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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Fantasy > Action > Anime > TV > Beyblade: Metal Fusion Vol. 3 (Nelvana/Vivendi DVD)

Beyblade: Metal Fusion Vol. 3 (Nelvana/Vivendi DVD)

Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Main Program: B-

In the last chapter of Beyblade, Gingka was defeated by Ryuga's L-Drago.  Gingka disappears and his friends go searching for him in the only place they know where Gingka's home, a hidden Beyblading village in the mountains.  Will they find Gingka?  Can Gingka get his spirit back or has he given up on avenging his father?  This time it is up to Gingka's friends to rescue him.
Gingka has just disappeared and seem to have walked away from Beyblading, but Kenta, Benkei, Madoka and Kyoya believes in him and won't give up on him so easily, so they head to Koma village in search for Gingka.  There they meet new friends and find out Gingka hasn't runaway but is searching for a greater power in order to train and fight Ryuga, but Gingka isn't the only one getting stronger, so are his friends, as they compete their Beyblades evolve and get even stronger in the battles to come.
Get ready for action cartoon gaming, kids battling kids with their Beyblades.  While most of the moves/techniques on the show are impossible in real life, their characterization brings the Beyblades to life.  Not to mention the fact the characters themselves almost seem to have a mental command over their Beyblades.  What is amusing about this series is the visualization of the various spirits/constellation of the Beyblades in the background, personalization each Beyblade, even giving them almost character-like personalities to a non-character item.  Much of the theme revolves around the ideas of Beyblading is fun and friendship is the source of their strength.  If I had to say this was like any other cartoon/game series it would be like a mix of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon.  No extras included.
Episode 1: The Mysterious Hyoma
Kenta and the gang go in search of Gingka and search the Beyblading Village, Koma, but on the way they meet a mysterious individual, Hyoma.  Who is he and what is he hiding?
Episode 2: The Magnificent Aries
Hyoma turns out to be Gingka's childhood friend and was testing them, but if they want to find the way to Koma Village they must first beat his Beyblade, Aries.
Episode 3: The Silver Pegasus
As Gingka's friends begin to catch up on him, Gingka searches for a legendary scroll in hopes to find a new power.  There he confronts the spirit of his father.
Episode 4: The Green Hades
Now that Gingka is back, he shows his friends around his village and how he trained as a child, but before they leave Hyoma challenges Gingka to a battle at Green Hades.
Episode 5: Conquer the Tag-Team Battle!
Kenta and Benkei discover changing parts allows their Beyblade to evolve and get even stronger and teams up together for a competitive tag-team battle.
Episode 6: Begin! The Survival Battle
It is time for the annual Survival Battle for Beybladers - an island battle royal of Beyblading.  Old friends and rivals are back, and it's a free-for-all.
Episode 7: Warriors On the Deserted Island
As the Survival Battle goes on, only the strong survive and now remain, who will they be?



Picture and sound are exactly like the previous Volume Two I reviewed at this link:


-   Ricky Chiang


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