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75 Years of WWII (2014/A&E/Lionsgate/History Channel DVD)
A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story (2015/Cinedigm DVD)/Brave Miss World (2013/Linor Blu-ray)/Invisible Scars (2015/First Run DVD)/Loving (2016/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)
A Little Night Music: Original Cast Recording (1973/Sondheim/Sony/Vocalion Hybrid Super Audio CD/SA-CD/SACD)/Summer Stock (1950/MGM/Blu-ray/*both Warner Archive)
Aalto (2020/Film Movement DVD)/Harry and Snowman (2018)/Tab Hunter Confidential (2015/both MVD/FilmRise Blu-ray)/Tiger (2021/Tiger Woods/HBO/Warner Archive DVD)/The Titans That Built America (2021/Lio
ABBA Forever: The Winner Takes It All (2019/MVD/Weinerworld DVD)/Tell My Story (2021/Cinema Libre DVD)/World Series Champions 2021: Atlanta Braves (Shout! Factory Blu-ray Set)
Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story (2011/MVD Visual DVD)/Beautiful Wave (2010/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)
All The Labor (2013/MVD Visual DVD)/Linsanity (2013/Arc DVD)/Men At Lunch (2013/First Run DVD)/More Than Honey (2012/Kino Lorber Blu-ray)/Red Reign (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)
Alone On The Island Of The Blue Dolphins (2018/First Run DVD)/24 X 36 (2016/MVD/FilmRise DVD)/World Series Champions: The Boston Red Sox (Shout! Factory Blu-ray Box + Blu-ray/DVD Set)
Amateur Night At City Hall: The Story Of Frank L. Rizzo (1977/Mugge/MVD Visual DVD)/Art House (2015/First Run DVD)/Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story Of The National Lampoon (2015/Magnolia Blu-ray
American Dreamer (1971/Etiquette Blu-ray w/DVD)/Battleground (1949/MGM/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/The Exterminating Angel (1962/Criterion Blu-ray)/Macbeth (1948, 1950/Orson Welles/Republic/Olive Blu-ray
Amy (2015/A24/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/Jaco (2015/MVD Visual Blu-ray set)/The Jam: About The Young Idea (2015/Eagle Blu-ray/DVD Set)/Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All (2015/Eagle Blu-ray Set)
Anita: Speaking Truth To Power (2013/Anita Hill/First Run DVD)/B.B. King: Life Of Riley (2014/MVD Visual Blu-ray + DVD)/Watermark (2013/E1 Blu-ray)/Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley (2014/HBO DVD)
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens (2006/Warner DVD)
Arcade Fire: The Reflector Tapes (2017/Universal Music/Eagle Blu-ray Set)/Bells Are Ringing (1960/MGM/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Gimme Danger (2016/Iggy Pop/Sony DVD)/Go Johnny Go! (1958/Sprocket Vault/V
Art Bastard (2015/Concannon Blu-ray)/A Boatload Of Wild Irishmen: The Life Of Robert Flaherty (2011/Icarus DVD)/One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich and the Lost American Film (2015/Warner Archi
Audrey (2020/Bohemio Blu-ray)/Beautiful Darling (2010/Corinth DVD)/Deep In Vogue (2019*)/Queen Of Hearts: Audrey Flack (**)/Six By Sondheim (2013/HBO/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/The State Of Texas Vs. Mel
Bachman (2018/MVD/FilmRise Blu-ray)/In Person (1935/RKO/DVD*)/Le Comte Ory/Rossini/Talbot (2017/Naxos/CMajor/Unitel Blu-ray)/A Little Night Music: Original Cast Recording (1973/Sondheim/Sony/Vocalion
Ballet Boys (2014/First Run DVD)/Francesco (1989/Film Movement Blu-ray)/Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967/Sony/Columbia/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/PS Dance! (2015/First Run DVD)/Pop Life
Barbara Rubin & The Exploding NY Underground (2018*)/Dick Cavett Show: New York Radio Pioneers (1972 - 1995*)/Encirclement (2008/IndiePix DVD)/David Susskind Archive: Interview With Dr. Martin Luther
Baseball Legends (2015/Lionsgate DVD Set)
Batkid Begins (2015/Warner DVD)
Bee Gees, The: How Do You Mend A Broken Heart? (2020/HBO*)/Deep Blues (1991/Film Movement)/Lullaby Of Broadway (1951*)/Respect (2021/Aretha Franklin/MGM/UA/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/Tina (2021/Tina Tur
Being Canadian (2015/Candy Factory DVD)/The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)/Brain Games: Season 7 (2016 aka The Final Season/National Geographic/Fox DVD Set)/Living In The Age Of
Being Evel (2015/MVD/FilmRise DVD)/Sad Vacation: The Last Days of Sid and Nancy (2016/MVD Visual DVD)/With Great Power... The Stan Lee Story (2010/Umbrella DVD)
Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story (2017/MVD Visual Blu-ray w/DVD)/Echotone (2010/IndiePix DVD)/Free To Rock (2017/MVD Visual DVD Set)/Diana Ross: Diamond Diana - The Legacy Collection (2017 compilat
Best Of Enemies: Buckley Vs. Vidal (2015/Magnolia Blu-ray)/The Great American Dream Machine (1971 - 1973/S'More Entertainment DVD Box Set)
Betty Davis: They Say I'm Different (2020*)/Celebration (2018/Yves St. Laurent/KimStim)/Come On Feel The Noize: The Story Of How Rock Became Metal (2019/Cleopatra/*both MVD)/Stuffed (2019/Music Box)/T
Between Land And Sea (2017/Film Movement DVD)/Big Wednesday (1978/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Men Of Wood And Foam (2016 w/History Of Australian Surfing (1985) and Fall Line (1976/1979)/Umbrella/Region Fr
Bill Moyers On Addiction (1998/Acorn/Athena DVD Set)/IRT Deadliest Roads: Season Two – The Andes (2011)/Storage Wars, Volume Three (2011/A&E History Channel DVD Sets)
Birth Of The Living Dead (2013 Documentary/Romero/First Run DVD)/Black Water Vampire (2013/Image DVD)/Carrie (2013 remake/Fox/MGM Blu-ray w/DVD)/Concrete Blondes (2012/Inception DVD)/Stonados (2013/Ar
Blood & Flesh (2019/Al Adamson/Severin Blu-ray)/Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death (1980/Film Detective Blu-ray)/Hunter's Moon (2019/Lionsgate DVD)/Maniac 4K (1980*/**)/Mommy & Mommy 2: Mommy's Day (1995, 19
Bloodlines: The Art & Life Of Vincent Castiglia (2018/Waterfront DVD*)/Dick Cavett Show: ''And That's The Way It Is...'' + Inside The Minds Of... V. 1, 2 & 3 (1969 - 1995/S'More DVD*)/Free Lunch Socie
Bob & The Monster (2013/MVD Visual Blu-ray + DVD)/Celibidache Rehearses Bruckner's Ninth (1991, 2005/ArtHaus/Naxos Blu-ray)/Gozaran: Time Passing (2013/EuroArts/Naxos Blu-ray)
Bound By Flesh (2012/MPI/Sundance Selects DVD)
Bruce Lee: Tracking The Dragon (2014/MVD Visual DVD)
Buck (2010/IFC/MPI DVD)/The Comancheros (1961/Fox Blu-ray)/Horse Soldiers (1959/MGM Blu-ray)/The Righteous & The Wicked (2011/Lionsgate DVD)/3 Women (1977/Criterion Blu-ray)
Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women (2016/First Run DVD)
Chantal Akerman: Four Films (1993 - 2010/5-Disc Set)/Chantal Ackerman: From Here (2010)/I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema Of Chantal Akerman (2015)/No Home Movie (2015/all Icarus DVD releases)/A Dog
Chavela (2017/Music Box DVD)/Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bam (2018)/Live At Boggo Road Jail (1993/Thorpe - Aztecs/both Umbrella Region Free PAL Import DVDs)/Lynn Anderson: Rose Garden/Greatest Hits (1
Chely Wright: Wish Me Away (2011/First Run DVD)/Kiss Me (2012/Wolfe DVD)
Chet Zar: I Like To Paint Monsters (2015/First Run DVD)
Chicago: Terry Kath Experience + Now More Than Ever: The Story Of Chicago (both 2016/FilmRise Blu-ray*)/Honeymooners: A Christmas Carol (1977/MPI DVD)/Dear Evan Hansen (2021/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/D
Christopher Reeve – Hope In Motion (2006/Hart Sharp DVD)
Cinematographer (2020/MVD/Lightyear Blu-ray)/Invisible Imprints (2022/IndiePix DVD)/Monobloc (2021/Icarus DVD)
Clarence Clemens: Who Do You Think I Am? (2019/Virgil/MVD Blu-ray)/Generation Wealth (2018/Lionsgate DVD)/Ice King (2019/Film Movement DVD)/Maiden (2018/Sony Blu-ray)/Power Of Grayskull: The Definitiv
Come Hell Or High Water: The Battle For Turkey Creek (2013/Bulldog Films DVD)/Cooking At World's End (2015/Film Movement/Omnibus Entertainment DVD)/The Girl From The Brothel (2017/Cinema Libre DVD)/Re
Danny Says (2016/Magnolia DVD)/Fifty Years Of Australian Television: The Complete Collection (2017/Channel 9/Umbrella Region Free PAL Import DVD Set)/Hot Type: 150 Years Of The Nation (2016/First Run
David Susskind Archive: Interview With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1963*)/Monochrome: Black White & Blue (2019/*all MVD DVDs)/Where's My Roy Cohn? (2019/Sony Blu-ray)
Dear Talula (2006/First Run Features DVD)
Dinner At Eight (1933**)/Harvey (1958/Art Carney/Liberation Hall/*both MVD)/Ivanhoe (1952/**both MGM/Warner Archive Blu-rays)
Elton John – Someone Like Me (Eagle Media DVD)
Enter The Faun (2015/First Run Features DVD)
Ernest Hemingway – Rivers To The Sea (American Masters)
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story (2012/First Run DVD)
Finding Joseph I (2016/MVD Visual DVD)/Giovanni: Tribute To China (2017/Top Music/Intermusic Blu-Spec CD)/The Greatest Showman 4K (2017/Fox 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/DVD)/Heartworn Highways (1981)/Revisit
Flyin' Cut Sleeves (1993*)/David Susskind: Interview with Nikita Khrushchev (1960*)/Heimat Is A Space In Time (2019/Icarus DVD*)/Lost City Of Cecil B. DeMille (2016/Random*)/Vinyl Revival (2020/Weiner
For The Love Of Spock (2016/MVD Visual/FilmRise DVD)
Free Lunch Society (2017/Icarus DVD)/Gamechangers: Dreams Of BlizzCon (2018/FilmRise/Blu-ray/*all MVD)
Gary Numan: Android In La La Land (2016/First Run DVD)/Hits & Pieces: The Best Of Mark Almond and Soft Cell (2017 Universal Music compilation CD Set)/Looking For Johnny: The Legend Of Johnny Thunders
George Crumb: Voice Of The Whale (1976/MVD Visual DVD)
George Harrison: Living In A Material World (2012/Universal Music Blu-ray)/Simply Red: Live at Montreux 2003 (Eagle Blu-ray)/Stony Island (1978/Cinema Libre DVD)
Gil Scott-Heron in Black Wax (1982/MVD Visual Blu-ray)
Gleason (2016/Sony DVD)
Gored: A Love Story (2015/MVD Visual DVD)
Herb & Dorothy (2009/New Video DVD)
Hercules: Hero, God, Warrior (2014/Lionsgate/A&E/History Channel DVD)
Hockney (2014)/Papirosen (2011)/The Seventh Fire (2015/all Film Movement DVDs)/The Silence Of Mark Rothko (2014/Icarus DVD)/VAXXED: From Cover Up To Catastrophe (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It) (2015/Music Box DVD)
Hubert Selby Jr.: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story (2014/Cinedigm DVD)
I Am The Queen (2010/Cinema Libre DVD)
James Castle – Portrait Of An Artist (2008/First Run DVD)
James Thurber: The Life and Hard Times (2000/First Run DVD)
Killing Jimmy Hoffa (2014/MVD Visual DVD)
King Cohen (2017/La La Land Blu-ray w/CD)
Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015/Universal Music Blu-ray)/Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin by Jon Bream (Second Edition/2015/Voyageur Press Books)/The Who: Live In Hyde Park (2015/Eagle Blu-ray/2 CD Set)/We
Last Days Here (2011/Sundance/MPI DVD)/Marley (2012/Magnolia Blu-ray)/Slipknot {sic}nesses Live At Download 2009 (Eagle Blu-ray)
Lee Scratch Perry's ''Vision Of Paradise'' (2015/Cadiz Music DVD w/Book Set)
Legendary Performances Archive Series – Marty Robbins + Tammy Wynette (Shout! Factory DVDs/Country Music)
Leonard Bernstein: Larger Than Life (2015/C Major/Unitel Classica)/Herbert von Karajan: Maestro For The Screen (2008/C Major/Unitel Classica)/Rossini's La Gazzetta (2014/Dynamic)/Handel: Saul/Glyndebo
Let The Music Play – The Barry White Story (Documentary)
Listen Up: The Lives Of Quincy Jones (1990/Warner DVD)
Live From The House Of Soul: Charles Bradley and Menahan Street Band (2016/Daptone Records/MVD Visual DVD)
Lonestar: Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984 - 1989 (2017/Chrome Dreams/MVD DVD)/Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame (2015/First Run DVD)
Lucy & Desi – A Home Movie (1993/MPI DVD)
Madonna – Wild Angel (Eagle Eye Media DVD)
Mary Pickford: The Muse Of The Movies (2012/Cinema Libre DVD)/To Whom It May Concern: Ku Shen’s Journey (Nancy Kwan biography/2010/Redwind DVD)
My Way (2012/MVD Visual DVD)
Mystery Of The Wax Museum (1933/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Zombie 4K (1979/Fulci/*all MVD/**both Blue Underground 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays)
National Geographic DVDs: Gerald R. Ford: A Test Of Character/The Great Human Race: Season One/The Greeks/Original Sin: Sex/Primal Survivor: Season 1/United States Of Animals: Season 1/The Yards: Seas
Neil Oliver's Vikings: The Real Warriors (2014/BBC DVD)
Paul Bowles – The Complete Outsider
Paulo Coelho's Best Story (2014/Music Box DVD)
Pocahontas Revealed (NOVA/WGBH)
Power Of Grayskull: The Definitive History Of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe (2016/High Octane DVD)
Prodigal Sons (2008/First Run DVD)
Rachel Flowers: Hearing Is Believing (2017/Gravitas Ventures Blu-ray)
Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan (2011/MVD Visual/Arrow Films Blu-ray)
Records Collecting Dust II (2018/MVD Visual DVD)
Salvador Allende (2004/Icarus DVD) + His Final 24 Hours series: Jim Morrison + John F. Kennedy Jr. + Tupac Shakur (MVD Visual DVDs)
Sherpa (2015/Lionsgate DVD)
Speak The Music: Robert Mann & The Mysteries Of Chamber Music (2013/First Run DVD)
Spring and Arnaud: Art, Love, and Mortality (2013/First Run DVD)
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans (2015/FilmRise*)/Target: Philadelphia (2020/IndiePix DVD)/To The Edge Of The Sky (2017*)/What She Said: The Art Of Pauline Kael (2020/Juno/*all MVD DVDs)/You Don't Nom
The Color Of Noise (2015/Robellion Films/MVD Visual Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Drop Box (2014/Virgil Films DVD)
The Fear Of 13 (2015/Dogwoof/First Run DVD)
The Last Days Of Left Eye (Anchor Bay DVD)
The Making Of Trump (2016/History Channel/Lionsgate DVD)
The Nasty Terrible T-Kid 170: Julius Cavero (2014/MVD DVD)
The Presidents (American Experience/PBS Home Video DVD Box Set)
The Presidents Collection (2016/History Channel/A&E/Lionsgate DVD Set)
The Return Of Ruben Blades (1985/MVD Visual Blu-ray)
The Salt Of The Earth (2014/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
The State Of Texas Vs. Melissa (2020/FilmRise/*both MVD Blu-rays)/2020 World Series Champions Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB/Shout! Factory Blu-ray Set)/White Riot (**both 2020/Film Movement DVDs)
Time Thieves (2018/Icarus)/True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight For Equality (2019/HBO/Warner/all DVDs)
Warhol (1973/David Bailey Documentary/Network U.K./Region Two/2/PAL DVD)
Westinghouse (2008/Inecom DVD)
What's My Name: Muhammad Ali (2019/HBO/Warner DVD)
yHomeless? (2011/Cinema Libre DVD)
You Don't Need Feet To Dance (2013/First Run DVD)
You Don't Nomi (2019/on Showgirls/RLJ Blu-ray)


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