Physics - The Elegant Universe & Beyond (Nova Set)
Picasso: Magic, Sex, Death
Picture This (Last Picture Show documentary)
Pioneers Of Television (PBS DVD)
Pittsburgh A To Z (Documentary)
Planet Dinosaur 3D/Tiny Giants 3D/Wings 3D (2015/BBC Earth Blu-ray 3D singles)/Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn (2014/E1/Phase 4/VMI DVD)
Planet Earth (BBC/Mini-Series/Blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD-Video)
Plastic Parade: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2014/Bullfrog DVD)/The UnAmerican Struggle (2017/Cinema Libre DVDs)
Please Vote For Me (2007/First Run Features DVD)
Pocahontas Revealed (NOVA/WGBH)
Point Of Order! (Documentary/Politics)
Poison DUst (Documentary)
Popular Mechanics For Kids - Radical Rockets
Popular Mechanics For Kids Box
Pornography – The Secret History Of Civilisation (Documentary)
Porsche - Victory By Design (DTS DVD)
Positive Force: More Than A Witness (2014/PM Press/MVD DVD)
Power Of Grayskull: The Definitive History Of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe (2016/High Octane DVD)
Praying For Lior (2007/First Run Features DVD)
Prehistoric Earth – A Natural History (BBC 6-DVD Set)
Prehistoric Park – The Complete Television Event (DVD-Video)
Pride Divide (Documentary)
Prima Ballerina (2006/First Run Features DVD)
Primary (Documentary)
Primo Levi’s Journey (2007/New Yorker Film)
Prisoner Of Paradise (PBS)
Private Diary (Photography)
Private Dicks - Men Exposed
Prodigal Sons (2008/First Run DVD)
Project Grizzly (Documentary)
Prom Night In Mississippi (2008/Docurama DVD)
Promises (Documentary)
Proteus – A Nineteenth Century Vision (2003/First Run Features DVD)
Pulling John (2009/IndiePix DVD)
Punk: Attitude (Documentary)
Puppet Master - The Legacy
Put The Needle On The Record (2006/MVD DVD)
Puzzling Minds (NOVA/WGBH Set)
Queen - Under Review: 1973 - 1980 (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
Queen – The Complete Review (Music Video Distributors/Chrome Dreams DVD Set)
Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (American Experience/WGBH Boston Video)
Rachel Flowers: Hearing Is Believing (2017/Gravitas Ventures Blu-ray)
Radiohead – “O.K. Computer” Under Review (DVD-Video)
Rage Against The Machine & The Art Of Protest: Revolution Of The Head (Chrome Dreams/MVD Visual DVD)
Raiders!: The Story Of The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015/Drafthouse Blu-ray w/DVD)
Raise The Song – The History Of Penn State (Inecom DVD)
RAMPAGE: Killing Without Reason (Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Set)
Rank (2006/Documentary/Bullriding)
Rated X - A Journey Through Porn
Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan (2011/MVD Visual/Arrow Films Blu-ray)
Rebel Music (Bob Marley)
Rebels & Redcoats (PBS)
Rebirth (Oscilloscope Set)/Remembering 9/11 (Inception Media)/September 11: Memorial Edition (History Channel Set/2011 DVDs)
Rebuilding Hope (Sudan’s Lost Boys) + Small Voices: The Stories Of Cambodia’s Children (2009/Cinema Libre DVDs)
Records Collecting Dust II (2018/MVD Visual DVD)
Red Sox Memories (2008/Shout! Factory DVD/MLB)
Religulous (2008/Lionsgate DVD)
Remarkable 20th Century (Documentary set)
Remember The Alamo (PBS)
Remembering Knebworth 1978 (MVD/Voiceprint DVD)
Return To Kirkuk – A Year In The Fire (Documentary/Politics)
Rewind This! (2013/Filmbuff DVD)/Tupac Double Feature (2007, 2009, 2013/MVD DVDs)/Where I Am (2012/MPI DVD)
Riding The Rails (American Experience)
Rise (Rave Documentary)
Rising From Ashes (2012/First Run Features DVD)
Rising Tides (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)
Road To Love
Rock Fresh (Documentary/Graffiti)
Rock Hudson's Home Movies
Rocky Road To Dublin (1967/Icarus Films DVD)
Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired (2008/Image DVD)
Romeo & Juliet – A Monkey’s Tale (Animal Planet)
Ronald Reagan - Hollywood/Presidential Years
Ronald Reagan - The Great Communicator (MPI)
Ronnie Hawkins – Still Alive & Kickin’ (Music Documentary)
Room 237 (2012/on Kubrick's The Shining/IFC Midnight/MPI Blu-ray)
Roots Of Music set (Cajun/Tex-Mex)
Roses In December – 25 Year Anniversary Edition (1982/Human Rights Watch/First Run Features DVD)
Ross McElwee DVD Collection
Route 66 - The Ultimate DVD Collection (VCI)
Roving Mars (IMAX/Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
Rx For Survival – A Global Health Challenge (WGBH)
S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (Documentary/First Run DVD)
Sacco & Vanzetti (2006 Documentary)
Saddles & Silks - A Jockey's Story
Salvador Allende (2004/Icarus DVD) + His Final 24 Hours series: Jim Morrison + John F. Kennedy Jr. + Tupac Shakur (MVD Visual DVDs)
Sam & Dave: The Original Soul Men (Universal Music/Hip-O DVD)
Sam Cooke - Legend (Documentary)
Sam Fox - All Around The World
Sandwiches That You Will Like (Documentary/WQED DVD)
Sandy Denny – Under Review
Saving A Species – Gorillas On The Brink (Genius/Animal Planet DVD)
Schlock! (Documentary)
Scratch DVD set
Seabiscuit - America's Legendary Racehorse
Search For Paul (ABC News)
Secrecy (2008/New Video DVD)
Secrets Of Archaeology (2002/Koch)
Secrets Of The Lost Empires (Nova)
Secrets Of The Samurai Sword (NOVA/WGBH)
Senator Obama Goes To Africa (First Run Features)
Sergio Vieira de Mello: En Route To Baghdad
Sesame Street – 20 Years …and still counting (1989/Lionsgate DVD)
Seven Wonders Of The Industrial World (BBC DVD)
Sex & Justice: Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas (First Run Features/DocumentaryDVD)
Sex & The Celts (2005/Documentary/Pathfinder DVD)
Sex Is.........
Sexual Intelligence (Documentary/Kim Cattrall)
Shakespeare Behind Bars (Documentary)
Shakespeare's Women & Claire Bloom
Shark Attack! (Nova)
Shark Collection (2014/Smithsonian Channel/Inception DVD)
Sharkwater (2007/DVD-Video)
Sherpa (2015/Lionsgate DVD)
Shintaro! – The Samurai Sensation That Swept The Nation (2009/Region Free/0/Zero PAL DVD Imports/Madman Entertainment Australia)
Shoah (Documentary)
Shuttle Discovery’s Historic Mission (Blu-ray/HDNet World Report)
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars (Docurama/New Video)
Silent Wings – The American Glider Pilots Of WWII (Documentary)
Silver Screen - Color Me Lavender (Documentary)
Sinking The Supership (Nova)
Sister Rose’s Passion (2004/Documentary)
Sister Wendy's American Collection (Art)
Six Centuries Of Verse (1984/Athena/Acorn Media DVD)
Sixteen Days In China (2008/MVDVisual DVD)
Small Faces - Under Review (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
Small Town Gay Bar (Documentary)
SMART: Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)
Sneakerheadz: Do It With Sole (2015/basic edition/MVD Visual DVD)
Snoop Doggy Dogg's Puff Puff Pass Tour (Eagle DVD)
Solar Energy – Saved By The Sun (NOVA/WGBH)
Sole Journey (2008/First Run Features DVD)
Something About Beckham (Documentary)
Something To Do With The Wall (1991/First Run DVD)
Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus (1986/Acorn Media DVD)
Sons Of Ben: The Movie (2016/Rothburg Road/Gravitas DVD)
South Of The Border (2010/Cinema Libre DVD) + Cuban Rebel Girls (1960)/Untamed Women (1952/VCI DVD) + Eyes Wide Open (2008/First Run DVD)
Spark Among The Ashes (1986/First Run Features)
Spartans (PBS)
Speak The Music: Robert Mann & The Mysteries Of Chamber Music (2013/First Run DVD)
Speedo - A Demolition Of Love (Docurama DVD)
Spend An Evening With Saddle Creek (Record Label Documentary)
Spirit Of The Marathon (2007/Image DVD)
Split Decision
Spring and Arnaud: Art, Love, and Mortality (2013/First Run DVD)
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (Lionsgate DVD)
Star Wars Vs. Star Trek (DVD)
Statue Of Liberty (A&E)
Step Into Liquid (2003/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Step Into Liquid (DVD set/Surfing)
Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party (Comedy)
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans (2015/FilmRise*)/Target: Philadelphia (2020/IndiePix DVD)/To The Edge Of The Sky (2017*)/What She Said: The Art Of Pauline Kael (2020/Juno/*all MVD DVDs)/You Don't Nom
Still We Ride! (2008/MVD DVD Documentary)
Stoked - The Rise & Fall Of Gator
Stooges: The Men Behind The Mayhem (Mackinac Media/Laughsmith Productions/DVD Set)
Story Of The Brooklyn Dodgers (DVD set)
Strauss' Elektra/Gatti (ArtHaus/Unitel Classica)/Verdi's Otello/Chung (C Major/Unitel Classica/Naxos Blu-rays)
Street Fight (2005)
Street Muzik (Hip-Hopumentary)
Streets Of Compton (2016/A&E/Lionsgate DVD)
Stuff That's Gone (Pittsburgh/WQED DVD)
Stupidity (2006/Documentary)
Style Wars (Plexifilm DVD)
Style Wars (Public Art Films)
Style Wars + Style Wars Revisited (Public Art Films)
Sun Dogs (2007 Documentary)
Sunday Driver (Custom Cars Documentary)
Sunrise Earth: Seaside Collection (Discovery Channel/Image Entertainment Blu-ray)
Sunset Story (Documentary)
Sunshine Superman - The Journey Of Donovan (SPV DVD Set)
Super Speedway – The Mach II Special Edition: IMAX (1997/Image Blu-ray)
Surfwise (2007/MagNet/Magnolia DVD)
Surviving The Dust Bowl (American Experience/WGBH)
Sweet - Glitz, Hitz & Blitz (MVD/Creem DVD)
Swing State (Political Documentary/Morningstar DVD)
Syd Barrett - Under Review (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
Taboo - The Beginning of Erotic Cinema
Talmage Farlow (1981/Jazz Profile)
Target: St. Louis (2019/IndiePix DVD)
Television - The First Fifty Years
Terence Blanchard presents “Flow: Living In The Stream Of Music” (Documentary/Concert)
Terrorstorm (Documentary/Speculation)
Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives (2004/BBC DVD) + Terry Jones’ Barbarians (2006/Koch Vision)
That Click: The Legendary Photography Of Douglas Kirkland (both 2021 Film Movement DVDs)/Visions Of Eight (1973/Criterion Blu-ray)
That High Lonesome Sound
That Man: Peter Berlin (Documentary)
That's Sexploitation! (2013/Severin Films Blu-ray)
The ACLU Freedom Files (DVD Documentary Set)
The Agatha Christie Code (2005/Region Zero PAL Import/Madman DVD).
The American Nightmare (Horror Documentary)
The American Revolution (History Channel)
The American Soldier + WWII Remembered (Mill Creek DVDs)
The Angola 3: Black Panthers & The Last Slave Plantation (PM Press/MVD DVD)
The Armstrong Lie (2013/Sony Blu-ray)/McConkey (2013/MSP DVD)/History Of The WWE: 50 Years Of Sports Entertainment + Straight To The Top: Money In The Bank - Ladder Match Anthology (WWE Blu-rays)
The Art Of Filmmaking (Documentaries)/The Hitler Chronicles (Documentaries/First Run DVD Sets)/The Nifty Fifties (Mill Creek DVD Movie Set)/Secret Pleasures (First Run DVD Movie Set)
The Atomic Cafe – Collector’s Edition (1982/Docurama Films DVD)
The Battle History Of The United States Military (History Channel)
The Battle Of Chile (1975 - 1978/Icarus Films DVD)
The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection - Planet Earth/Galapagos/Wild China/Ganges Blu-ray Box Set
The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection 2 (Life (Attenborough)/Nature’s Most Amazing Events/South Pacific/Yellowstone: Battle For Life/BBC Earth Blu-ray Set)
The Beatles and India (2021*)/Fabulous Baker Boys (1989/MGM*)/Megadeath: A Night In Buenos Aires (2005/Cleopatra*)/Searching For Mr. Rugoff (2019/Deutchman Blu-ray)/20,000 Days On Earth (2014/*all MVD
The Beatles – Rare & Unseen (MVD Visual DVD)
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years (2016/Apple Corps/Universal Music Blu-ray set)/The Human League: A Very British Synthesizer Group (2016 compilation/Universal Music CD Set)/Jennifer
The Beatles: Made On Merseyside (2019/Film Movement DVD)/Creating Woodstock (2019/Cinema Libre DVD)/Der Freischutz 4K (2015/Naxos/Unitel/CMajor 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)/Footlight Parade (1933/Warner Archi
The Bee Gees – In Our Own Time (Eagle Blu-ray) + Crossroads Festival 2010 (Rhino Blu-ray Set) + Ghost Blues: The Story Of Rory Gallagher + Heaven & Hell: Neon Nights – Live In Europe + Velvet Revolver
The Best Of Cinerama (1962) + Cinerama's Russian Adventure (1966/Flicker Alley Blu-ray w/DVD Sets)/The Chase (1966/Columbia/Sony/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/Dunkirk (2017/Warner 4K Ultra HD
The Bible According To Hollywood (Passport/DVD-Video)
The Bible Unearthed + Inside The Koran (First Run Features DVDs)
The Bituminous Coal Queens Of Pennsylvania (Documentary)
The Boys – The Sherman Brothers Story + Walt & El Grupo – The Untold Adventures (Disney Documentary DVDs)
The British Invasion 5 DVD Box Set (Dusty Springfield/Gerry & The Pacemakers/Herman’s Hermits/Small Faces/Reelin’ In The Years – Voyage Digital Media DVDs)
The Brothers Warner (2008/Documentary/Warner Bros. DVD)
The Captains Close Up with William Shatner (2013/E1 DVD)/Doctor Who: The Green Death (1973/BBC DVDs)/Girls: The Complete Second Season (2013/HBO Blu-ray w/DVD)/Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Ninth Seaso
The Champagne Safari (WWII)
The Churchills (WGBH)
The Civil War Commemorative Documentary Collection: The 150th Anniversary (Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Set)
The Color Of Noise (2015/Robellion Films/MVD Visual Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Conquerors (History Channel)
The Cosmos – A Beginner’s Guide (2007/Athena/Acorn DVD Set)
The Creation Of The Universe (PBS)
The Creeping Garden (2015/Arrow Blu-ray w/DVD + CD)
The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross (History Channel)
The Curse Of The Gothic Symphony (2011/First Run DVD)
The Damned: Don't You Wish We Were Dead (2013/MVD Visual Blu-ray w/DVD)/Having A Wild Weekend (1965/Dave Clark Five/Warner Archive DVD)/I Could Go On Singing (1963/United Artists/MGM/Twilight Time Lim
The Dancer (1994)
The Dawn Of War – The Early Battles Of WWII + Railroads – Tracks Across America + Victory By Air (Mill Creek DVD Sets)
The Day Kennedy Died (2013/Smithsonian/Inception DVD)/JFK Remembered: 50 Years Later (2013)/John F. Kennedy: Years Of Lightning, Day Of Drum (1965/Warner DVDs/part of the Oliver Stone JFK Blu-ray set)
The Deadliest Plane Crash (NOVA)
The Definitive Document Of The Dead (Synapse DVD)/Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard – Expanded Second Edition (Softcover Coffee Table Book by Matt Taylor/Titan Books)/Nobody Else But You (2011/Fir
The Devil & Daniel Johnston (Documentary)
The Devil’s Miner (First Run/Human Rights Watch)
The Dog (2013/Docurama/Cinedigm Blu-ray)/Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story (2014/Lionsgate DVD)/Venus In Furs (2013/Polanski/Sundance Selects/MPI DVD)/Whitey: The United States Vs. Whitey Bulger (2
The Doors – Mr. Mojo Risin’: The Story Of L.A. Woman (Eagle Blu-ray)/From Straight To Bizarre: Zappa, Beefheart, Alice Cooper & L.A.’s Lunatic Fringe (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/Memphis (2012/Musical/Shou
The Drop Box (2014/Virgil Films DVD)
The Dudesons – The Movie
The Eastwood Factor – Extended Edition (Warner Bros. DVD)
The Edward R. Murrow Collection
The Edwin Starr Story (Music Video Distributors/Wienerworld DVD)
The Elegant Universe (Nova)
The Elephant In The Living Room (2011/Nightfly/First Look Blu-ray)
The Elstree Story (1952)/Ealing Studios Rarities Collection, V. 1 (w Penny Paradise), V. 2 (w The Four Just Men (1939)), V. 3 (w Cage Of Gold) and V. 4 (w Davy/1930 – 1957/Network U.K. Region 2/PAL DV
The End Of Poverty? (2008/Cinema Libre DVD)
The Endless Summer (1966/Monterey Media Blu-ray) + Highwater (2010/Image Blu-ray) + Image IMAX Blu-ray 3D Wave: Ultimate Wave Tahiti (2009) + Dinosaurs: Giants Of Patagonia (2007) + Mummies: Secrets O
The Fantastic World Of M.C. Escher (Art Documentary)
The Fear Of 13 (2015/Dogwoof/First Run DVD)
The First Monday In May (2016/Magnolia DVD)
The First World War: The Complete Series (2002/E1 DVD)/The Great Flood (2013/Icarus DVD)/Ride Report: 10,000 Miles To Rio (2014/Cinema Libre DVD)
The Forgotten Space (2010/Icarus DVD)
The French Revolution (History Channel)
The Genius Of Charles Darwin (2008/Documentary Mini-Series/Athena DVD)
The Gerson Miracle (2008/Cinema Libre DVD)
The Gods Of Times Square (2007/BrinkDVD Set)
The Good Soldier (2009/NeoFlix DVD)
The Gospel According To Al Green – 25th Anniversary Edition (1984/Acorn Media DVD)
The Grange Fair – An American Tradition (2005 Documentary/Inecom)
The Great Alaska Train Adventure (TV)
The Great Chicken Wing Hunt (2013/MVD DVD)
The Great Rift – Africa’s Greatest Story (2010/BBC Earth Blu-ray + DVD)
The Great Robot Race - The Darpa Grand Challenge (Nova)
The Great San Francisco Earthquake (WGBH)
The Great War: 1918 (American Experience)
The Greatest Ears In Town: The Arif Mardin Story (2010/Shelter Island DVD)
The Greek Americans (Documentary)
The Greening Of Southie (2008/A&E DVD)
The Heart Of The Game (Basketball Documentary)
The Heart Of The Peloton (First Run Features DVD Set)
The Hobart Shakespeareans (Teaching/Documentary)
The Hunting Ground (2015 Uncut/Radius-TWC/Anchor Bay DVD)/It Happened Here (2014/Docurama/Cinedigm DVD)
The Impassioned Eye – A Film About Henri Cartier-Bresson
The Incredible Human Journey (2009/BBC DVD Set)
The Internationale (Documentary/Song)
The Iron Ministry (2014/Icarus DVD)/Road To The Big Leagues (2008/IndiePix DVD)/This Changes Everything (2015/VSC Blu-ray)/Top Spin (2014)/Welcome To Leith (2015/both First Run DVDs)
The Ister (2004/Icarus Films DVD)
The Jesus Guy (2007/Cinevole Studios/MVD Visual DVD)
The Johnstown Flood (Documentary)
The Killers – Leaving Las Vegas (Documentary)
The Kingdom Of Dreams and Madness (2014/Cinedigm DVD)
The Knowledge Of Healing (Documentary)
The Korean War: The Big Picture – Volume One (BCI Eclipse DVD)
The Last Days Of Left Eye (Anchor Bay DVD)
The Last Klezmer (1994/New Yorker Films DVD)
The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo (Art Documentary/PBS)
The Long Green Line (2008/Running/LGL DVD)
The Long Way Home (Documentary)
The Longest Hatred (Documentary)
The Making Of Trump (2016/History Channel/Lionsgate DVD)
The Massachusettes 54th Colored Infantry (American Experience)
The Matador (2008/City Lights Entertainment/Blu-ray)
The Medal Of Honor (Blu-ray + DVD)/Up From Slavery (Blu-ray/all Mill Creek)
The Minotaur’s Island (Acorn Media)
The Miracle Of Life (Nova/WGBH set)
The Most Extreme – Season One (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
The Mummy Who Would Be King – The Saga Of Pharaoh Rameses I (Nova)
The Mystery Of Eva Peron (1987/First Run Features DVD)
The Narnia Code (2009/E One DVD)
The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170: Julius Cavero (2014/MVD DVD)
The New Medicine (Documentary)
The Next Big Thing (2014/Icarus Films DVD)
The Nomi Song (Documentary)
The Official Inaugural Celebration (Barack Obama/HBO DVD Set) + Barack Obama – The Power of Hope (Mill Creek DVD)
The Open Road: America Looks At Aging
The Orchestra Of Piazza Vittorio (2006/Genius/IFC DVD)
The Order Of Myths (2007/New Yorker Video/Cinema Guild DVD)
The Passing Show – The Life & Music Of Ronnie Lane
The People Vs. George Lucas (2010/Lionsgate DVD)
The People’s Republic Of Capitalism (2009/Ted Koppel/Discovery Channel/Athena Blu-ray Set)
The Peter Jennings Collection
The Pittsburgh Steelers: Behind The Steel Curtain (2012/NFL Dynasty Series/Gaiam Vivendi DVD)
The Power Of Forgiveness (2007/First Run Features Documentary)
The Presidents (American Experience/PBS Home Video DVD Box Set)
The Presidents (To G.W. Bush/History Channel DVD)
The Presidents Collection (2016/History Channel/A&E/Lionsgate DVD Set)
The President’s Book Of Secrets (2010/A&E DVD) + 20th Century with Mike Wallace – America At War (CBS/Athena DVD Set) + The Unknown War – WWII & The Epic Battles Of The Russian Front (1983/Shout! Fact
The Psycho Legacy (2010/Shout! Factory DVD Set)
The Race To The Moon (History Channel set)
The Real National Treasure (History Channel/A&E DVD)
The Return Of Ruben Blades (1985/MVD Visual Blu-ray)
The Road To Guantanamo
The Rolling Stones - Music Box Bio. Col.
The Rolling Stones In The 1960s – The Complete Review (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD Set)
The Rolling Stones: Under Review 1962 – 1966 (Documentary)
The Roman Invasion Of Britain (2009/Documentary TV Mini-Series/Athena DVD Set)
The Ruins Of Lifta (2016/First Run DVD)
The Saint Steps In… To Television (Network U.K./Region Zero/PAL DVD Documentary)
The Salt Of The Earth (2014/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Secret Life Of Geisha (1999/Documentary)
The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman (2009/all BMG CDs)/Where Are You, Jay Bennett? (2021/Blu-ray w/DVD/*both MVD)
The September Issue – Anna Wintour & The Making of Vogue (2009/Lionsgate DVD Set)
The Shark Is Still Working – The Legacy & Impact Of JAWS (Documentary)
The Smiths - Under Review
The Speeches Collection - Volume Two: Republicans vs. Democrats (MPI DVD)
The Stars – Supernovas, The Big Bang & More (Nova/WGBH Set)
The State Of Texas Vs. Melissa (2020/FilmRise/*both MVD Blu-rays)/2020 World Series Champions Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB/Shout! Factory Blu-ray Set)/White Riot (**both 2020/Film Movement DVDs)
The Story Of Math (aka The Story Of Maths/Athena DVD Set)
The Strip Show (Food)
The Take (First Run DVD/Documentary)
The Third Reich (History Channel DVD Set)
The Tiger Next Door (2009/First Run Features DVD)
The Tillman Story (2010/Sony DVD)
The Top Secret Trial Of The Third Reich (First Run DVD)
The Trials Of Darryl Hunt (THINKFilm/HBO Documentary)
The U.S. vs. John Lennon (2007/Lionsgate/DVD) + 20 To Life – The Life & Times Of John Sinclair (2007/MVD Visual)
The Universe Within (Nova)
The Universe – 7 Wonders Of The Solar System Blu-ray 3D Edition (2010 w/2D) + The Universe – The Complete Season Five (2010/Blu-ray + DVD Sets) + Criss Angel Mindfreak – Season Six (2010/DVD) + Top Sh
The Universe – Our Solar System (History Channel/A&E Blu-ray)
The Unknown Civil War Series: Greatest Battles Of The Civil War + Gettysburg (MPI DVD Sets)
The Unknown World (WGBH/Nova)
The Untold Story Of Emmett Louis Till (DVD + CD-ROM)
The Velvet Underground (2021/Criterion Blu-ray)
The Velvet Underground – Under Review (Music Documentary)
The Vikings - NOVA (WGBH/Documentary)
The War: A Ken Burns Film (PBS Home Video/DVD)
The Way Things Go (science)
The Weather Underground (Documentary)
The Who Sell Out – Deluxe Edition CD Set (1967/Polydor/Universal Music) + The Who, The Mods & the Quadrophenia Connection (Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)
The Windsors: A Royal Family
The Wobblies (Documentary/Labor)
The World At War – Hitler To Hiroshima (WWII/BCI Documentary DVD Set)
The World Wars (2014/History Channel/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
The World’s Best Prom (Koch/Rumur/Matsun)
The Wright Stuff (Documentary)
The Yes Men (Documentary)
They Killed Sister Dorothy (2008/First Run DVD)
They Looked Away (Holocaust Documentary)
They Made America (Innovation)
Things That Aren't There Anymore (WQED DVD)
Things We've Made (Pittsburgh/WQED DVD)
This So-Called Disaster (Documentary)
Thomas Jefferson - A View From The Mountain
Three Stars (2010/First Run DVD)
Through The Fire (Documentary/Basketball)
Tibet - Cry Of The Snow Lion (Documentary)
Tibetan Refugee (Documentary)
Tigrero - A Film That Was Never Made
TILT: The Battle To Save Pinball (2007/DVD-Video Set)
Time Thieves (2018/Icarus)/True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight For Equality (2019/HBO/Warner/all DVDs)
Times Of Harvey Milk (Documentary/DVD)
Tiny: A Story About Living Small (2014/First Run DVD)
To Be And To Have (New Yorker)
To The Moon (Nova)
Tom Dowd & The Language Of Music
Touch The Sound (Evelyn Glennie/DTS)
TransGeneration (TV Series)
Trembling Before G-d (Documentary)
Trials Of Henry Kissinger
Tribute To Ronald Reagan (Acorn)
Triumph Of The Wall (2013/First Run DVD)
Troy - The True Story (Delta)
True Story Of Hidalgo (History Channel)
Trumbo (2007 Documentary/Magnolia DVD)
Tupac Resurrection (Widescreen)
Tutankhamun & The Golden Age Of The Pharaohs + Secret’s Of Egypt’s Lost Queen (DVDs)
TuTuMuch (2010/First Run DVD)
TV In Black - The First 50 Years
TV Party – The Documentary
Typhoid Mary - The Most Dangerous Woman In America
U2 – Achtung Baby – A Classic Album Under Review
U2 – The DVD Collector’s Box (Music Video Distributors)
Ultimate Dinosaur Collection (BBC DVD)
Under Review series: The Byrds (Double Set)/Neil Young 1976 – 2006/Van Morrison 1964 – 1974 (MVD/Chrome Dreams DVD)
Under The Sea (Nova/WGBH)
Underground Pittsburgh (2007/WQED DVD)
Underground Pittsburgh (2007/WQED Pittsburgh DVD)
Unforgivable Blackness- The Rise & Fall Of Jack Johnson (PBS)
Unforgotten – Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook (2002/City Lights DVD)
Unknown Chaplin: The Master At Work (1986)
Unknown White Male (Documentary)
Unlikely Heroes (Holocaust Documentary)
Unmade Beds (Documentary)
Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (Documentary)
Untamed & Uncut (Animal Planet/Genius DVD)
Up Series (Documentary)
Van Halen Story - The Early Years
Venice Revealed + World War I In Color (Athena/Acorn DVD Sets)
Verdict On Auschwitz – The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial 1963 – 1965 (Documentary/DEFA/First Run)
VHS Massacre: Cult Film & The Decline Of Physical Media (2016/Troma Blu-ray)
Victory At Sea (A&E Boxed Set)
Victory In The Pacific (PBS)
Video Games: The Movie (2014/Anchor Bay DVD)
Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide, Part 2 (2015/Severin Films DVD Set)
Vietnam - A Television History (American Experience/WGBH)
Vikings: Raiders From The North (2012 - 2014/Eagle Media DVD)
Vincent Price - The Sinister Image (1993/Image DVD)
Visions Of England (Special Interest/Acorn DVD)
Visions Of France (Acorn DVD/Special Interest set)
Visions Of Greece (Special Interest)
Visions Of Italy set
Visual Acoustics – The Modernism Of Julius Shulman (2009) + Rem Koolhaas – A Kind Of Architect (2007/Arthouse Films/New Video DVDs)
Volcano Under The City (Nova)
Volcanoes Of The Deep (2003) + Wild Ocean (2008) (IMAX/Image Entertainment Blu-rays)
Waking Sleeping Beauty (2010/Disney DVD)
Waking Up Dead (2004)
War & Civilization (Koch/Learning Channel TV Mini-Series)
War Dance (THINKFilm/Image DVD Documentary)
War In Color (WWII Goldhil DVD set)
War Planes! (NOVA WGBH Box Set)
Warhol (1973/David Bailey Documentary/Network U.K./Region Two/2/PAL DVD)
Warhol - The Complete Picture (Documentary)
Warlords (2005 British Documentary Series/WWII)
Warren Miller Power Of Snow 4-DVD Set
Warren Miller’s No Boundaries (DVD Box Set/Shout! Factory)
Warrior Of Light (2001/Documentary/New Yorker)
Wasted Orient (2006/Punk Rock)
We Are The Music! (1964/First Run Features/Cuban Masterworks Collection DVD)
We Believe (2009/Virgil Films DVD)
We Live In Public (2009/IndiePix DVD)
We Remember Marilyn
We Were So Beloved (First Run DVD/Documentary)
Weapons Races (Acorn Media/Athena DVD Set)
Weight (2016/First Run DVD)
Welcome To Nollywood (2009/IndiePix DVD)
Westinghouse (2008/Inecom DVD)
Wetlands Preserved (2007/First Run Features)
Whale Wars (Animal Planet/Genius DVD Set)
What Makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh? (WQED Multimedia)
What We Want, What We Believe – The Black Panther Party Library (DVD-Video Set)
What's My Name: Muhammad Ali (2019/HBO/Warner DVD)
When The Moors Ruled In Europe (Acorn Media DVD)
When Two Worlds Collide (2016/First Run DVD)
When We Left Earth (Image Blu-ray and DVD)
Where Are We? (Documentary)
Who Does She Think She Is? (2009/Emerging Pictures DVD/Special Edition House Party Kit Box Set)
Who Gets To Call It Art? – A Film About Henry Geldzahler
Who Is Henry Jaglom? (1997/First Run Features DVD)
Who Killed Nancy (2007/Region Zero/0/PAL Import/Madman DVD)
Who Killed The Electric Car? (Documentary)
Who We Are: A Chronicle Of Racism In America (2021/Sony Blu-ray)/Why Is We Americans? (2020/Corinth DVD)
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music? (Documentary)
Wide Open With Jeff Gordon/24 X 24 (Documentary/DVD)
Wild On The Beach (1965/Fox Cinema Archive DVD)
Wild Pacific (BBC Blu-ray + DVD)
William Eggleston In The Real World (Arthouse Films)
William Gibson: No Maps For These Territories
Willie The Lion (Documentary)
Windsor Castle: A Royal Year (Acorn DVD)
Wine, Woman & Friends (2013/First Run Features DVD)
Winter Soldier (1972)
With All Deliberate Speed (Documentary)
With God On Our Side – George W. Bush & The Rise Of The Religious Right (2004 feature film version)
Without The King (2007/Documentary/First Run Features DVD)
Women Of The Bible (2014/History Channel/Lionsgate DVD Set)
Wonders Of The Solar System (2010/BBC Blu-rays + DVDs)
Woodstock – 3 Days Of Peace & Music: Director’s Cut (40th Anniversary/Warner DVD Set)
Word Wars - Tiles & Tribulations On The Scrabble Circuit
Wordplay (Crossword Puzzle Documentary)
Words & Music By Jerry Hermann (PBS Home Video/DVD)
World In Action – Volume Two (Network U.K./Region Two/2/PAL DVD)
World Party Tour (DVD/CD)
World Series 07 – Colorado Rockies vs. Boston Red Sox (Shout! Factory DVD)
World Series 2005: The Chicago White Sox (Shout! Factory)
World War I – The Killing Fields (WGBH Set)
World War I: American Legacy + Blood and Oil: The Middle East in World War I (Inecom)
World War II Behind Closed Doors – Stalin, The Nazis & The West (BBC DVD Documentary Mini-Series)
World War II – The Home Front (WGBH Set)
X-Ray Visions – A Look Inside Portland’s Legendary X-Ray Cafe (MVD DVD)
Xmas Without China (2013/Bullfrog/Icarus DVD)
Y.E.R.T.: Your Environmental Road Trip (2011/First Run DVD)
Yankee Stadium – Baseball’s Cathedral (Shout! Factory DVD Set)
Year Of The Yao (2005)
Yell For Cadel (2009/First Run Features DVD)
Yellowstone: Battle For Life (2009/BBC Earth Blu-ray + DVD)
Yes – Classic Artists (Image DVD Set) + Patrick Moraz In Princeton (MVD DVD)
yHomeless? (2011/Cinema Libre DVD)
Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg (2009/Docurama DVD Set)
You Don't Need Feet To Dance (2013/First Run DVD)
You Don't Nomi (2019/on Showgirls/RLJ Blu-ray)
You Really Got Me – The Story Of The Kinks + U2 – Let Them Be (MVD DVDs)
Young Blood – Rebellion, Riots & Rock ‘N Roll In the Sixties: 1950 - 1973 (People’s Century/WGBH)
You’re Gonna Miss Me - A Film About Roky Erickson (DVD/CD)
Zebra – The DVD (MVD/Visionwork)
Zoo (2006/Documentary/Animal Abuse)
…So Goes The Nation (Political Documentary/Genius/IFC)


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