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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Monster > Werewolf > Spain > A Werewolf In The Amazon Collection (1982 - 2005/Camp Motion Pictures 3-DVD Set)

A Werewolf In The Amazon Collection (1982 - 2005/Camp Motion Pictures 3-DVD Set)

Picture: C Sound: C Extras: C+ Films: C+/C/C+/C

If you're a fan of campy B-Movies (who isn't), or a big horror fan that also enjoys foreign films then you may want to check out these four monster movies by Brazilian filmmaker Ivan Cardoso and starring Paul Naschy - who was known as the Spanish Lon Chaney, in the new A Werewolf In The Amazon Collection (1982 - 2005).

These films haven't been easy to find over the years and have been collected here in this limited edition set.

The films included on the release are...

A Werewolf in the Amazon (2005) - In search of a powerful hallucinogen, five friends embark on a dangerous journey deep into the Amazon. But a bad trip isn't the only threat, as they discover when they stumble across the hidden camp of the crazed Dr. Moreau and his murderous animal-human hybrids. This one was pretty fun and full of nudity and gore with a touch of Scooby Doo meets Friday the 13th meets The Wolfman.

The Scarlet Scorpion (1990) - When the ultra-villainous Scarlet Scorpion kidnaps a famous fashion designer, crimefighting millionaire playboy The Angel must step in to save the day. Almost feeling a little out of place in the release, still campy enough to be fun.

The Seven Vampires (1986) - As a botanist researches a dangerous carnivorous plant, a bumbling detective and his assistant investigate a plague of mysterious ''vampire'' attacks surrounding a sexy upscale nightclub.

The Secret of the Mummy (1982) - Death stalks those who search for the tomb of Runamb, the mummy. Undeterred, Professor Expedito Vitus acquires all eight pieces of the map and soon the Mummy returns! A fun little low budget Mummy movie that uses both color and black white to tell its story on film.

My biggest gripe with the release are the transfers which are have bad interlacing and choppy picture quality in some places. Presented in standard definition and English subtitles, the films are presented in 1.77:1 widescreen and lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo soundtrack. What this really needs is a restoration from the original elements which would probably be a bit costly. Still, there is a certain charm to watching a Z grade movie in Z grade quality, though we've covered Naschy on Blu-ray so some of these can look better than you'd think.

Special Features include...

The Mark of Terrir - a short film collection featuring Director Ivan Cardoso's seminal 16mm short Nosferatu in Brazil and his experimental featurette O Sarcofago Macabro.

A mini-poster of the new illustration (cover art).

Liner notes by Justine Smith, film critic and co-host of Sound on Sight.

Full of a lot of low budget heart and some scripts are pretty silly, the production design and imagination of these films definitely makes them fun for fans of foreign horror that also enjoy camp. A fusion of classic literary characters intermixed with more nudity and gore than what you would see in a Hammer Film, I'm surprised these films don't get more attention amongst cult movie fanbases. Perhaps this release will help remedy that.

- James Lockhart



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