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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Sports > Baseball > History > Biking > Hockey > Baseballís Greatest Games: New York Mets First No Hitter (2012/MLB/A&E DVD)/Fixation (2012/First Run DVD)/Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup 2012 Champions (Warner DVD)

Baseballís Greatest Games: New York Mets First No Hitter (2012/MLB/A&E DVD)/Fixation (2012/First Run DVD)/Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup 2012 Champions (Warner DVD)


Picture: C+†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: D/C-/C+†††† Main Programs: B-/C+/B-



Now for some sports and recreation titlesÖ



Baseballís Greatest Games: New York Mets First No Hitter (2012) is the latest of what is turning out to be a really interesting series of key titles from A&E and their MLB parters.It may have taken a very long time for the Mets to have this happen to them, but captures the whole thing nicely as Johan Santana delivers against the St. Louis Cardinals showing the oldest sport in the country is alive and well.There are no extras, but the 131 minutes here is very thorough and fans of the sport and Mets in particular will want to add this to their collection.



Though we have covered bike racing before, Alex Trudeau Viriatoís Fixation (2012) is more about the love of bikes, using bikes, riding bikes and living with bikes as a way of life.Though this is very short at only 40 minutes, it does manage to capture the current state of the following these reliable forms of transport offer.It does not go into how the bikes have changed, but it will come as a surprise for some who have not been keeping up how advanced their production has become.Not bad and serious fans will enjoy this in particular.Two featurettes are the only extras.



Finally we have Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup 2012 Champions which features the teamís road to getting Lord Stanley to take home with them and note that they had never won before, so this was an historic first for them and the fans.At over two hours, this is a pretty thorough presentation of events, the skill, victory and energy and celebration all around as a result.It is also nice to see quality NHL product on home video overall, because there has not been enough of it.


Extras include NHL Network interviews, Extended Locker Room Celebration, Top 10 L.A. Kings Highlights, Behind The Scenes with The Stanley Cup and ĎBecause Itís The Cupí TV Spots.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image on all three DVDs are about equal with the Mets and Kings DVDs having good transfers from their mostly HD sources, but they are also a little softer than expected, though fans with Blu-ray players should note that the Kings title is also available on Blu-ray.Fixation has some fine new HD footage and vintage footage throughout.The lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo on all three DVDs also tends to be equal with various, minor audio flaws (location audio) and limits (some audio is clearer than others).The Mets DVDs has three audio options including TV audio, a radio broadcast in sync with the video and Spanish language coverage also synced up with the video.



- ††Nicholas Sheffo


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