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A Taste Of Phobia (2017/Artsploitation DVD)
A Werewolf In The Amazon Collection (1982 - 2005/Camp Motion Pictures 3-DVD Set)
Abominable (2005)
Abominable (2006/MVD Blu-ray w/DVD)/The Endless (2017/Well Go Blu-ray)/The Last House On The Left (1972/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray Set)/Re-Animator (1985/Umbrella Region B Import Blu-ray)/Unsane (2018/Universa
After Dark Originals & Ghost House Underground 2011 Releases (2011/Lionsgate DVD & Blu-ray including Stag Night and Psych 9)
Aftermath (2012 aka Poklosie/Image Blu-ray)
Alligator (1980/Lionsgate)
Alligator People
An American Werewolf In London (1981*)/The Prey (1983/New World)/Robocop (1987/Orion/MGM/Limited Edition Set)/The Running Man (1963/Sony/Columbia)/Man Of A Thousand Faces (1957/*both Universal/all MVD
An American Werwolf In London 4K (1981/Universal/4K Ultra HD Blu-ray*)/Deadly Games (1982/Blu-ray/*both MVD/Arrow)/DeathCheaters (1976/Region Free**)/Fist Of Fury (1972/Region B/**both Umbrella Import
Another WolfCop (2017*)/China Salesman (2017/MVD/Cleopatra Blu-ray)/Detective Bureau 2-3: Go To Hell Bastards! (1963/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray)/Spinning Man (2018/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/The Terminal (2018/*both R
Attack Of The 50ft. Woman (1958/Allied Artists/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Dragons Forever 4K (1988/88 Films 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray*)/Heartland Of Darkness (1992/Ronin Flix Blu-ray*)/Loneliest Boy
Aztec Mummy Collection (1957, 58, 64/VCI)/Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell (2009/Wild Eye/both MVD Blu-rays)/Escape The Field (Blu-ray)/Lockdown (DVD/both Lionsgate 2022)/Sniper: Rogue Mission (2022
Bait 3D (2011/Anchor Bay Blu-ray w/DVD)
Basket Case (1982/MVD Visual/Arrow remastered Blu-ray)/Danger Signal (1945/Warner Archive DVD)/Don't Bother To Knock (1952/Fox/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/Ichi The Killer (2001/remastered W
Beast From Haunted Cave (1959 w/Ski Troop Attack (1960))/Film Masters Blu-ray Set*)/Desperate Hours (1955/Paramount/Arrow Blu-ray*)/Don't Look Now 4K (1973/Criterion 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Iro
Beast From Haunted Cave – Special Extended Version (1959/Synapse Films)
Blood Glacier (2013/MPI/IFC Midnight/DVD)
Blood Quantum (2019/RLJ Blu-ray)/Evil Boy (2019/Well Go DVD)/Genesis II (1973)/Planet Earth (1974/Blu-ray*)/Riverdale: The Complete Fourth Season (2019 - 2020/DVD/*both Warner Archive)/Sherlock Holmes
Blue Jean Monster (1991/88 Films*)/Fear Is The Key (1972/Arrow*)/The Moon (2023/Well Go Blu-ray)/Scream Queen (2022/Visual Vengeance*)/Shaolin Plot (1977/Arrow/*all MVD Blu-rays)/Space Wars: Quest For
Bone Cold (2022*)/Fist Of The Condor (2023*)/Sakra (2023*)/Time Bandits 4K (1981/Criterion 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Unwelcome (2022*)/Venture Bros.: The Complete Series (2004 - 2018/Adult Swim/C
Bottom Feeder – Unrated
Bride & The Beast/White Gorilla (VCI Double Feature)
Bubba The Redneck Werewolf (2014/And You Ent./MVD Visual DVD)
Burial Ground (1981/Severin Films Blu-ray)
Burying The Ex (2014/Image Blu-ray)
C.H.U.D. (1984/MVD Visual/Arrow Blu-ray Set)
C.H.U.D. 2: Bud The C.H.U.D. (1989/Vestron Collector's Series/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Caltiki: The Immortal Monster (1959/MVD Visual/Arrow Films Blu-ray w/DVD)
Chawz + I Saw The Devil (2009/2010/Magnolia/MagNet Blu-rays)
Chupacabra Territory (2016/Maltauro Blu-ray)/Vampire Bat (1933/Film Detective Blu-ray)
Classic Creature Movies (BFS DVD Set)
Cold War Creatures: Four Films From Sam Katzman (1955 - 1957/Creature With The Atom Brain, The Werewolf, The Zombies Of Mora Tau, Giant Claw/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray Box)/Flashback (Blu-ray*)/Hitman's Wife's
Contamination (1980/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray w/DVD)/Run Of The Arrow (1957/RKO/Warner Archive DVD)
Cooties (2015/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Creepy Creature Double Feature, Volume One: Monster From The Ocean Floor/Serpent Island (all 1954) + Volume Two: The Crawling Hand/The Slime People (all 1963/VCI DVDs)/Crush (2012/Millennium Blu-ray)/
Croc (2006 Telefilm/Genius/RHI DVD)
Cub (2014/Artsploitation Blu-ray)
Cult Of Chucky (2017/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/A Ghost Story (2017/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/The Glass Coffin (2017/MVD DVD)/One Million B.C. (1940/Hal Roach/MVD/VCI Blu-ray)/Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2017/Lio
Curse Of Frankenstein (1958/Hammer/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Haven (2004*)/Max Reload and the Nether Blasters (2020/*both MVD Blu-rays)/Possessor (2020/Well Go Blu-ray)/Untold Story (1993/Unearthed Blu-
Curse Of The Devil (1973) + Werewolf Shadow (1970/BCI/Deimos DVD)
Dagon (2001/Blu-ray)/The Endless (2017/DVD/both Umbrella Entertainment Region Free Imports)/Followers (2017/MVD/SKD DVD)/Future World (2018/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/The Gore Gore Girls (1972/MVD/Arrow Blu-r
Dario Argento's Dracula 3D (2013/MPI Blu-ray 3D w/2D)
Dark Age (1987/Umbrella PAL Region Free DVD)/Exorcismus (2010/IFC/MPI DVD)/Hardware (1990/Umbrella Region B Blu-ray)/Heartless (2009/IFC/MPI DVD)/Hellraiser (1987) + Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988/Umb
Dark Night Of The Scarecrow 2 (2022/VCI Blu-ray*)/Initiation Of Sarah (1978/Arrow Blu-ray*)/Offseason (2021/RLJ Blu-ray)/True Romance 4K (1993/Arrow 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray/*all MVD)/Umma (2022
Dark Was The Night (2014/Image Entertainment Blu-ray)
Dead Rising: Endgame (2016/Sony Blu-ray)
Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015/Sony DVD)
Deadsight (2019/RLJ DVD)/Roadhouse Murder (1932/RKO/Warner Archive DVD)/Sidecar Racers (1975/Universal/Umbrella Region Free PAL Import DVD)/Slaughter Of The Innocents (1993/Synapse Blu-ray)/Two From H
Deep Blue Sea 2 (2017/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/Emanuelle & The Last Cannibals (1977*)/Enigma Russo (1978/Icarus/Doppelganger/Scorpion Blu-ray)/I Kill Giants (2017/Image/RLJ Blu-ray)/Moon Child (1989/Cult
Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/House By The Cemetery 4K (1981) + New York Ripper (1982/Blue Underground*)/Mikey (1992/*all MVD Blu-ray)/Z (2019/RLJ Blu-ray)
Demon Queen (1986/Massacre Video DVD)/In The House Of Flies (2012/MVD DVD)
Digging Up The Marrow (2014/Image Blu-ray)
Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here (2014/Warner Blu-ray)
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1920/Barrymore/Paramount/Kino Blu-ray)/Never Sleep Again (2010/Image Blu-ray set)/Plus One (2013/MPI/IFC DVD)/The Power (1968/MGM/Warner Archive DVD)/The Prey (2011/Cohen Media
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1971/Hammer Studios/Anchor Bay DVD)
Eaten Alive (1977/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray w/DVD)
Eaten Alive – 2-Disc Special Edition (Dark Sky Films/DVD-Video)
Extinction (2015/Sony DVD)
Eye Of The Beast (2006/RHI Maneater DVD Series/Genius)
Feast III – The Happy Finish: Unrated (Genius/Dimension DVD)
Ferocious Planet (2011/RHI Telefilm/Vivendi DVD)
Fire Serpent (2007 telefilm)
Frankenhooker (1990/Synapse Blu-ray)/Colony Of The Dark (1995/Apprehensive DVD)
Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell (Paramount DVD)
Frankenstein Created Woman
Frankenstein Vs. The Mummy (2015/Image Blu-ray)
Frankenstein ‘80 (1972/Cheezy Flicks DVD)
Frankenstein's Army (2013/Dark Sky Blu-ray) + Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell (1973/Hammer/Paramount/Warner Archive DVD)
Freaks Of Nature (2015/Sony Blu-ray)
Friday The 13th 1980 - 89 set
From Hell It Came (1957/Allied Artists)/Joe Versus The Volcano (1990)/The Loved One (1965/MGM/all Warner Archive Blu-rays)/The Man In The Moon (1991/MGM)/Year Of The Comet (1999/Castle Rock/New Line/C
From The Dark (2014/MPI/Dark Sky Blu-ray)/The Missing (2013/Starz!/Anchor Bay Blu-ray Set)/A Most Violent Year (2014/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/Supremacy (2014/Well Go USA Blu-ray)
Ghost House Underground Series (Dark Floors/No Man’s Land/Room 205/Dance Of The Dead/The Last House In The Woods/The Substitute/Brotherhood of Blood/Trackman/Lionsgate DVD)
Ghoulies 1 & 2
Giant From The Unknown (1958/Film Detective Blu-ray)/Love and Monsters 4K (2020/Paramount 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Six Days In Roswell (1999) w/Suckers (2001/Synapse Blu-ray)/Wolf Of Snow Hollow
Gingerclown (2013/Lionsgate DVD)
Gnome Alone (2015/Lionsgate DVD)
Goblin (2011/Lionsgate DVD)
Grabbers (2013/MPI/IFC Midnight DVD)/I Am Zozo (2011/Image DVD)/Maniac Cop 2 (1990) + 3: Badge Of Silence (1992/Blue Underground Blu-rays w/DVDs)/The People Under The Stairs (1991/Universal/Arrow Regi
Grizzly Park (Allumination DVD)
Grizzly Rage (RHI/Genius DVD)
Halloween 2010 B-Movie DVDs: Four Boxes (2009/E1) + The Rig (2009/Anchor Bay) + The Dark Lurking (2009) + Demeking – The Sea Monster (2008) + Psycho Shark (all Cinema Epoch)
Hell Of The Living Dead/RATS: Night Of Terror (1980, 1984/Blue Underground Blu-ray Blood-Soaked Double Feature)
Hellbenders 3D (2012/Lionsgate Blu-ray 3D w/2D)
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (Blu-ray w/DVD)/Midnight In The Switchgrass (Blu-ray*)/Profile (2018/Universal Blu-ray)/Room 9 (DVD/*all 2021/Lionsgate)
Horror Rises From The Tomb + The Loreley’s Grasp (1973/74; Deimos/BCI Eclipse/Uncut)
Hunting The Legend (2014/Image DVD)
I, Frankenstein (2014/Lionsgate Blu-ray 3D w/Blu-ray 2D)
Icons Of Horror Collection (Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll/The Curse Of The Mummy’s Tomb/The Gorgon/Scream Of Fear/Hammer Films/Sony DVD)
In The Deep (2016/Weinstein/Anchor Bay DVD)
In The Flesh: Season 2 (2014/BBC DVD Set)
Infected (2012/Image Entertainment DVD)
Inner Demons (2015/MPI/IFC Midnight DVD)
Into The Grizzly Maze (2015/Sony DVD)
Iron-Fisted Monk (1977/Arrow Blu-ray/*all MVD)
Isis Rising: Curse Of The Lady Mummy (2013/MVD Visual DVD)
iZOMBIE: The Complete First Season (2015/Warner DVD Set)
King Kong Lives
Lake Placid Vs. Anaconda (2015/Sony DVD)
Late Phases: Night Of The Lone Wolf (2014/MPI/Dark Sky Blu-ray)
Loneliest Boy In The World (2020/Well Go USA Blu-ray)/Nightmare Man (2006/Ronin Flix Blu-ray/*all MVD)/The Staircase (2022/HBO Limited Series/Warner DVD Set)
Lost Boys – The Thirst (2010/Warner Premier Blu-ray) + Night Of The Demons (2009 remake/eOne Blu-ray)
Madame Blanc Mysteries: Series 1 (2021/Acorn DVDs)/Seobok: Project Clone (2021/Well Go Blu-ray)
Maggie (2015/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Mandrake (Lionsgate DVD)
Maneater Series Collection – Volume Two (RHI/Genius DVD)
Mondo Weirdo (1990)/Vampiros Sexos (1988/Cult Epics Blu-ray w/DVD & CD)
Monster Club (anthology)
Monster Squad – 20th Anniversary Edition (2-DVD Set/Lionsgate)
Monster Squad – 20th Anniversary Edition (Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Morituris: Legions Of The Dead (2011/Synapse Blu-ray)
Never Cry Werewolf (2007/Genius DVD)
Night Of The Werewolf + Vengeance Of The Zombies (DVD-Video/Deimos/BCI)
Night Of The Werewolf/Vengeance Of The Zombies (Blu-ray Double Feature Set)
One Cut Of The Dead (2017/RLJ Blu-ray w/DVD Steelbook)
Phantom Of The Opera (Argento)
Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (2016/Sony Blu-ray)
Primeval (Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
Pro-Wrestlers Vs Zombies (2014/Troma Blu-ray)
Queen Crab (2015/Wild Eye DVD)
R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet Of Souls (2015/Universal DVD)
Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (1988/MVD Visual/Arrow Blu-ray)
Return Of The Living Dead 3 (1993/Vestron Collector's Series/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Roadkill (2011/Maneater Series/Vivendi Entertainment DVD)
Roger Corman's Cult Classics: Attack Of The Crab Monsters/Not Of This Earth (1958)/War Of The Satellites (1957/58/63/Shout! Factory DVD)/HD Cinema Classics Corman Films: Coppola’s Dementia 13 + The Te
Rogue (2007/Horror/Dimension Extreme DVD)
Scorpius Gigantus
Scream Of The Banshee (2011/After Dark Series/Lionsgate DVD)
Seed of Chucky – Unrated (HD-DVD)
Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014/Asylum/Cinedigm Blu-ray)
Sheepskin (2013 aka Sheep Skin/Unearthed Films DVD)
Sherlock Holmes (2009) + A Game Of Shadows (2011/Warner 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)
Shock Waves (1977/Blue Underground Blu-ray)
Sleepy Hollow (HD-DVD)
Sleepy Hollow: The Complete Third Season (2015 - 2016/Fox DVD Set)
Slime City (1989)/Slime City Massacre (2010/Camp Motion Pictures Double Feature Blu-ray)
Something Beneath (2007/Genius/RHI DVD)
Space Wars: Quest For The Deepstar (2022/Uncork'd DVD)
Stanley (1975/BCI DVD/Horror)
Strange Blood (2015/XLrator DVD)
Summer Camp (2015/Pantelion/Lionsgate DVD)
Tenet 4K (2020/Warner 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray Set)
The Abominable Snowman/Brides Of Dracula/Evil Of Frankenstein (Hammer Studios/Umbrella Entertainment DVD/Region Zero/0/PAL Format)
The Bat (1959)/A Bucket Of Blood (1959/Corman/Allied Artists/Film Detective Blu-rays)/Disembodied (1957/Allied Artists/Warner Archive DVD)/The Mad Genius (1931/Warner Archive DVD)/Sherlock Holmes (191
The Bat (1959/Allied Artists/Film Chest DVD)/Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978/United Artists/Arrow UK Region B Import Blu-ray)/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986/Arrow UK Region B Limited Edition
The Blob (1958) + Son Of Blob (1972 aka Beware! The Blob)/The Don Lane Show 2 (1981 – 1983)/For Your Height Only (1981 Spy Spoof) + Impossible Kid (1982)/My Son My Son What Have Ye Done (2009/Umbrella
The Blob (1958/Criterion Blu-ray)/The Brood (1979/Umbrella Region B Import Blu-ray)/Eaters (2010/E1 DVD)/Westworld (1973/Warner Blu-ray)
The Blob (1988 remake/Sony/TriStar/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)
The Blob (1988 remake/Sony/TriStar/Umbrella import Blu-ray)/Bob's Burger's: The Complete 5th Season (2014 - 2015/Fox DVDs)/The Man From Hong Kong (1975/restored/Umbrella Blu-ray w/Deathcheaters & Stun
The Fades: Season One (2011/BBC Blu-ray)/George Gently: Series One (2007 – 8/Acorn Blu-rays)/MidSomer Murders: Set 19 (2009/Acorn Blu-rays)/Mission: Impossible: The ’89 TV Season (CBS DVD)/Poirot Seri
The Frankenstein Theory (2013/Image Entertainment DVD)
The Horde/The Zombie Farm/Stripperland/The Bleeding (2009 – 2011/IFC/Maya/Cheezy Flicks/Anchor Bay DVDs)
The Jungle (2013/E1 DVD)
The Manitou (1977- 78/Horror)
The Mimic (2017/Well Go Blu-ray)/Tomb Raider (2018 remake/Warner 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Twilight People (1972/MVD/VCI Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Mist (Blu-ray/Weinstein Company)
The Mist – Two Disc Collector’s Edition (DVD)
The Monster Maker (1944/PRC/Mr. Fat W Video DVD)
The Mummy + The Mummy Returns (2-Disc Deluxe Edition DVDs + Deluxe Edition Blu-Ray) + The Scorpion King (Blu-Ray)
The Mummy – Special Edition (1932/Universal DVD Set)
The Mummy – Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008/Universal Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
The Neon Dead (2015/Wild Eye DVD)
The Pyramid (2014/Fox Blu-ray)
The Suckling (1990/Elite Entertainment)
Throwback (2014/MVD DVD)
Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)
Troll Hunter (2010/MagNet/Magnolia Blu-Ray)
Uncaged (2015/RLJ DVD)
Universal Classic Monsters Complete 30 Film Collection (1931 - 1956/21-Disc DVD Box Set/Universal Home Video)
Universal Classic Monsters Complete 30-Film Collection: 1931 - 1956 Blu-ray Box Set
Universal Monsters: Icons Of Horror 4K Collection, Volume Two (1932 - 1954/Mummy (1932)/Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)/Phantom Of The Opera (1943)/Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)/4K Ultra HD Blu-r
Universal Monsters: Icons of Horror Collection 4K (Dracula (1931) / Frankenstein (1931) / The Invisible Man (1933) / The Wolfman (1941) / 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays w/Blu-rays)
Vampyros Lesbos (1971/Severin Blu-ray w/DVD)
Venom (1981/Blue Underground Blu-ray w/DVD)
Venus Flytrap (1987/Massacre Video DVD)
Victor Frankenstein (2015/Fox Blu-ray)
Vipers (Genius/RHI DVD)
Willow Creek (2014/MPI/Dark Sky Films Blu-ray)
Wolf Guy (1975/Arrow/MVD Visual/Blu-ray w/DVD)
Wolfcop (2014/Image Blu-ray)
Yeti (aka Yeti: Curse Of The Snow Demon/2008/Telefilm/Genius DVD)
Young IP Man (2020/*all Well Go Blu-rays)


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