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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Crime > Murder > Terrorism > Psychosis > RAMPAGE: Killing Without Reason (Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Set)

RAMPAGE: Killing Without Reason (Mill Creek Entertainment DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Documentary: B+



Mass murder... what could cause someone to commit such an act?  Who, what, why, when and where, to the common people such horrific acts belong to terrorist, sadists, and serial killers, but what makes them tick?  This documentary explores the so call minds of these individuals or cult-like behavior, why we should fear them, are they really crazy?  The darker, twisted side of these disturbed people.
What is 'Mass Murder'?  By law and definition, it is the killing of a group of people of at least 4 or more in a short period of time.  What make mass murder so horror and terrifying is that it could happen to anyone, anyplace at anytime, but such acts are hardly random, the people who commit these acts are not crazy, they have their reasons, and they have the means.  In all cases, they have one similar trait, an indescribable rage that fuels them.  Incidents such as Columbine, Oklahoma City Bombing, Waco, the KKK, 9-11 and more... They are normal people like everyone else, but are like ticking time bombs.... just waiting for someone to pull the trigger.  A person may not be even be an intended target and that is what makes mass murder so terrifying... but one is just so happen in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
This was a decent documentary that covers the idea of mass murder from the last two centuries, from the Virginia Tech massacre to 9-11.  They explain mass murder is nothing new, but with the advancement of technology has only made it easier people to commit such acts.  What is similar across all of them is rage, these murders are angry at something or someone one, either bullied, seeking revenge, or righting what they believed to be wrong, people who are able to kill the masses do premeditate their actions.  The documentary does a good job giving various examples and what triggered these people. But as someone who studied psychology, in cases of mass murders when such killings are reported or seen in the news there is an unsaid assumption that the victims are innocent, but one must ask "What if they aren't?"  What if people who commit mass murder are but the results of society?  Most mass murders are NOT mentally insane, they are normal people who have reach some sort of 'breaking point', one might be someone you know, just that you don't know it yet....


-   Ricky Chiang


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