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Occupation: Dreamland


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: C+ ††††Film: B-



Occupation: Dreamland is an interesting documentary made about the War in Iraq, more specifically Fallujah.While it might be a bit slow moving at the beginning, it quickly becomes engaging for both pro-war and anti-war attitudes.Itís hard to tell if this will be a good barometer years from now on the situation, but is certainly something to ponder, especially while watching the material unfold before you.Most of the documentary is comprised of the Ďlifeí of the soldiers as we hear interview with them on their situation and we get a great sense of who they are outside of their duty as well.


The picture is fairly good considering that itís non-anamorphic and has a documentary texture to it.Colors seem rendered well and detail is acceptable for something of this nature.Part of the effectiveness of a documentary is not to polish things up, but to let the source seem raw.Surprising also is the Dolby 5.1 audio track, which never seems fully engaged and itís interesting that a mix for 5.1 was used instead of just 2.0, which could have potentially worked just as well.This is not a complaint, but just a simple observation.There is also a directorís commentary that can be heard and adds a nice perspective to the content, which is particularly helpful for documentaries, which was certainly the case with the Criterion Edition of Hearts and Minds.


I am sure over the next few years we will see more and more material like this surface because itís such a hot debate and has caused for a lot of films and documentaries already to the date of this review.Also included on this disc is a handful of deleted scenes and a timeline of the assault in Fallujah, plus some select marine footage during the siege that happened in April.There are some other little knick knack type of extras, but the bulk of the content comes from the directorís commentary and the film itself.



-†† Nate Goss


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