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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Biography > Bullfighting > Controversy > Animal Abuse > Gored: A Love Story (2015/MVD Visual DVD)

Gored: A Love Story (2015/MVD Visual DVD)

Picture: B- Sound: C Extras: D Documentary: C+

Antonio Barrara is know as current the most 'gored' bull fighter in history, to be impaled in the bull fighting ring. Bullfighting was considered national sport in Spain and Mexico, and it is considered an honor, a dance to the death where if you were a successful bullfighter you could become almost like a rock star or national hero. Ido Mizrahi's Gored: A Love Story (2015) looks at his life and the ever-controversial sport.

Why do bull fighters fight? For glory? For honor? Antonio Barrara has been bull fighting since he was a child and has be 'gored' 23 times, to him bull fighting is a way of life. To feel the adrenaline when he going against a half-ton creature that could kill him. It is like asking why hunters hunt if they don't need the meat or why do dare devils risk their lives. But what set Antonio apart is that for all the time he was gored, if he could still stand he would always return to the ring.

Bullfighting... it reminds me of the Roman Colosseum and gladiators. While only slightly less humane there are those who still consider it a cruelty to enrage an animal and make it slowly bleed to death as a matador slowly taunts it to death (at risk of his own life an limb). While it's origins and culture makes it seem like an honor, today in modern society it like watching a dog/chicken fight to the death, it is a stunt at best. Antonio Barrera's last bull died without fighting, it stopped in mid fight as if it was too tired ...just cried and died, as if it understood it was going to die no matter what, a testament to all the bulls and bullfighting itself. This is an interesting-enough look at all of this, but many may still pass, not caring for the violence or boycotting the event.

The anamorphically-enhanced 1.78 X 1 image looks pretty good for this format throughout, but the lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 sound has location audio issues and is barely stereo. There are no extras.

- Ricky Chiang


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