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51 (2011/Lionsgate/After Dark Originals DVD)
A Boy & His Dog (First Run Features DVD)
Alien (1979/Fox 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray 40th Anniversary Edition)/Blood Hunger: The Films Of Jose Larraz (Whirlpool (1970)/Vampyres (1974)/Coming Of Sin (1978)/Limited Edition*)/Replicas (2018/L
Alien (1979/Fox DTS DVD set)
Alien 3 (1992/Expanded Work Cut/Fox DVD-Video Set)
Alien Anthology (1979 - 1997/Fox Blu-ray Box Set/Limited Edition EGG Package)
Alien Anthology (1979 – 1997/Fox Blu-ray Set)
Alien Quadrilogy (Fox DVD-Video Bonus Disc + links)
Alien Resurrection (1997/Fox DTS DVD-Video set)
Alien Vault (2011/Hardcover Book/Voyageur Press)/The Howling Reborn (2011/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Island Of Lost Souls (1932/Criterion Blu-ray)/Phantom Of The Opera (1925/Image Entertainment)/The Others (
Alien Vs. Predator (Blu-ray/Unrated + PG-13 Versions)
Alien Vs. Predator (Widescreen/PG-13)
Alien Vs. Predator - The Unrated Edition (DVD-Video)
Alien: Covenant (2017)/Prometheus (2012/both Fox 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray sets)
Aliens (1986/remastered/Fox DVD-Video set)
Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem – Extreme Unrated Edition (Blu-ray with Digital Copy DVD-ROM)
Automation (2019/Epic Blu-ray)/Barge People (2019/DVD*)/Cursed Films (2020/Blu-ray/*both RLJ)/Human Monster (1937/VCI**)/Inferno Of Torture (1969/Arrow/**both MVD Blu-rays)/The Specials (2000/La La La
Battlestar Galactica - Season One (2003/2004)
Dark Side Of The Moon (1990/Unearthed Films Blu-ray)/Double Impact (1991/MVD Blu-ray w/DVD)/Fate Of Lee Khan (1973*)/Heroes Shed No Tears (1986/*both Film Movement Blu-ray)/Society (1989/Umbrella Regi
Doctor Who – The Snowmen + Doctor Who – Series Seven: Part Two + Doctor Who – The Complete Seventh Series (BBC Blu-rays)
Donnie Darko (2001/Fox/Arrow 4-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Limited Edition Box Set)
Event Horizon (1997/Paramount Blu-ray)
Event Horizon - Special Collector's Edition (Paramount DVD Set)
Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster (Dark Sky Films)
Galaxy Of Terror set
Gog (1954)/The Magnetic Monster (1953/MGM Limited Edition Collection DVDs)/In Time (2011/Fox Blu-ray w/DVD)/Metal Shifters (2010/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)
Hardware (1990/Severin Blu-ray + DVD)
Icons Of Sci-Fi Toho Collection (Battle In Outer Space/The H Man/Mothra/Sony DVD Set)
Invasion Earth (Mini-Series)
Manticore (Science Fiction/TV Movie/DVD)
Pandorum (2009/Overture/Anchor Bay Blu-ray + DVD)
Parts – The Clonus Horror: Special Edition (aka Clonus)
Pitch Black – Unrated Director’s Cut (HD-DVD)
Ray Harryhausen Collectible DVD Gift Set (Earth vs. The Flying Saucers/It Came From Beneath The Sea/20 Million Miles To Earth) + Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (Sony DVD)
Ray Harryhausen Collection (Sony Blu-ray Set with 7th Voyage Of Sinbad/20 Million Miles To Earth/Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers/It Came From Beneath The Sea)
Re-Animator: Millennium Edition (Elite Entertainment)
Surface – The Complete Series
Target Earth
The Device (2014/Image DVD)
The Fly (1986/Blu-ray)
The Fly - Collector's Edition (1986 DTS Set)
The Fly II - Collector's Edition (DTS Set)
The Invaders – The Complete First Season (1967/CBS DVD)
The Invaders – The Complete Second Season (1967 – 1968/CBS DVD)
The Last Days On Mars (2013/Magnolia/MagNet Blu-ray)
The Sorcerers (Region 0/Prism Leisure PAL DVD Import)
The Thing From Another World (1951)/Take The High Ground! (Limited CD)
The X-Files: The Event Series (2015 aka Re-Opened aka Season 10/Fox 2-Disc Blu-ray Set)
This Island Earth (Universal DVD)
Ultimate 3-D Experience (Razor Digital DVD)
V – The Complete First Season (2009 – 2010 revival series/Warner Blu-ray Review)
War Of The Worlds (1953) - Special Collector's Edition
War Of The Worlds - The Complete First Season
War Of The Worlds – The Final Season (1989 – 90/CBS DVD)


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