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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Sharks > Enviroment > Science > Ecosystems > Genocide > Sharkwater (2007/DVD-Video)

Sharkwater (2007/DVD-Video)


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: B-     Documentary: B



Note: This title has also been released in the Blu-ray format, a version we hope to cover very soon.



Soon after the success of Steven Spielberg’s hit version of Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws (1975) and its imitators with all creatures great and small, sharks became revilified, though there were early efforts to break the myths of killer sharks, the image held.  A few decades later, it has become so bad, that the world population of the incredible creatures has declined a dangerous, shocking 90% and if this is not reversed, it could be a disaster many are not even aware of that could occur.  Fortunately, biologist, oceanographer, adventurer and now filmmaker Rob Stewart has literally put his life at risk to see what the problem was.  Sharkwater shows the crazy hunting and high profits involved with the hunting industry and Stewart’s efforts may just begin to help reverse a sick trend.


Without ruining the highlights of the film, Stewart combines his journey with footage of the near fatal resistance he kept encountering uncovering the truth about why sharks are in danger.  In his science segments with some of the most remarkable underwater sea footage we have seen since the BBC’s Planet Earth (reviewed on Blu-ray and HD-DVD elsewhere on this site) shows us havens for these shocking advanced creatures.  The early piece on the amazing abilities of the hammerhead shark (including two extra senses including the ability from special stripes on their sides to detect motion in the water far away, plus even the human heartbeat!) attest to what exactly what is at stake and if the sharks were to become extinct, it would hasten any global disaster and kill man even faster.


Though there are those anti-science morons who will try to ignore this, in real life, it is a very serious issue and the extinction a fatal threat.  Mind you, this extends to all sharks and they have been around for roughly 450 Million years unchanged.


Also sick is the way they are being captured, have their fins cut off (for stupid medicines that don’t work and soups where the fins have zero taste, among other ignorant rapings of this amazing species) only to have the rest of their bodies dumped overboard.  It is a true nightmare and Stewart has the guts to show the worst of it, extending to attacks on giant turtles and any other creature hateful, greedy people can grab, strip and kill.  If that is not outrageous enough for you, think, understand and know that this kind of permitted behavior extends to the way people treat each other and if you don’t believe this writer, just watch some so-called “reality TV” to see the regressive, sick, demeaning and ignorant behavior for yourself.


So much is here that you have to see this to really get what is going on.  In a few years, this will be considered one of the great nature documentaries and Stewart should be hailed as a hero and the next Jacques Cousteau.  All this and more makes Sharkwater at an intense 90 minutes (it could have been twice that long, it is so good) a classic nature documentary and one of the biggest must-0see documentaries we have seen in a while.


We will follow up on this ASAP and look forward to reader response as well.  In the meantime, would someone please give Stewart money to do another film and a high profile TV series?



The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image originates on digital High Definition and like other documentaries has variances because there is various film and video footage used throughout, but it is nicely edited and always with a smart pace.  The only thing one may find funny is that 1.33 X 1 material has been stretched out to 1.78, but it is not too bad.  The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix has well recorded narration and does the best it can with the various qualities of source material (from optical mono to location taping) resulting in a good mix.  Extras include TV spots, trailer, the hilarious old Shark Defense U.S. Naval Training Film and very good Beneath The Surface making of featurette.


None of this could have gone on long enough for my tastes and I hope we see follow-up projects ASAP.  In the meantime, you can learn more and the latest by visiting the following links elsewhere on the web:







-   Nicholas Sheffo


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