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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > People > Living > Special Interest > The Jesus Guy (2007/Cinevole Studios/MVD Visual DVD)

The Jesus Guy (2007/Cinevole Studios/MVD Visual DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C     Main Program: C+



He's been seen on various shows, 20/20, Times, and The Wall Street Journal, he has long hair, a beard, a white robe, and he looks like Jesus, The Jesus Guy.  Penniless and shoeless he has walked barefoot through 47 states and several countries sharing his belief and words from the Bible with anyone who is willing to listen to him.  Some would call him crazy or 'a kook' and others would call him a blessing, but who is he?  He has forsaken his past, he lives as Jesus and his disciples did, his personal journey has caught the eyes and ears of many...
A man who looks like Jesus, lives like Jesus and has giving up all worldly material goods and the only thing he owns is the robe on his back and a bible in his hand.  He walks from place to place only accepting when others offer him shelter or food, he talks and shares his faith.  Some are surprised by this man, some laugh, some accept him, while others want him out of town as soon as possible.  His devotion puts politicians, officers of the law, and various religious figures to shame.  His appearance and mission has caught the attention of the common people.  This film is a documentary of some of the people he's met and their responses.
There are very few people with the fortitude to live a life of poverty, including monks, saints, people like Gandhi or Mother Teresa.  Life is hard enough, but we can only imagine what life would be like if we were to suddenly give up everything and to live a simple honest life in service to others without reward or guarantee of any return or even acceptance.  In a world where men makes rules and money reigns like a god, it is not surprising any person who is not governed by the rules of men or influenced by money makes those who do, nervous.  While he says he is not Jesus, his appearance, his life style, has nevertheless has made the common people question and wonder, is he testing himself or is he testing others?  Perhaps that is what any true religion or religious person's real purpose is... to make one reflect on one's own soul.  Extras include commentary with James Joseph ("The Jesus Guy"), Q&A with the director with Jesus Guy, and trailers.



-   Ricky Chiang


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