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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Monster > Zombie > Experiments > Lab > Return Of The Living Dead 3 (1993/Vestron Collector's Series/Lionsgate Blu-ray)

Return Of The Living Dead 3 (1993/Vestron Collector's Series/Lionsgate Blu-ray)

Picture: B+ Sound: B Extras: B Film: B

Available for the first time in high definition is the cult horror classic Return of the Living Dead, Part 3, directed by Brian Yuzna (Society) with incredible special effects by FX wizard Steve Johnson (Ghostbusters, Night of the Demons). Starring Melinda Clarke and J. Trevor Edmond, the film is basically a horror Romeo and Juliet story with zombies. Instead of two feuding families breaking a couple apart, it is life and death. With some Frankenstein and Vampire inspiration thrown in, Return of the Living Dead 3 isn't too much like the original film (which was released on deluxe 2-disc Blu-ray over the summer by Scream Factory, reviewed in an earlier version elsewhere on this site) and isn't for those with weak stomachs, namely during later scenes that deal with Clarke's self mutilation.

If you haven't seen the film since the VHS days (like me), you'll embrace this crisp unrated version of the film in high definition that continues Lionsgate's new Vestron Collector's Series, which started a few months ago with Chopping Mall (also reviewed elsewhere on this site) and is still going strong and is building into a very interesting series.

The film also stars J. Trevor Edmond, Sarah Douglas, and Mike Moroff.

Julie and Curt (Clarke and Edmond) are young and madly in love. Thing is that Julie likes to live her life on the edge and do things that spark a thrill. When Curt steals a passcode key to his military father's (Edmond) workspace - a zombie testing ground for military weaponry - they decide to break in and have a peak. Though after a freak motorcycle accident, Julie ends up dead and Curt gets the bright idea of bringing her back to life using some of the groundbreaking experiments at the military base. Soon, he finds out that Julie isn't the same gal he knew in real life as she acquires a taste for blood and human flesh and must using pain to help curb her hunger spells. With their true love put to the test, Curt stops at nothing to insure her safety while trying not to become her next meal himself!

The 1080p high definition transfer looks fantastic capturing the original 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio and a great sounding original DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Stereo lossless track. There's no doubt that the film has never looked or sounded as good as it does here. It's nice to finally be able to take in all of the detail in the special effects and set work here, like we never have been able too before, particularly in the scenes that take place at the military base.

Special Features include...

- Unrated Version of the film

- Audio Commentary with Director Brian Yuzna

- Audio Commentary with Actress Melinda Clarke & Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom Rainone

- Ashes to Ashes - A Conversation with Director Brian Yuzna & Screenwriter John Penney

- Living Dead Girl - An Interview with Actress Melinda Clarke

- Romeo Is Bleeding - An Interview with Actor J. Trevor Edmond

- Trimark & Trioxin - Interviews with Production Executive David Tripet & Editor Chris Roth

- The Resurrected Dead - Interviews with Special Effects Designers Steve Johnson & Chris Nelson

- Still Gallery

- Original Trailer

- James Lockhart



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