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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Crime > Murder > Legal > Justice > Of Dolls & Murder (2012/MVD Visual DVD)

Of Dolls & Murder (2012/MVD Visual DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Documentary: C+



Before CSI, forensics and modern tech detectives, there were the Nutshell Studies.  The first woman investigator who felt that police and law should be able to think, reason, solve and explain unexplained death/murders.  The life work of Frances Glessner Lee, to make doll houses that picture a murder scene, through the usage of incredibly details 1/6 models of dolls being murdered they are used to train modern detectives to use deductive reasoning, look for detailed clues and not just kicking down doors and using their guns.   Of Dolls & Murder takes a look at this little-known history.


Frances Glessner Lee was a pioneer woman in law enforcement, she perhaps wanted more than a sheltered life and to play a woman's role society, she created macabre gruesome bloody doll houses that depicted a murder scene.  While not the real thing, her doll houses taught modern police and law enforcement the importance of forensic science and to have investigative skills.  While not like TV dramas, real detective work revolves around noticing what are the clues that should be noticed. 


This was an interesting documentary on the importance of police training using doll house to train them to use their minds to deduce facts on a murder scene.  Hopefully not all police is trained on the job or on the spot, the next best thing is to use fake, but detailed models to train the rookies detectives.  They however do make a point that detective work is not like CSI in one aspect, it usually takes months for forensics to get evidence back to the case.  It shows how behind every detective are the body farms, criminally-minded college students that works and supports forensics.



-   Ricky Chiang


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