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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Fandom > My Life With Morrissey (Fandom)

My Life With Morrissey (Special Interest)


Picture: C-     Sound: C-     Extras: C     Main Program: D



Andrew Overtoom’s film My Life With Morrissey, the story of a deranged Morrissey obsessive and her descent into madness resulting from a back-alley encounter with the Mozzer (played by an actor who looks absolutely nothing like him), is a dreary, unwatchable, unmitigated disaster that had me squirming and diving for the DVD remote with nearly every new scene.


The fact that there is no actual music by Morrissey in the film should have been a tip-off that this was a big bucket of dreck.  Made by most of the staff of the Spongebob Squarepants series (reviewed elsewhere on this site), My Life With Morrissey flirts with big ideas concerning narcissism, obsession, and the fetishization of the performer that our celeb-economy banks on but reduces it all to the kind of sick pantomime that even the producers of the rawest, most depraved pornography would find offensive.


Please, whatever you do, do not watch this thing.  If you have any love, or even just the teensiest bit of affection, for Moz, or a modicum of self-respect this flick will make you feel crying-game dirty.  And no matter how much you scrub at your stained skin the hotdog fellatio scene will never leave you.  I am damaged and in desperate need of therapy and it is all this “films” fault.


I can only hope that repeated spins of The Queen is Dead will somehow allow me to disassociate Morrissey from this bit of ick that unfortunately and for all-time will bear the name of the poor, misused charming man.



-   Kristofer Collins



Kristofer Collins is the owner of Desolation Row CDs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and can be contacted at desolationrowcds@hotmail.com


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