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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Monster > Creature > Telefilm > Scream Of The Banshee (2011/After Dark Series/Lionsgate DVD)

Scream Of The Banshee (2011/After Dark Series/Lionsgate DVD)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Telefilm: C+



A terrible curse is released when a college professor and her research students discovers and opens an ancient artifact in a hidden room in basement of their college.  A severed banshee's head, legend goes whoever hears the blood curling scream will die by the banshee's hand and now, with the reawakened banshee killing them one by one, they must find a way to stop this curse or die trying in Scream Of The Banshee.

Based on Irish legends of the banshee, an ugly hag or beautiful woman that tempts men (and woman) to their deaths.  When an ancient box is found, a professor and her students couldn't help but open and find its contents, but after hearing the banshee's scream, the banshee begins to haunt both their minds and bodies, slowly invading into their world.  Now, the professor and her students must find the way to seal the banshee again, unfortunately for them they recorded the banshee's scream and is spreading the curse.  They must find the one who place the box there and find the knowledge in how to stop this banshee before another dead body is found.
Another horror film, the costumes were fair but not all that impressive.  The story revolves an overworked professor, her students, and her truant daughter.  As a teacher of science, she hardly believes in curses much less a monster, but with banshee appearing in her mind and her students dieing one by one she has no choice but to believe and fight this horror.   Extras include commentary with director and composer.



-   Ricky Chiang


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