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Category:    Home > Reviews > Horror > Monster > Shark > Comedy > Australia > Bait 3D (2011/Anchor Bay Blu-ray w/DVD)

Bait 3D (2011/Anchor Bay Blu-ray w/DVD)


3D Picture: B-     2D Picture: B- & C+     Sound: B- & C+     Extras: C-     Films: C



Shark movies keep getting made, even though they rarely do well, but the appeal and box office of Spielberg’s Jaws (1975, now itself arriving on a restored Blu-ray) is apparently just too much for producers to resist and the shark tales continue.  Sometimes, they at least have at least some variation and Kimble Rendall’s Bait 3D (2011) is in 3D (so was the third Jaws), is actually from Australia and was co-written by Russell (Highlander, The Shadow) Mulcahy.


It is a fine summer day on the beach, when it is interrupted by (yup, you guessed it) a shark that starts attacking vacationers.  A terrible situation, something needs to be done about it, but there is suddenly a twist in that the earth starts to shake and the resulting flood (tsunami?) is that the whole town is submerged and anew horror will now terrorize the town… land shark!!!


Obviously, the shark will now be able to swim to what was the shore and attack even more people, including those unsuspecting of its arrival.  This is played for some comedy and some of that works, then we have a decent cast and this has some energy as well.  However, so many of these films have been made (including ones that substitute the shark for any number of animals that kill) that there is not much of anywhere for the screenplay to go.  It is at least amusing, 3D (done often with humor) or not, but ultimately this is an Australian release trying to imitate a Hollywood one instead of being more natively Australian or Australian all the way.  Mulcahy had his own killer animal film with Razorback about 30 years ago and that was not as Hollywood, which is why it worked when it did.  Julian McMahon is the only known actor in a cast of newcomers.


Bait 3D has some amusing moments worthy of Piranha 3D, but not much in the way of rewatchability.  It is worth a look for genre fans or 3D fans at best.



The 1.78 X 1, 1080p full HD MVC-encoded 3-D – Full Resolution digital High Definition image has some good dimensional moments making it worth seeing in 3D, but it is not consistent and can be gimmicky more than it should be, making it equal to its 2D 1080p version that has some detail issues, but looks good enough for an HD shoot.  I liked some of the sets, locations and look here, so it is a more pleasant viewing than your typical genre film.  However, the anamorphically enhanced DVD version is softer still and not as easy to watch.


The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 lossless mix is towards the front speakers, but does have its moments of surrounds (in the action scenes especially) where a full soundfield kicks in and works well.  Some of the recording on the set is an issue, not always having a consistent quality.  The lossy Dolby Digital 5.1 on the DVD version is weaker and not able to play back the best surround moments.


The only extra is the Original Theatrical Trailer.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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