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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Monster > Creature > Bird > Gypsies > Ireland > Roadkill (2011/Maneater Series/Vivendi Entertainment DVD)

Roadkill (2011/Maneater Series/Vivendi Entertainment DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: D     Feature: C+



A group of American teenagers (again!?!) out on a roadtrip in Ireland (at least it is somewhere different, we guess) turns into a nightmare after running into a small village of gypsies and accidentally kill a gypsy woman.  Now cursed, there is a giant bird hunting them down one by one.  As they try to run they look for a way to break the curse... that is before they run out of bodies.
This group of friends and their vacation has come to a dead end nightmare after being ripped off by a gypsy as well and now they are not only being hunted by a legendary creature called the Simuroc, but also hunted down by inbred gypsies!  With their RV as their only means of protection, they try and out run the creature, but with bad roads, low roads, low on gas, getting lost and Irish hillbillies attack as things don't look good for them at all.


This is another horror flick that wasn't very scary (at least to me). There seems to be some Hollywood recipe for teenagers for a horror story: 1) a group of ignorant kids unexpected come across some god forsaken place, 2) unleashed some evil, that then kills them, and 3) typecast characters of a token black guy, a few jocks, and few hot (but vain) chicks.  All they do is run and one by one they get caught, they didn't seem to realize if they all teamed up and fought they could of beat the creature.  The CGI wasn't too great either, but if you enjoy dismemberment there is good bit of it in this film.  If you want to see a better giant bird film, see Larry Cohen’s Q – The Winged Serpent instead, even if it is corny.



-   Ricky Chiang


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