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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Health > Disease > Science > Treatment > Children > Loving Lampposts (2011/Cinema Libre)/A Motherís Courage (2010/First Run Features DVD)

Loving Lampposts (2011/Cinema Libre)/A Motherís Courage (2010/First Run Features DVD)


Picture: C†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: C+/C†††† Main Programs: B



Autism is a condition people have heard of, but they still do not full understand it over 20 years after Barry Levinsonís Rain Man (1988) was an international smash hit and there was hope help or a cure or whatever had to be done would be done.There has been some progress, but not enough and two new documentaries show us what has happened and what needs to be done.


Todd Dreznerís Loving Lampposts (2011) is the story about how the Director strived to help his autistic son out, made him happy and finds out that one of the reasons things are not moving along is because there is a debate as to whether it is a disease, mental condition, both or maybe something else or a combination of any of those.This includes concerns that vaccinations may be causing autism as HMOs have taken over medical care too much, the actual vaccines are not individually packaged making them more problematic and possible mercury used in at least some of them.The result is a much-needed discussion and about what is really going on and why there needs to be much, much more of a public discourse and awareness to get a hold of this phenomenon.


Kate Winslet narrates Fridrik Thor Fridrikssonís A Motherís Courage (2010) which adds to the discussion and shows us another familyís journey with an autistic child and how they find treatment for their son as well.Roughly 75% of all children born autistic are male.Margret travels all over (including to the U.S. and Europe) to get help for her son Keli, finally finding some and we see how difficult and triumphant this can be.Several experts are interviewed as well, along with great people helping out and the increasingly famous Dr. Temple Grandin (who was born with Autism and is now hugely successful in her field) who has the most remarkable insights of all.


These are fine programs to be seen together and are highly recommended for everyone so we can all understand this so we can eventually render its power to hurt people and ruin lives as powerless.We all deserve that.



The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image on both programs are well edited, but there are aliasing errors and other softness issues to expect (some of the footage is also older archival footage), so they are mixed in this respect but very watchable.Both also have Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo tracks, though Courage adds a Dolby 5.1 mix that is a slim improvement.Extras include extended interviews on Lampposts and weblink resources on Courage.


For more, try this link on the Temple Grandin telefilm:





-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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