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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Biography > Science > Injury > Paralysis > Politics > Christopher Reeve – Hope In Motion (2006/Hart Sharp DVD)

Christopher Reeve – Hope In Motion (2006/Hart Sharp DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: C+     Film: B



Many years ago, I was shocked by a TV special that showed how persons paralyzed could have some improved motion in their various limbs if they had computer chip implants, but the U.S. Government did not want to fund any such program.  Fast forward a decade or two later and now there is a biological alternative, but certain disturbing political games are being played to stop progress so certain persons can rule by fear, hate and misery.  That is the very thing that may have killed actor Christopher Reeve, featured in a new documentary by his son Matthew Christopher Reeve – Hope In Motion (2006).


The involving, bittersweet, amazing, sometimes painful and always powerful 102 minutes show Reeve dealing with his injury, the issues involved with it, the terrible things he has to suffer made worse by help being so close yet so far.  He died after this was made and it stands as a testament to his resilience, all the way to testifying in Congress and doing what he can not to be a victim.


Many opposition interests spoke of how stem cell research was just “experimental” or “immoral” and we heard the especially classic “unproven” which is obvious since research was being purposely sabotaged and stopped for the sake of Rollback politics that try to substitute progressive science for dogma and ignorance.  There is also the abuse argument, which has some validity, but is not specific enough to argue against this new progress.  The propaganda against helping people like Reeve even reached a silly peak of outrageous idiocy when the machine against it talked about “why do we even need research?” which should have been a red alert to most people if they cared or were paying attention.


Reeve bravely lived the rest of his life with dignity, courage and with surprise progress before the worst caught up with him.  When the U.S. decides to get back to being the U.S. in the science field, we will see just how much he unnecessarily suffered.


The letterboxed 2.35 X 1 image has some weak detail and color issues, but this was taped on semi-professional equipment at best and has the kind of flaws that and documentary making naturally offer.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound is simple stereo at best, but is just fine under the circumstances.  Extras include four separate interview pieces split in half between Chris & Brooke Ellison, Jim McLaren & Jesse Billauer and more on the Christopher & Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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