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Terrorstorm (Documentary/Speculation)


Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Main Program: B-



Many people have suspicions about the events of 9/11, including that The Bush Administration allowed it to happen to legitimize his presidency and to justify entry into The Middle East.  It was not as if some in The Middle East just happened to hate The U.S. all of the sudden.  It has been an issue for decades, but the end of The Cold War and legitimizing of darker, more sinister such forces with the Iran-Contra Affair only escalated what is now being termed Islamo-Fascism.  Islamo-Fascism is not a mirage or figment of the imagination, but the fact is exists is not sufficient to have carte blanche to do whatever one wants.  On the far Left of this is Alex Jones, the talk show host and writer/director of Terrorstorm (2006) that says the Bush team even flew the planes from 9/11!


Now it is one thing to hold them responsible for allowing 9/11 to happen and intelligence agencies having “problems communicating” does not cut it, but the extent to which Jones and others supporting his claims is fascinating, with “supporting evidence” and questions without easy answers.  Though it is highly speculative at best, there are moments where it is not easy to dismiss what is being asked about and said.  It is also interesting and sadly the unthinkable that Bush (or anyone else) could be cold enough to let thousands die just to gain power, not to mention all those being killed and injured overseas since.


The problem is that Jones’ ability to run on and on without the punctuation of solid backup (as if that were possible after the initial premise plays out) makes Howard Dean look and sound sedated.  Even when you agree or want to agree, even when a good point shows up after five bad or questionable ones, all this can date quickly and wear thin quickly.  Another bad point is the populist readings of George Orwell’s classic book 1984, which is populist and disconnected at best.  The book is being oversimplified, though not necessarily misquoted, to make additional points.  However, it is in the “boogie man/oh, we should be afraid” way that is ultimately counterproductive to any points Jones has to make.


His views received new exposure when Charlie Sheen began agreeing with him and went public, only to predictably be attacked all over the place.  Sheen has not been as populist, though when he refers to Jones as his “comrade” in explaining these ideas, he does more damage than any combination of the Bush Administration and all major media combined could ever hope to do at full smackdown.  Still, Terrorstorm is worth hearing out for its alternate points of view and the earlier history not heard much (like LBJ’s Gulf Of Tonkin fiasco) even when it ultimately plays out as one of those silly old Sunn Schick classic speculative films when they find Noah’s Ark, Historic Jesus or The Devil’s Triangle.  Oh, and Mr. Jones is considering running for office to push his “9/11 Truth” movement, so that adds another layer of suspicion to this.  You have to see and hear it to believe it.


The 1.33 X 1 image is softer than expected with the NTSC video being down a generation and film footage not transferred as well as hoped for.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 is stereo at best, can be harsh when played loudly and is just clear enough to hear what is being said.  Extras include trailers for other Disinformation releases and an extended piece featuring Sheen, Jones and a conference that further examines the ideas and theories presented.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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