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Category:    Home > Reviews > Documentary > Sports > Surfing > Step Into Liquid (2003/Lionsgate Blu-ray)

Step Into Liquid (2003/Lionsgate Blu-ray)


Picture: A††† Sound: A- ††††Extras: A ††††Film: B+



Long before HD-DVD and Blu-ray this site was bringing forward some of the best of the best in DVD land, including content that was filmed in HD, so we are not unfamiliar with what HD can offer, nor are we surprised to see some of these amazing titles early on in the HD formats like Blu-ray, which is why Step Into Liquid (reviewed several years ago on this site here: http://www.fulvuedrive-in.com/review/1149/Step+Into+Liquid+(DVD+set/Surfing)) is a optimal title to own on Blu-ray and becomes one of the first titles to take it up a huge notch from itís previous existence in DVD.


Rather than regurgitate what my previous review states Iíll keep this review solely on the performance of this Blu-ray.


First there is the picture, which always looked amazing on DVD, but now the ante is raised as the 16 X 9 1080p High Definition transfer outshines even a great DVD transfer and then some.However, despite looking great with awesome depth and detail there does seem to be a little bit of a softness that perhaps is due to the title being an earlier venture into filming in HD.Thatís not to say that the image doesnít look superb, which overall it does, in fact it also has moments that have some film grain texture to give it a really authentic look as well.The real highlight here though are the vibrant colors and smoothness that outperforms the limitations that the DVD had.


The sound is also taken to new heights here as the audio track is a beefed up 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix that absolutely destroys the basic Dolby Digital from the DVD.The fidelity and realness of the sound is now conveyed in astonishing ways and transforms this documentary into a whole new audio/visual treat.


The extras from the 2-disc DVD set were folded over to the Blu-ray as well and overall make this a must-have Blu-ray for any level of curiosity.



- ††Nate Goss


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