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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Monster > Exploitation > Hunting The Legend (2014/Image DVD)

Hunting The Legend (2014/Image DVD)

Picture: C- Sound: B- Extras: D Film: D

I am a huge fan of Cryptos and the Bigfoot myth. I've had the chance to talk to some Bigfoot experts who honestly believe this creature is real and they have shown me imprints of the foot and their evidence. I have my reservations on whether or not the creature exists but I'll set that aside and analyze this film for what it is. The biggest problem with Hunting The Legend (2014) is that the filmmakers should have created their own creature instead of using Bigfoot himself. There has yet to be a really good Bigfoot movie. For some reason, this creature has eluded filmmakers up to this point. I don't view them as evil beings but more as observers and it bugs me when movies like this one tries to make them out to be a second rate Predator. Apparently, Bigfoot strings up corpses to trees in their underwear according to this film.. because that makes sense.

That aside, the film is really just bad from every possible standpoint. Its apparent that there was a very loose script and that most of it is improv. The scenes that are used as plot points are obviously scripted and really stand out from the scenes that are improv. The film opens with a troubled teen whose Father was kidnapped by the Bigfoot creature during a deer hunt in his youth. We are whisked away on his vengeful quest to find and kill the monster. We are treated to a sequence of badly acted interviews with town locals who have heard of or encountered the Bigfoot.

Soon, our main character gathers up some friends and they are lead to a jaded Country Man who hunts Sasquatch and lives in a log cabin with his dogs who tells them in one painfully long wide shot that lasts several minutes about his encounters with the creatures. The found footage concept is definitely used throughout as a gimmick that grows very tired early on. After the encounter with the creepy County Man, the crew takes off into the woods and find nothing and bicker and argue. Soon, they come across that corpse tied to a tree I was telling you about before, followed by several minutes of shaky running while holding a camera. I'm sure if this film was viewed in a theater they would be handing out vomit bags at the box office.

Once, the Bigfoot monsters start making noises the teenage cast starts to shake, puke, and cry. The acting is so bad it makes this film a comedy. A highlight is when one guy who thinks he's an actor delivers a two minute monologue about how the footage that is found must be preserved. It had me in stitches it was so hilariously bad. One by one the teens get killed off by the creatures and yell and scream at nothing. I won't spoil the nail biting ending for you but let me assure you that its underwhelming and full of text explanations.

Picture quality on this disc makes it apparent that the film was shot with several different cameras. Some of the interviews are crisp early on but soon the quality varies from bad to worse really showing the amateurish aspect to the film. There are even moments in nightvision! So many of the shots are overexposed its funny. Which in a way, is kind of what they are going for. Sound is presented in a lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 track and is as good as it can be. I hope the studio passes on a Blu-ray release. That is the first time I have ever written that in a review too you should know.

No features are on the disc except for chapter selections. I also want to add that the filmmaker of this film is obviously named Justin Steeley. And to this filmmaker, I would like to suggest not listing your name in the credits for every aspect of the production. It really makes you look un-impressive. Just say A film by Justin Steely. That sums it up.

- James Harland Lockhart V



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