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$5-A-Day (2008/Image Blu-ray)
10 Things I Hate About You – 10th Anniversary Edition (1999/Disney Blu-ray + DVD) + 10 Things I Hate About You – Volume One (Disney DVD)
12:08 East Of Budapest (aka A fost sau n-a fost?/2006/Tartan)
16 Wishes (2009/Image Blu-ray) + Mrs. Miracle (2009/Sony DVD)
30 Rock – Season 1 + Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip – The Complete Series (DVD-Video)
A Beautiful Life (2007/Image DVD) + EveryDay (2010/Image Blu-ray) + Spooner (2009/Maya DVD)
A Foreign Field (Telefilm)
A Score To Settle (2019/RLJ Blu-ray)/The Sun Is Also A Star (2019/Warner DVD)
A Wedding (1978/Fox DVD) + Dr. T & The Women (2000/Lionsgate DVD)
About Last Night (2014 remake/Sony Blu-ray)/Decline & Fall Of A Bird Watcher (1968)/The Pleasure Seekers (1964)/Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! (1948/Fox Cinema Archive DVD)/The Women (1939/MGM/Warner Blu-ray
About Last Night… (1986/Sony Blu-ray)
Absolute Quiet (1936/MGM)/The Devil To Pay (1930/Samuel Goldwyn/Warner Archive DVDs)/Game Night (2018/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/Kansas City Princess (1934/Warner Archive DVD)/Will & Grace: The Revival - S
Adieu Godard (2021*)/Queen Of Glory (2021*)/Tahara (2020*)/The Test (2021/aka Le Test/Icarus DVD)/Time Traveler's Wife: The Complete Series (2022/HBO/Warner DVD Set)/Unidentified (2020/*all Film Movem
Adventureland (2009/Miramax Blu-ray + DVD)
After Life (Asian Comedy/Drama)
Agnes & His Brothers (2004)
America Lost & Found: The BBS Story (Head/Easy Rider/Five Easy Pieces/Last Picture Show/Drive, He Said/A Safe Place/The King Of Marvin Gardens/1968 – 1972/Criterion Blu-ray Set)
American Hustle (2013/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011/BBC Blu-ray + DVD) + HappyThankYouMorePlease (2009/Anchor Bay Blu-ray) + Just Go With It (2011/Sony Blu-ray + DVD) + Passion Play (2011/Image Blu-ray) + Ricky (200
Americanization Of Emily (1964/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/At Middleton (2012/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Best Night Ever (2013/Magnolia/MagNet Blu-ray)/Chances Are (1989/Tri-Star/Image Blu-ray)/Grudge Match (201
Amigos (1985/MVD)
Andy Hardy Film Collection, Volume Two (1937 – 1958/MGM/Warner Archive DVDs)/House Party: Tonight’s The Night (2013/aka House Party 5/Warner Premiere DVD)/Ishtar: Director’s Cut (1987/Sony Blu-ray)/St
Angels' Share (2012/MPI/IFC DVD)/Big Trouble In Little China (1986/Fox/Arrow U.K. Region B Blu-ray)/Lust In The Dust (1985/Arrow U.K. Region 2 PAL Import DVD)/Sightseers (2012/MPI/IFC DVD)
Angora Ranch (2006/Comedy/Drama/Gay)
Anna Christie (1930*)/Cabin In The Sky (1943*)/A Day At The Races (1937*)/Faithless (1932/*all MGM/Warner Archive Blu-rays)/That Uncertain Feeling (1941/MVD/VCI Blu-ray)
Annie Claus Is Coming To Town (2011/Gaiam Vivendi DVD)/Bloody Christmas (2012/MVD DVD)/The Christmas Pageant (2011/Gaiam Vivendi DVD)
Arizona Dream (1993/Warner Archive DVD)
Art School Confidential (Comedy)
As Cool As I Am (2011/MPI/IFC Blu-ray)/The Beauty Of The Devil (1950/Gaumont/Cohen Media Blu-ray)/Grown Ups 2 (2013/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)/The Internship (2013/Fox Blu-ray w/DVD)/My Name Is Nobody (1973/
At Home With The Braithwaites - Season One
At Home With The Braithwaites - Season Two
Australian Cinema Collection, Volume One (with The FJ Holden & Puberty Blues/Umbrella Entertainment/Region Free/Zero/PAL DVD Set)
Author! Author! (1982/DVD-Video)
Away We Go (2009/Universal Blu-ray)
Back Roads (1981)
Ballers: The Complete First Season (2016/HBO Blu-ray Set)/Game Of Thrones: The Complete Third Season (2013) + The Complete Fourth Season (2014/Limited Edition HBO Blu-ray Steelbook Editions w/Dolby At
Ballers: The Complete Second Season (2016/HBO Blu-ray Set)
Ballers: The Complete Series (2015 - 2019 Blu-ray) + Season Five (2019 DVD/both HBO-Warner)/Chill Factor (1993/MVD/Arrow Blu-ray)/Countdown (2019/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/Lucky Day (2019*)/Reform Scho
Ballers: The Complete Third Season (2017/HBO Blu-ray Set)/The Church (1989/Icarus/Scorpion Blu-ray)/Dirt (2017/Warner DVD)/Harper (1966) + The Drowning Pool (1975) + Fritz Lang films: While The City S
Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000/Magnolia DVD)
Barrio (1999/Lionsgate DVD)
Battle Of The Brave (Canada)
Beaches (1988/Touchstone/Disney Blu-ray)/The Campaign (2012/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)/My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002/HBO Blu-ray w/DVD)/Sweet Home Alabama (2002/Touchstone/Disney Blu-ray)
Before Midnight (2013/Sony DVD)/Clear History (2013/HBO Blu-ray)/Free Samples (2012/Anchor Bay DVD)/The Heat (2013/Fox Blu-ray w/DVD)/Hugh Laurie: Live On The Queen Mary (2013/Eagle Blu-ray)
Being John Malkovich (HD-DVD)
Benny & Joon + De-Lovely + Fiddler On The Roof (w/DVD) + The Greatest Story Ever Told + Lars & The Real Girl + Much Ado About Nothing (1993/Branagh) + Mystic Pizza (1988/MGM Blu-rays)
Big - Extended Edition (2-DVDs)
Big Deal On Madonna Street - 20 Years Later
Billy Liar (Criterion DVD)
Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi
Borgman (2013/Cinedigm/Drafthouse Blu-ray)/Born To Race: Fast Track (2013/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Firestorm (2013/Well Go USA Blu-ray)/High School Confidential (1958/Turner/Paramount/Olive Blu-ray)/Mustan
Bottle Rocket (1996/Sony/Columbia/Umbrella Import Blu-ray)
Bounce (2000)/Kate & Leopold: Director’s Cut (2001/Miramax/Lionsgate Blu-rays)/Laverne & Shirley: The Fifth Season (1979 – 1980/CBS DVD)/Sebastian Maniscalco: What’s Wrong With People? (2012/E1 DVD)/T
Boynton Beach Club (DVD-Video)
Breaking Away (1979/Fox/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/F1 Official Review Of The 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship + MotoGP 2014 World Championship Official Review (MVD/Duke Blu-rays)
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (2009/IFC Films/MPI DVD)
Brigitte Bardot 5-Film Collection (Naughty Girl/Love On A Pillow/The Vixen/Come Dance With Me/Two Weeks In September//Lionsgate)
Buddha of Suburbia (1993/BBC DVD)
Bunny And The Bull (2009/IFC/MPI DVD) + Handmade Films Collection: Bob Hoskins (w/Raggedy Rawney + Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne) + Michael Palin (w/The Missionary/Image DVD Sets)
Buried (2010/Lionsgate Blu-ray w/DVD) + Paper Man (2009/MPI Blu-ray) + Happy Every Afters (2009/IFC/MPI DVD) + How To Get Ahead In Advertising (1988/Image DVD) + Love Hurts (2008/E1 DVD) + Jack Goes B
C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005/Genius)
Café Au Lait (Métisse)
Cannery Row (1982/MGM*)/Finding Joy: Series 1 (2018/Acorn DVD)/Laurel & Hardy: The Definitive Collection (1927 - 37/MVD/Kit Parker Films/Sprocket Vault Blu-ray Set)/Reluctant Debutante (1958/MGM*)/Rom
Carbide & Sorrel
Caro Diario (1993 aka Dear Diary/Film Movement Blu-ray)/The High Note (2020/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/Pat and Mike (1952)/Without Love (1945/both MGM/Warner Archive Blu-rays)
Casanova (2005)
Casanova (2005/Blu-ray)
Castle – The Complete First Season (2009/ABC DVD)
Catch & Release (Blu-ray)
Cavemen (2013/Well Go USA Blu-ray)
Cemetery Junction (2010/Sony Blu-ray)
Cheaper To Keep Her (2011/E1 DVD)/A Christmas Wish (2011/E1 DVD)/Diary Of A Single Mom (2011/Image DVD)/Ice Quake (2010/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)
Chicago Cab (1997/MVD/Liberation Hall DVD)/In The Aisles (2019/Music Box DVD)/Iron Orchard (2019/Santa Rita DVD)/Jezebel (1938/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Lou Andreas-Salome (2016/Cinema Libre DVD)/A Scor
Chicken With Plums (2011/Sony DVD)/A Late Quartet (2012/Fox Blu-ray)/Wunderkinder (2011/Umbrella Region 4 PAL Import DVD)
Cinema Paradiso (1988/Miramax/Lionsgate U.S. Blu-ray)/Life Is Beautiful (1997/Miramax/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/Incendies (2010/Sony Blu-ray + DVD)/To Be Twenty (1978/Raro Video DVD Set)
Cinema Paradiso (1988/Umbrella Region Free Blu-ray Import) + The Illusionist (animated/2010/Tati/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
Cinema Paradiso: 25th Anniversary Edition (1988/2 versions/MVD Visual/Arrow Blu-ray Set)
Cloudburst (2011/Wolfe DVD)
Coach (2010/Lionsgate DVD)
Cosi (1996/Umbrella Region Free Import Blu-ray)/Dancing Pirate (1936/Film Detective Blu-ray)/Legend Of The Stardust Brothers (1985/SRS DVD*)/23rd Century Giants: The Story Of Renaldo & The Loaf (2021/
Cow (Gaav)
Dad On The Run
Daltry Calhoun
Dan In Real Life (Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
Dans Paris (2006/aka Inside Paris/Genius/IFC Films DVD)
David Searching
Dazed & Confused (HD-DVD/DVD Combo Format)
Dear Eleanor (2016/Sony DVD)
Decline Of The American Empire (Koch)
Defendor (2009/Sony DVD)
Der Bunker (2015/Artsploitation Films Blu-ray)
Desperate Housewives - The Complete First Season
Desperate Housewives – Season Two: Extra Juicy Edition
Detroit Unleaded (2013/Gas Afterhours DVD)/The 400 Blows (1959/Umbrella Import Region B Blu-ray)/The Great Beauty (2013/Criterion Blu-ray w/DVD)/L'Immortelle (1963/Kino/Redemption Blu-ray)/The Past (2
Dirty Tricks (2000/Acorn Media DVD)
Divine Intervention (Comedy)
Doc Martin – Series 2 (Acorn Media DVD)
Doc Martin – Series Three (2007/Acorn DVD)
Doc Martin: The Movies (2001 Telefilms/Acorn Media DVD Set)/Horatio Hornblower – The Further Adventures (1997 – 2000/A&E DVD)/Thomas Hardy Collection (Tess... 1998/Mayor Of Casterbridge/A&E DVDs)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1999/MVD Visual DVD)
Driving Lessons (2006)
Dumb Money: The Game Stop Story (2023/Sony Blu-ray)/The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988/MVD/88 Films Blu-ray)/Looney Tunes Collector's Choice, Vol. 2 (1958/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Violent Night 4K (2022/
Dysfunctional Friends (2011/Image DVD)/Meet The Browns: Season 5 (2010/Lionsgate DVDs)/A Mother’s Love (2010/Magnolia DVD)/The Myth Of The American Sleepover (2010/Sundance/MPI DVD)/Trinity Goodheart
Electric Shadows
Elizabethtown (Widescreen Paramount DVD)
Elvis & Nixon (2016/Sony Blu-ray)
Enchanted April (1991/Miramax Award Winning Collection DVD)
Entourage – The Complete 5th Season (HBO DVD)
Entourage – The Complete Series (2004 – 2011/HBO Blu-ray Set)
Entourage – The Complete Seventh Season (HBO Blu-ray)
Entourage – The Complete Sixth Season (HBO Blu-ray + DVD) + Curb Your Enthusiasm – The Complete Seventh Season (HBO DVD)
Entourage: Season Three – Part Two (HBO DVD)
Entourage: The Movie (2015/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)
Everything Must Go (2010/Roadside Attractions/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Fast Girl (2007/Allumination)
Fay Grim (2007/Hal Hartley)
Feed The Beast: Season One (2016/Lionsgate DVD Set)
First Daughter
Flight Of The Conchords – The Complete Collection (2007 – 2009/HBO DVD Set) + Arj Barker – LYAO (DVD/CD Set/Warner Music)
Flipped (2010/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)
Formula 17
Frank Capra's Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (1936/Columbia/Sony Blu-ray)
Freedom (1981/Australia/Umbrella Entertainment/Region Zero/0/PAL)
Fried Green Tomatoes – Extended Anniversary Edition
Garage Days
Garden State
Getting It On! (1983/VCI DVD)/Lady For A Day (1933/Columbia/B2MP Blu-ray)/On Approval (1944/B2MP Blu-ray)/Rockin' Road Trip (1983, 1985/VCI DVD)/Royal Flash (1975/Fox/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu
Ghost (1990/Paramount Blu-ray)
Ghost – Special Collector’s Edition (DVD-Video)
Girl Next Door (Uncut)
Gloria (2013/Lionsgate DVD)/Lewis Black: Old Yeller Live At The Borgata In Atlantic City (2014/Image)/Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987/Film 4/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/That Sinking Feeling (19
Goal II (Genius DVD)
Goats (2012/Image Entertainment Blu-ray)
God Help The Girl (2014/Anchor Bay DVD)
Golden Boy (Sony/Columbia) + Ball Of Fire (MGM/Goldwyn)
Gone Hollywood (2011/Image Entertainment DVD)
Good Morning Vietnam - Special Edition (Touchstone/Disney DVD)
Grafters – The Complete First and Second Seasons (Koch DVD Sets)
Greed (2019/Sony Blu-ray)/Silicon Valley: The Complete Sixth & Final Season (2019/DVD*)/Tin Cup (1996/Blu-ray/*both Warner Archive)
Hachi - A Dog's Tale (2009/Sony DVD)
Harlem Aria (1999/Magnolia DVD)
Head Case: Season One (Starz DVD)
Hello, Hemingway (1990/First Run Features/Cuban Masterworks Collection DVD)
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)
Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (1967/BFI (British Film Institute) Flipside Blu-ray w/DVD/Region B Import)
Highway 61 (1991)
Housekeeper (2002)
How I Won The War (1967/MGM Limited Edition Collection DVD) + The King’s Speech (2010/Anchor Bay Blu-ray) + Romeo & Juliet (1954/VCI Blu-ray) + Simon & Laura (1955/VCI DVD) + South Riding (2011/BBC DV
Hunt For The Wilderpeople (2016/Sony DVD)
Hysteria (2011/Sony Blu-ray)
I Love Miami (2006)
If You Really Love Me (2012/RLJ DVD)/Steel Magnolias (2012 TV Movie remake/Sony DVD)
Igby Goes Down
Immigration Tango (2010/Lionsgate DVD)/Miral (2010/Weinstein – Anchor Bay Blu-ray)/Monogamy (2009/Oscilloscope DVD)
In July
IP5 (aka IP5: The Island Of Pachyderms 1992) + Mortal Transfer (2001/Jean Jacques Beineix/Cinema Libre DVD)
Jack Lemmon Film Collection (Phffft!/Operation Mad Ball/The Notorious Landlady/Under the Yum Yum Tree/Good Neighbor Sam/Sony DVD Box Set)
Jesus Of Montreal
John Apple Jack (2016/Skycorner DVD)/Love In The Afternoon (1958/Allied Artists/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Moonlight (2016/A24/Lionsgate Blu-ray w/DVD)
Just Like A Woman (2013/Cohen Media Blu-ray)/Margarita (2013/Wolfe DVD)
Just Wright (2010/Fox Blu-ray) + Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Kinky Boots (Comedy)
Kitchen Stories
Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter (2014/Anchor Bay Blu-ray)
Laggies (2014/A24/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Last Holiday (2006/Paramount Blu-ray)
Last Life In The Universe
Last Tango In Halifax: Season 2 (2013/BBC DVD Set)
Last Vegas (2013/CBS Films/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
Late Marriage
Laura Lansing Slept Here
Learning To Drive (2014/Broadgreen DVD)/Serial (1980/Paramount/Olive Films Blu-ray)/Sleuth (1972/Palomar/Umbrella PAL Import DVD)/Speedy (1926/Criterion Blu-ray)
Life During Wartime (2010/Criterion Collection Blu-ray)
Life Partners (2014/Magnolia Blu-ray)
Life – Season One (Universal DVD)
Lifeguard (1976/Paramount/Warner Archive DVD)
Literary Adaptations – Australia V.2 (Umbrella Entertainment/PAL Region Zero/0/Free/DVD Import with Dimboola & Fringe Dwellers)
Little Manhatan
Little Miss Sunshine (Theatrical Film Review)
Little Miss Sunshine (Widescreen DVD-Video)
Little Q (2019/Well Go Blu-ray)/Luca 4K (2021/Disney 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Spirit: Untamed (2021/DreamWorks/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)/The Water Man (2020/RLJ Blu-ray)
Looking For Eric (2009/IFC/MPI DVD)
Lost In Austen (2008/British TV Mini-Series/Image DVD)
Love Me (2013/Film Movement DVD)/Rose Water (2014/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)
Love Songs (1984/Somerville House DVD)
Love, Ludlow (2005/Comedy/Polychrome DVD)
Lucille Ball Specials: Lucy Gets Lucky/Three for Two (1975/MPI DVD/Telefilms)
Lurking In Suburbia
L’Automobile (1971/Raro DVD)/Top Gear 17 (2011/BBC Blu-ray)
L’iceberg (2005/Comedy/France/First Run Features)
Madea's Family Reunion (2006/Full Screen)
Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011/Blu-ray)/Laugh To Keep From Crying (DVD)/Meet The Browns – Season One (2011/DVD/Tyler Perry/Lionsgate)
Maggie's Plan (2015/Sony Blu-ray)
Magic Mike (2012/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)
Magic Mike XXL (2015/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD)
Malcolm/Death In Brunswick/The Big Steal (Umbrella Entertainment Region Zero/0/PAL DVD Set)
Man About Town (2006)
Man Up (2015/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Mandabi (aka Money Order/1968)
Marius & Jeannette (DVD)
Max Dugan Returns
Melinda & Melinda
Mergers & Acquisitions (2006)
Miss Conception (2007/First Look DVD)
Mission (2002)
Mister Foe (2008/Magnolia DVD)
Mister Lonely (2007/Genius/IFC DVD)
Mistresses – Volume One (2009/BBC DVD)
Monte Walsh (1970/CBS DVD) + One Week (2008/IFC/MPI DVD) + The Rules Of Attraction (2002/Lionsgate Blu-ray) + Short Circuit 2 (1988/Image Blu-ray) + Still Waiting… (2009/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Mother (2009/aka Madeo/Korea/Magnolia Blu-ray + DVD)
Mrs. Delafield Wants To Marry (Katharine Hepburn)
Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris (2022/Universal Blu-ray)/Young Sheldon: The Complete Fifth Season (2021 - 2022/Warner DVD Set)
Multiple Sarcasms (2010/Image Blu-ray)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)
My Family & Other Animals (Masterpiece Theater)
My Geisha (1962)
My One & Only (2009/Runaway/Freestyle DVD)
Myrna Loy & William Powell Collection (Manhattan Melodrama/Evelyn Prentice/Double Wedding/I Love You Again/Love Crazy; DVD/Warner Bros.)
Natalie Wood Collection (Warner DVD/Bombers B-52/Cash McCall/Splendor in the Grass/Gypsy/Sex & The Single Girl/Inside Daisy Clover)
New York City Serenade (2008/Anchor Bay DVD)
New York, I Love You (2009/Vivendi Blu-ray + DVD)
Nice Guy Johnny (2010/Film Buff/MPI DVD)
Nim’s Island (Blu-ray/20th Century Fox)
Noah’s Ark – Jumping The Broomstick (2008/Logo DVD) + Tyler Perry: The Marriage Counselor + The Family That Preys (2008/Lionsgate DVDs)
Old Dogs & New Tricks: The Complete First & Second Season (2011/Wolfe DVD)
Our Family Wedding (2010/Fox Blu-ray)
Paramount Centennial Collections – Roman Holiday/Sabrina (1954)/Sunset Boulevard (2-disc DVD Collections)
Patch Adams (HD-DVD)
Please Give (2010/Sony Blu-ray)
Powwow Highway
Pulling – The Complete First Season (2006/MPI DVD)
Pulling – The Complete Second Season (2008/MPI DVD)
Punching Henry (2016/Well Go Blu-ray)
Pushing Daisies – The Complete First Season (Warner Blu-ray)
Pushing Daisies – The Complete Second Season (2008 – 2009/Warner DVD)
Red Ribbons (1994/Water Bearer DVD)
Reform School Girls (1986/Umbrella Region 4 PAL Import DVD)/Trauma Center (2019/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Reprise (2006/Miramax DVD)
Returning Mickey Stern
Ricki and The Flash (2015/Sony Blu-ray)
Rolling Family (Familia rodante)
Romance On The High Seas (1948/*all Warner Archive Blu-rays)
Ronald Reagan - The Signature Collection (Knute Rockne - All American/Kings Row/The Hasty Heart/Storm Warning/The Winning Team//Warner Bros.)
Rudo y Cursi (2008/Sony Blu-ray)
Running With Scissors (Blu-ray)
Russian Dolls (2005/MPI/Weinstein/IFC DVD)
Santa's Little Helper (2015/Fox DVD)
Saving Mr. Banks (2013/Disney Blu-ray w/Digital Copy)
Serious Moonlight (2009/Magnolia Blu-ray)
She Stoops To Conquer (2008/British TV Mini-Series/Acorn Media DVD)
Shirley Temple – Legends Series (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Shirley Temple – Smiles & Curls Collection (Mill Creek Entertainment)
Shortbus – Unrated (DVD-Video)
Sideways (Fox Blu-ray)
Sideways (Widescreen)
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 (2008/Blu-ray + DVD-Video/Warner Bros.)
Something New
Sons Of Anarchy - Season Five (Fox Blu-ray) + American Horror Story - Asylum (Fox Blu-ray) + The Walking Dead - The Complete Third Season (Anchor Bay Blu-ray/all 2012)
Sons of Anarchy – Season 3 (2010/Fox Blu-ray)
Sons Of Anarchy – Season Four (2011/Fox Blu-ray)
Sons Of Anarchy: The Final Season (aka Season Seven/2014/AMC/Fox Blu-ray Set)
Southland Tales (Sony Blu-ray)
Space Cowboys (HD-DVD)
State Of The Union (1948/Capra)
Strange Fits Of Passion
StudioCanal Collection Blu-ray Wave One: Godard’s Contempt (aka Le Mepris)/The Ladykillers (1955)/Kurosawa’s Ran/Lionsgate)
Suddenly Single + What My Husband Doesn't Know (One Village Entertainment/Image DVDs)
Summer's Lease (British Mini-Series)
Sunshine Cleaning (2008/Anchor Bay Blu-ray + DVD)
Swiss Army Man (2016/Lionsgate Blu-ray)
Talk To Me (HD-DVD/DVD Combo Format + DVD-Video)
The Age Of Adaline (2015/Lionsgate Blu-ray w/DVD)
The American Way (1986/aka Riders Of The Storm) + Mad Dog Morgan (1976/Umbrella Entertainment PAL DVD/Region Zero/0)
The Apartment (1960/United Artists/MGM/MVD Visual/Arrow Blu-ray)/Battle Of The Sexes (2017/Fox Blu-ray w/DVD)/Charlie Chase At Hal Roach: The Talkies 1930 - 31 (Sprocket Vault/VCI DVD Set)/Goodbye Aga
The BBC Tudors Collection: Elizabeth R/Shadow Of The Tower/Six Wives Of Henry VIII (1971, 70, 72/BBC DVD Set) + Doc Martin Collection (2006 – 2009/Acorn DVD Set)
The Beaver (2011/Summit)/40 Days & 40 Nights (2002/Miramax/Lionsgate)/Hesher (2011/Lionsgate)/Lourdes (2011/Palisades Tartan)/Sympathy For Delicious (2010/Maya/Blu-rays)
The Beiderbecke Affair (Acorn Media DVD reissue/British Mini-Series)
The Beiderbecke Affair (British Mini-Series)
The Beiderbecke Connection (1988/Acorn Media DVD/British Mini-Series)
The Beiderbecke Tapes (1987/Acorn Media DVD/British Mini-Series)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012/Fox Blu-ray)/D. L. Hughley: Reset – Live & Uncut (2012/Image DVD)/Everybody’s Fine (2009/Miramax/Lionsgate Blu-ray)/Something Big (1971/National General/Cinema Cen
The Big C – The Complete First Season (2011/Sony DVD) + Pretty Little Liars – The Complete First Season (2010/Warner DVD) + Stargate SG-U - The Complete Final Season (Season Two/2010 – 2011/MGM DVD)
The Big C: The Complete Second Season (2012/Sony DVD Set)/Roseanne: The Complete Season Three + Four (1990 – 1992)/That ‘70s Show: The Complete Season Three + Four (2000 – 2002)/3rd Rock From The Sun:
The Boondock Saints II – All Saints Day (2009/Sony Blu-ray)
The Break-Up (Theatrical Film Review)
The Bucket List (2007/Warner Bros. Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
The Bucket List (Theatrical Film Review)
The Carmen Miranda Collection (The Gang's All Here/If I'm Lucky/Something For The Boys/Greenwich Village/Doll Face; 20th Century Fox DVD)
The Casual Vacancy (2015 HBO Mini-Series/Warner Blu-ray)
The Chambermaid (2015/Film Movement DVD)/Confession (1937/Warner Archive DVD)/Gemma Bovery (2014/Music Box Blu-ray)/The Lesson (2014/Film Movement DVD)
The Cobbler (2014/Image Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Coca–Cola Kid (1985/Umbrella Entertainment/Region Zero/PAL)
The Cuban Masterworks Collection (First Run; The Twelve Chairs/The Adventures Of Juan Quin Quin/Cecilia/Amada/A Successful Man)
The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu (Tartan/DTS)
The Devil Wears Prada (Blu-ray)
The Devil Wears Prada (Widescreen DVD-Video)
The Devil Wears Prada: 10th Anniversary Edition (2006/Fox DVD)
The Dog Problem (2007)
The Edge Of Seventeen (2016/Universal Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Family Stone (Widescreen)
The Flight Before Christmas (Genius DVD) + The Perfect Holiday + This Christmas (Sony DVDs)
The Garden Of Eden (1928/Flicker Alley DVD)
The Girl Next Door (2004/Fox Blu-ray)
The Good Witch's Garden (2009/Cinedigm DVD)
The Great Polar Bear Adventure (Telefilm/Genius DVD)
The Ice Harvest (Universal DVD)
The Informant! (2009/Warner Blu-ray w/DVD + DVD)
The Italian (aka Italianetz, 2005)
The Jone$es (aka Joneses/2009/Fox Blu-ray)
The Lady In The Van (2015/TriStar/Sony Pictures Classic Blu-ray)
The Last Detail (1973/Columbia/Sony/Twilight Time Limited Edition Blu-ray)/Madam Satan (1930/MGM/Warner Archive DVD)/A Mighty Wind (2003/Warner Archive Blu-ray)/Miss You Already (2015/Lionsgate Blu-ra
The Last Word (2008/Image Entertainment Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
The Longest Yard - Lockdown Edition
The Love Boat – Season Two, Volume One (1978/CBS DVD)
The Lunchbox (2013/Sony Blu-ray w/DVD)
The Matador + Derailed + Harsh Times (2005 – 2006/Weinstein Company Blu-ray)
The NightOwls Of Coventry (Comedy)
The Odd Couple (1968/Paramount Centennial Collection DVD)
The Plot Against Harry
The Premiere Frank Capra Collection (American Madness/Mr. Smith Goes To Washington/It Happened One Night/You Can't Take It With You/Mr. Deeds Goes To Town/Frank Capra's American Dream documentary)
The Salon (2005)
The Shirley Temple Collection - Volume Five (The Blue Bird/The Little Princess/Stand Up & Cheer!/20th Century Fox)
The Skeleton Twins (2014/Lionsgate Blu ray)
The Stream (2013/Cinedigm DVD)
The Treatment (2007/New Yorker Films)
The Truman Show (Paramount Blu-ray)
The Truman Show - Special Collector's Edition
The Watermelon Woman: 20th Anniversary Restored Edition (1987/First Run DVD)
The Weather Man
The Wizard (1989)
The Women (2008/Warner Blu-ray + DVD-Video)
Theft (2007/Water Bearer DVD)
Turner Classic Movies: Greatest Classic Films (Romantic Comedies, Romantic Dramas, Best Picture Winners/Warner DVD Sets)
Two Tickets To Paradise (2006/First Look DVD)
Tyler Perry Blu-ray Wave (Diary Of A Mad Black Woman/Family That Preys/Madea’s Family Reunion/Medea Goes To Jail/Why Did I Get Married?/Lionsgate)
Tyler Perry – The Plays (DVD Set/Lionsgate)
Tyler Perry – Why Did I Get Married? + What’s Done In The Dark… (Lionsgate DVDs)
Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns (Lionsgate Blu-ray and DVD)
Ugly Betty – The Complete First Season (DVD)
Uniform (2003/China)
Very Annie Mary
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008/Weinstein/Genius Blu-ray)
Virgin Territory (2007/Anchor Bay DVD)
Vodka Lemon (2003/New Yorker DVD)
Waiting For Dublin (2007/Cinema Libre DVD)
Waitress (2007/Comedy/DVD-Video)
Walt Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club Presents Annette: The 1957-1958 Season (DVD Tin Set)
Wedding Wars (2007 Telefilm)
Welcome To Sweden: Season One (2014/EOne DVD Set)
Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski 6 film Box Set (Aguirre: The Wrath Of God/Woyzeck/Nosferatu: The Vampire/Fitzcarraldo/Cobra Verde/My Best Fiend/Umbrella Entertainment PAL Import/Region 4/Four)
What Goes Up (2009/Sony DVD)
When The Sea Rises (2004)
White Collar Worker Kintaro
Wild Oats (2016/Anchor Bay DVD)
With This Ring (2015 telefilm/Sony DVD)
Wonderful World (2009/Magnolia Blu-ray)
Xala (1974)
Yana's Friends
Youth In Oregon (2016/Orion/MGM/Sony DVD)


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