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Bakugan: Battle Brawlers Vol. 3 (Cartoon Network/Warner DVD)

Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B



Get ready to battle with Bakugan!  One day cards came falling out of the sky all over the world; everyone thought they were harmless, so kids turn them into a game.  But inside them held power from another world... Along with Dan and his friends the battle to get stronger and face the mysterious Masquerade, whom has a sinister plan for all Bakugan players, to send them to the Doom dimension!
Dan along with the Bakugan Brawlers begins to get more experience battling and getting stronger, along with Drago and their talking Bakugans.  In these episodes, Dan, Marucho, and Runo all have gained talking Bakugans, except Julie who is trying to get one.  But not only do they need more powerful Bakugans, but they need one more teammate, Shun.  But things won't go as anyone thinks... Will Shun side with Dan or ... Masquerade?
Another anime base on with a card game, if you like games and anime, this is the series for you.  Each episode there is always at least one battle between the Bakugans, the rules a simple and easy to understand and follow, especially since the character explain and yell them as they play.  A team of kids through friendship, hard work and experiences team up to battle against the evil that would destroy the Bakugans.  It is fun to watch as the new characters appear, and to show who is more powerful and who is Number 1.
Episode 10: A Perfect Match
Julie battles her long time friend and rival, longs for her own talking Bakugan.  And she finds Gorem, and shows her new Bakugan what she can do.
Episode 11: Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan
Marucho and Runo go and try to convince Shun to join their team but ends up battling him, but that is if they survive Shun's crazy ninja Grandfather and his 'tricked-out' house.
Episode 12: Bakugan Stall
Shun used to be the No. 1 Bakugan player, but after Dan's last battle with him, we find out why Shun decided to leave the game...
Episode 13: Just for the Shun of it
Dan face Shun to try and convince him to join against the battle against Masquerade, but only to find out Masquerade is already there, things really start to heat up with it becomes a 3 way battle royale!



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-   Ricky Chiang


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